Provincial Management Service BS-17 Past Papers 2018

Provincial Management Service 2018

Given Below is the original past paper of Provincial Management Service. The Basic Pay Scale BPS was 17. The test was taken by PPSC on 2 Jan 2018. This is the solved past paper of Provincial Management Service BS-17 taken by Punjab Public Service Commission.
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1)      One yard is equal to?
a.       0.989 in
b.      0.914 m
c.       1.125 m
d.      1.150m

2)      Which is the deepest lake in the world?
a.       Titicaca
b.      Victoria
c.       Baikal
d.      Superior

3)      1 BTU is equal to how many joules?
a.       1065
b.      1075
c.       1050
d.      1165

4)      One Gram of gold is equal to how many Milligrams of gold?
a.       100 mg
b.      500 mg
c.       1000 mg
d.      10,000Fmg

5)      Adam’s Peak is located in?
a.       Nepal
b.      Iran
c.       Sri Lanka
d.      India

6)      Who was the inventor of Mouse?
a.       Douglas Englebart
b.      Ada Lovelace
c.       Charles Babbage
d.      None of these

7)      Name the person, who was exiled to Saint Helena after renowned battle of 'Waterloo' in 1815:
a.       Adolf Hitler
b.      Napoleon Bonaparte
c.       Rommel
d.      Hindenburg

8)      CT scan stand for which of the following?
a.       Computed Tomography
b.      Computer Topography
c.       Computed Topography
d.      Computer Tomography

9)      Normandy is in?
a.        Italy
b.      England
c.       Austria
d.      France

10)   Sir Laurence Olivier was an?
a.       Engineer
b.      Actor
c.       Comedian
d.      Politician

11)   'Kofi Annan' a former Secretary General of U.N.O belonged to:
a.       Tanzania
b.      Kenya
c.       Ghana
d.      Chad

12)   Capital of the Ghana Is:
a.       Harare
b.      Accra
c.       Kinshasa
d.      Banjul

13)   The country of Ghana was formerly known by what name?
a.       Grain Coast
b.      Gold Coast
c.       Ivory Coast
d.      Slave Coast

14)   Congo is the new name of?
a.       Madagascar
b.      Petrograd
c.       Zaire
d.      Cape Canaveral

15)   Black Pool is?
a)      Mountain
b)      Town
c)       Airport
d)      Strait

16)   Rakh Ghulaman Livestock farm is in?
a.       Okara
b.      Sahiwal
c.       Bhakkar
d.      Mianwali

17)   Which is the biggest fresh water lake in the world?
a.       Chilka Lake
b.      Caspian Lake
c.       Dal Lake
d.      Lake Superior

18)   Ural Mountain Is in?
a.       England
b.      Turkey
c.       Greece
d.      Russia

19)   Which country is the 2nd largest oil producer in the world?
a.       Russia
b.      USA
c.       Kuwait
d.      Saudi Arabia

20)   Bering Strait separated Russia from?
a.       China
b.      USA
c.       Japan
d.      Canada

21)   Opium War was fought between China and?
a.       French
b.      Portuguese
c.       Indian
d.      British

22)   International dateline passes through?
a.       Bering Strait
b.      Strait of Hormuz
c.       Dover Strait
d.      Davis Strait

23)   Shortest day In Australia will be on?
a.       25 December
b.      22 December
c.       16 June
d.      21 June

24)   Mention the nickname of atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945?
a.       Little Boy
b.      Daisy cutter
c.       Big Giant
d.      Sharp boy

25)   The Treaty of Sevres was signed in?
a.       1921
b.      1924
c.       1920
d.      1919

26)   Mustafa Kemal Pasha abolished the Khilafat in?
a.       1921
b.      1924
c.       1928
d.      1920

27)   We the people of United Nations' are the opening word of which of the historical documents?
a.       Human Right Charter
b.      US charter
c.       UN Charter
d.      UNHCR Charter

28)   Koh-e-Judi is located In?
a.       India
b.      Turkey
c.       Sri Lanka
d.      Iraq

29)   Koh-e-Toor Is In?
a.       Sinai
b.      Syria
c.       Iraq
d.      Egypt

30)   The name of Ceylon changed into Sri Lanka In?
a.       1965
b.      1972
c.       1976
d.      1974

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