Provincial Management Services BS-17

This test was taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) in 2016 for the posts of Provincial Management Services BS-17. This test was comprised of 100 MCQs (Multiple Short Questions). Every right answer gave you 1 marks while every wrong answer costs you 1.25, because of negative marking of 0.25 marks on every wrong answer. To prevent the negative marking you can leave the questions you are not sure about, without marking their answers. In that way, you will not be charged with negative marking. Given below is a past paper of Provincial Management Services 2016 in Punjab. 
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1.    Vitamin A is essential for?
a)    Skeletal growth
b)    Preventing night blindness
c)    Healthy epithelia tissue
d)    All of these

2.    Which vitamin prevents hemorrhaging?
a)    B1
b)    B12
c)    E
d)    K

3.    Which blood group is a Universal Donor?
a)    Group A
b)    Group B
c)    Group AB
d)    Group O negative

4.    Which part of the brain contains centers for the control of respiration, heart-beat and blood pressure?
a)    Medulla oblongata
b)    Medulla
c)    Cerebellum
d)    Cerebrum

5.    How much blood does a normal adult person have In the body?
a)    About 8 to 7 liters
b)    About 2 to 3 liters
c)    About 4 to 5 liters
d)    About 3 to 4 Liters

6.    Acoustics is the science of?
a)    Light
b)    Waves
c)    Sound
d)    Colors

7.    The art of breeding Silk Worm and production of Silk is called?
a)    Microbiology
b)    Sericulture
c)    Biochemistry
d)    Horticulture

8.    The science of celestial bodies is known as:
a)    Argonne
b)    Coprology
c)    Astrology
d)    Astronomy

9.    Scientific study and measurement of behavior are called?
a)    Psychiatry
b)    Psychology
c)    Physiology
d)    Psychoanalysis

10.  Etymology refers to the study of:
a)    Insects
b)    Words
c)    Medicines
d)    Reptiles

11.  Pediatrics is relevant to:
a)    Children
b)    Pregnant women
c)    Old people
d)    Bones

12.  The shape of the Milky Way Galaxy is:
a)    Rectangular
b)    Spiral
c)    Elliptical
d)    Circular

13.  Coldest planet of the Solar System is:
a)    Saturn
b)    Neptune
c)    Earth
d)    Venus

14.  Which of the following planets has the maximum number of Satellites:
a)    Venus
b)    Saturn
c)    Uranus
d)    Jupiter

15.  Which planet takes the longest time to go once around the Sun?
a)    Neptune
b)    Mars
c)    Jupiter
d)    Earth

16.  The first artificial satellite was launched by:
a)    Japan
b)    Russia
c)    America
d)    France

17.  The first Canadian woman in space was:
a)    Roberta Bonder
b)    Dirk Fremont
c)    Tamayo Mendez
d)    Marc Comeau

18.  The first astronaut to set foot on the moon was:
a)    Yuri Gagarin
b)    Edmund Halley
c)    Tamayo Mendez
d)    Niele Armstrong

19.  The theory stating that new matter is always created to fill the space left by the Universe is called:
a)    Big Bang
b)    Steady State
c)    Hubble's Theory
d)    Black Hole

20.  The velocity of sound in air at sea level' is:
a)    881 meters per second
b)    344 meters per second
c)    861 meters per second
d)    561 meters per second
21.  The acceleration caused by gravity is:
a)    23 feet per second
b)    32 feet per second
c)    42 feet per second
d)    52 feet per second
22.  A rocket needs the speed of _______ to escape from earth's gravity
a)    22 miles per second
b)    15 miles per second
c)    12 miles per second
d)    7 miles per second

23.  Which of the following is the physics law of moments?
a)    The product of clockwise moments is equal to the product of anticlockwise moments
b)    The sum of clockwise moments is equal to the sum of anticlockwise moments
c)    The product of clockwise moments Is equal to the value of anti-clockwise moments
d)    The sum of clockwise moments equal to the value of anticlockwise moments

24.  Which chemical element has properties of a metal and non-metals?
a)    Metalloid
b)    Lanthanide
c)    Adenoid
d)    Graphite

25.  Which tube extends from mouth to anus?
a)    Alimentary canal
b)    Root canal
c)    Basic canal
d)    Back canal

26.  Where is the bile stored and intermittently released into the small intestine to aid digestion?
a)    Kidney
b)    Liver
c)    Gall Bladder
d)    Pancreas

27.  Blood circulates in which parts of the body?
a)    Veins
b)    Arteries
c)    Capillaries
d)    All of these

28.  The structure in a cell which contains the genes is called:
a)    Genetics
b)    Saliva
c)    Marrow
d)    Chromosome

29.  Who coined the term gone?
a)    John Dalton
b)    Dalton Gene
c)    Wilhelm Johannes
d)    Andrew Fleming

30.  Telepathy is?
a)    Communication by sensory perceptions
b)    Communication between mind and heart
c)    Communication by means other than sensory perceptions
d)    None of these

31.  Pedagogy is the science of?
a)    Seeing
b)    Behaving
c)    Teaching
d)    Learning

32.  Study of maps and features of the Universe is called?
a)    Metaphysics
b)    Cosmography
c)    Cosmology
d)    Cartography

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