Important Questions of PPSC Part#5

Important Questions of PPSC

These are very important questions from Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) past papers. These are PPSC repeated questions. These are compiled from different past papers of PPSC. These questions are also helpful for FPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS, UTS, etc. tests. So prepare these questions for your upcoming job tests. We wish you good luck with your upcoming test.
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1.       Name four Holy Books.
Torat, Zaboor, Injeel and Quran Pak
2.       To which Prophet Holy book Zaboor belonged?
Prophet Dawood
3.       Which book belonged to Prophet Musa?
Holy Torat
4.       To which Prophet holy book Injeel belonged?
Prophet Essa (A.S)
5.       In Torat by which name Muhammad (PBUH) were called?
6.       In Zaboor under which name Muhammad (PBUH) was called?
7.       Zaboor was first to deliver or Torat?
8.       In which language Torah, Zaboor, and Injeel were delivered?
9.       What is the meaning of Akhirah?
A thing coming later
10.   What is the opposite word to Akhirah?
Dunya (world)
11.   What is the meaning of Dunya?
A thing in hand
12.   Which two names of Hell are described in the Holy Quran?
Jahanum, Jaheem
13.   Explain the first and the last Aqeeda (Belief)?
Aqeeda-e-Tauheed, Aqeeda-e-Akhirah
14.   What is the heading of Surah Ikhlas?
Aqeeda-e-Ikhlas (Belief in Oneness of Allah)
15.   “None deserves to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) are the Prophet of Allah “. It is the translation of?
16.   How many Kalimas is in Islam?
17.   Name the Kalima which is necessary or a Muslim to recite?
18.   What is the meaning of Tayyaba?
19.   What is the meaning of Shahadat?
20.   What is the meaning of Astaghfaar?
21.   What is the meaning of Rad-e-Kufr?
Repudiation of infidelity
22.   What is the meaning of Salat?
The recitation of Darood
23.   Namaz (Salat) means?
Rehmat, Dua, Astaghfaar
24.   Namaz (Salah) was made obligatory during the Prophet’s Miraj in ______ of the Nabvi.
25.   The number of ‘Nafl’ Namaz is?
26.   Namaz-e-Khusuf is offered when?
Moon eclipses
27.   “Kusuf” is a prayer of?
Solar eclipse
28.   Namaz-e-Istasqa is a prayer for?
29.   Salat-e-Istakhara is offered for?
Coming Hajat
30.   Salat-e-Hajat is offered for?
Prevailing Hajat                    

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