Very Important Repeated Questions Part#09

Very Important Repeated Questions

We have assembled repeated questions of different testing services like FPSC, PPSC, NTS, UTS, OTS, PTS, etc. Thes questions are very important according to the tests of above-mentioned testing services. So we thought we should share these questions with you to prepare for your upcoming job tests. we also have original solved past papers of FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS, UTS on our site so please explore the site for those solved papers also. We wish you good luck.
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  1. Amount of zakat among gold silver and similar things?
2.5 %
  1. A government company obtained 1 billion net profit tell how much rupees it will give as zakat?
  1. Zakat ordinance promulgated on?
20 June 1980
  1. According to section17 Taluka committee is equal to?
Tehsil committee
  1. Desman palace is the residence of?
Ameer Kuwait
  1. Porcelain tower is present in?
  1. Which Muslim organization was founded on 1962?
Rabita al-Alam al-Islami‎
  1. Cartography is the study of?
Secret Writing
  1. Founder of Scout moment?
Robert Baden-Powell
  1. Elyse palace is the residence of?
French President
  1. The second largest population in Afghanistan after Pashtuns?
  1. Worldwide spread disease is called?
  1. Zakat year starts according to?
Hijri calendar
  1. Zakat year end on?
30 Shaban
  1. Governor appoints a chief to administer with the consult with?
Federal government
  1. Administrator general is appointed by?
President of the Country
  1. The magnitude of the earthquake is measured with?
Richter scale
  1. Who forwarded the Lahore(Pakistan) Resolution?
A.K Fazlul Haq
  1. East India Company came to India in the reign of?
  1. The largest Muslim country according to the area is?
  1. Zakat can be spent on?
Travelers B) Slaves C) Masakin D) All of these
  1. Who was known as the Man of Destiny?
Napoleon bona part
  1. Adam's Peak is in which country?
  1. According to the Zakat Ordinance, Zakat arrears are collected by?
  1. Red Cross or Red Crescent Headquarter is in?
  1. A light-year is a unit of?

  1. A light year is the distance traveled by light in?
1 year
  1. Musician of Pakistani National Anthem is?
Ahmed Gulami Chagla
  1. First Usher was received in?
1982-83 Rabi crop
  1. DZ committee will be dissolved if?
Member remain not pious

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