Today's Assistant Paper by PPSC with Answers

Assistant  24-02-2019 by PPSC

Today 24-02-2019 Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) took the test for the post of Assistant. The test was comprised of 100 Multiple short questions. The result will be announced soon. We are giving here some of those questions which were asked today in the Paper of Assistant. Only a few questions of Assitant paper is given because it's impossible to remember all the questions. So if you remember any of the Questions please let us know in the comment section. We wish you good luck for your result.
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1.      Water has the highest density at the temperature of?


2.      What is the Antonym of inert?

3.      Which is the 7th month of the Islamic calendar?

4.      Under whose leadership, All India Muslim League supported the Simon Commission?
Muhammad Shafee

5.      What is the Synonym of disparate?

6.      Kulbushan Yadav was arrested from?

7.      Which article gives the extra power to the president?
Article 8

8.      Day of deliverance was celebrated on?
22 Dec 1939

9.      When Allama Iqbal was awarded the title of Sir?

10.  What is the synonym of exemplify?

11.  Gawadar port is located in?

12.  Princely state dispute between India and Pakistan other than Kashmir is?

13.  Who is the first Muslim Nobel Prize winner?
          Anwer Sadat

14.  Ashqle Chorna se kia murad hy?
         Fasad Dalna

15.  What is the Capital of Newzealand?

16.  What is the Capital of Zimbabwe?

17.  Jawahar Lal Nehru was the son of?
Moti Lal Nehru

18.  Computer Chip is made of?

19.  Imran Khan is which Prime Minister of Pakistan?

20.  Ch Rehmat Ali is buried in?
Cambridge London

21.  Baltoro Glacier is in?

22.  Who was the first Viceroy of India?
Lord Canning

23.  Pakistan participated in Olympics for the first time in?

24.  Who is the current Governor of Sindh?
Imran Ismail

25.  Bolan pass is in?

26.  Warsaw dam is on which river?
Kabul River

27.  The oldest barrage of Pakistan is?
Sakhar Barrage

28.  Newton is the unit of?

29.  Dastan e Mujahid book is written by?
Naseem Hijazi

30.  Fastest Century in cricket is made by?
AB Devillier

31.  Study of Languages is called?

32.  The communal award was announced by?
Ramsay Macdonald

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