Senior Auditor Past Papers 2018 Batch#01

Senior Auditor FPSC Past Paper 2018

These are the questions from Senior Auditor’s paper conducted on 13 August 2018. The test was taken in 4 batches all over Pakistan. The test was taken by Federal Public Service Commission FPSC. These questions are collected from the candidates who have given the test. These are only a few questions because it is impossible to remember all the questions.
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1.    Would you mind _______ on the light?
a)     Switch
b)     Switching
c)     To Switching
d)     To Be Switching

2.    The gentry’ _______ invited the party.
a)     Has
b)     Have been
c)     Have
d)     was

3.    Giving is better than?
a)    Receive
b)    to receive
c)    be received
d)    receiving

4.    Either you are he is _______ fault.
a)    is
b)    are
c)    have
d)    were

5.    I am feeling _______ better today.
a)    Too
b)    very
c)    rather
d)    fairly

6.    I have no _______ against him.
a)    Case
b)    Grudge
c)    Request
d)    desire

7.    Adequate ______ must taken to avoid accidents.
a)    Caution
b)    Precaution
c)    warning
d)    danger

8.    The government has ordered a ______ inquiry into the police firing.
a)    Governmental
b)    Judicial
c)    Legal
d)    penal

9.    You are old enough to _______ your shoe laces yourself.
a)    Knit
b)    Tie
c)    Bind
d)    tight

10.  As a last _______ he has appealed to the principal.
a)    Method
b)    Chance
c)    Resort
d)    course

11.  Borrowed garments never fit well.
a)     Subject
b)     Predicate
c)     Conjunction
d)     Position

12.  He sold his house to John.
a)     Direct Object
b)     Indirect Object
c)     Helping Verb
d)     Verb

13.   Running Fast they caught the last Bus.
a)     Noun Phrase
b)     Adjective Phrase
c)     Adverb Phrase
d)     Clause

14.  Swimming is my favorite recreation.
a)     Participle
b)     Compliment
c)     Gerund
d)     Proposition

15.  Rear Seats seem cramped.
a)     Linking Verb
b)     Direct Object
c)     Indirect Object
d)     Complement

16.  Face your problems boldly.
a)     Noun
b)     Adjective
c)     Adverb
d)     Proposition

17.  This house is to let.
a)     Infinitive
b)     Proposition
c)     Helping Verb
d)     Interjection

18.  We came after they had left.
a)     Proposition
b)     Adjective
c)     Adverb
d)     Conjunction

19.  He showed much patience.
a)     Adverb
b)     Complement
c)     Adjective
d)     Proposition

20.  Hush! Don't make the noise
a)     Proposition
b)     Phrase
c)     Clause
d)     Interjection

21.  System production Information used for inventory valuation. Budgeting, cost control, performance reporting, and make buy decisions?
a)     Sales Order Processing
b)     Purchase Account Payable
c)     Cash Disbursements
d)     None of These

22.  The order of the entries made is the ledger is by.
a)     Transaction Number
b)     Account Number
c)     Date
d)     None of These

23.  In general, a special Journal would not be used to record?
a)     Sales
b)     Cash Disbursement
c)     Depreciation
d)     None of These

24.  Subsidiary ledgers are used in manual accounting environments. What file is comparable to a subsidiary ledger in a computerized environment?
a)     Archive File
b)     Reference File
c)     Transaction File
d)     None of These

25.  Which of the following is an archive File
a)     An account payable subsidiary ledger
b)     A cash receipts file
c)     A sales journal
d)     None of These

26.  When determining the batch size, which consideration is the least important?
a)     Achieving economies by grouping together a large number of transactions
b)     Comply with legal mandates
c)     Providing control over the transaction process
d)     None of These

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