Important Questions of all testing services Part#07

Important Questions

Given below are important questions which are repeated so many times in FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS and UTS tests which they took previously for jobs. so these are very important questions for upcoming job tests. all questions will not be in the test, but we are damn sure some of these will be. So prepare these questions carefully for your upcoming job test. We wish all of you very best of luck.
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  1. Which vitamins not stored in the human body?
Vitamin C
  1. Lake of vitamin c create which disease?
Skin disease
  1. Which vitamin helps blood clotting?
Vitamin K
  1. Founder of Muslim rule in India?
Qutubuddin Abek
  1. Razia Sultana belong to which Dynasty?
Slave Dynasty
  1. The second battle of Panipat fought between?
Akbar vs Himu Bakal
  1. Attock fort was constructed by which Mughal Emperor?
Akbar the Great
  1. Muncher Lake situated in?
  1. Pakistan number among world population?
6th in the World
  1. The share of Punjab among the area of Pakistan?
25% of the total area
  1. Length of Khyber pass in KPK?
  1. Uranium resources found in Pakistan in which city?
DG Khan
  1. Mostly part of Gobi desert found in?
  1. Taklimakan desert found in which the State of China?
  1. The longest river in the world is?
Nile River
  1. The largest sea in the world is?
South China Sea
  1. The largest coastal boundary in which country?
  1. Brazil situated in which Continent?
South America
  1. Which country is a peninsula?
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  1. McMahan line is situated between?
India and China
  1. Who was David Patrias?
American General in Afghanistan
  1. 1 meter is equal to how many feet?
3.28 foot
  1. The Caspian Sea makes its boundaries with how many countries?
Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.
  1. Largest agency among area in Pakistan?
South Waziristan
  1. The old name of Iraq is?
  1. Blood is red due to?
  1. Marian trance situated near?
  1. Headquarter of Gandhara civilization is?
  1. Headquarter of SAARC is situated at?
  1. Maximum wool producing country is?

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