Important and Repeated MCQs Part#06

Repeated Important Questions

These questions are repeated so many times in the papers of FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS UTS, and OTS. These are very important questions for an upcoming job test. So prepare these questions carefully for your upcoming job test. We wish all of you very best of luck.
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  1. Defense day is observed on?
6th September
  1. Defense day of Pakistan is celebrated since?
6th Sep 1966
  1. Airforce day is celebrated on?
7th September
  1. Navy Day is celebrated on?
8th September
  1. Kashmir Day is celebrated on?
5th February
  1. Friday was declared as a holiday in?
January 1977
  1. BODO promulgated in?
  1. PRODA came in?
  1. The wheat crisis was occurred in?
  1. Ghauri is Surface to _____ missile.

  1. Anza is Surface to _____missile.
  1. Minimum Age for senator is?
30  Years
  1. Minimum Age for PM is?
35  ears
  1. The number of tribal areas in Pakistan is?
  1. Pakistan Withdrew from SEATO in?
  1. Pakistan left CENTO in?
March 1979
  1. Nasir Shabir was the first Pakistani to conquer?
Mount Everest
  1. The Capital of Pakistan was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad on?
1       August 1960.
  1. Indus Basin Treaty was concluded?
19th Sep 1960
  1. KANNUP was established in?
  1. Tashkent Declaration was signed in?
  1. Saudi King Shah Faisal visited Pakistan in the year of?
1966 1974
  1. Pakistan was suspended from Commonwealth on?
16  ct 1999
  1. Mr. Ghulam Muhammad was holding which office before becoming governor-general of Pakistan.
Finance Minister

  1. Badr I was launched on?
16th July 1990
  1. The First Agriculture University of Pakistan was established in?
Faisalabad, Punjab
  1. Pakistan joined SEATO in?
  1. Moraji Desai, former PM of India was the only Indian leader awarded from Pakistan with?
 The highest award of Pakistan for a civilian
  1. What plants exhale at night?
Carbon dioxide
  1. The velocity of sound in air in meter per second is?
343 m/s

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