All Testing Services Important MCQs Part#08

Important Questions

Given below are important questions which are repeated so many times in FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS and UTS tests which they took previously for jobs. so these are very important questions for upcoming job tests. all questions will not be in the test, but we are damn sure some of these will be. So prepare these questions carefully for your upcoming job test. We wish all of you very best of luck.
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  1. The official religion of Japan is?
  1. Which element used for producing nuclear fuel?
  1. How many rakkhu in 30th Parra of Quran Karim?
  1. Which is less conductor from Iron, Copper, Silver, and Wood?
  1. Niagara fall lies between which countries?
USA and Canada
  1. Which is the smallest country in the world among the area?
Vatican City

  1. Holy Prophet (PBUH) appointed Governor of Yemen for the collection of zakat?
Hazrat Muaz bin Jabal
  1. How many times zakat is mentioned in the Quran?
32 times
  1. Which Surah gives details among zakat receiver?
Surah tuba
  1. Where 1st Wahi has come to Prophet (SAW)?
Cave of Hira
  1. When zakat declared Mandatory?
2 A.H
  1. Light of sun reaches to earth in how many time?
8.5 minutes
  1. Headquarter of an International labor organization is situated in?
  1. Muslim league name was purposed by?
Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan of Dhaka
  1. Jaundice is disturbed of which part of the body?
  1. Quaid Azam leave congress due to?
Non- cooperative moment by Gandhi
  1. In hepatitis which organ of the body gets disturbed?
  1. Nisab in the amount of gold for Zakat?
87.48 gram
  1. Nisab in silver for Zakat?
612.32 gram
  1. The product which is equal to Nisab of Zakat?
948kg wheat or equal
  1. If a person having millet 1800kg whose price is half among wheat how many rupees he pays zakat?
  1. Who was Father of the French Revolution?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  1. Statue of freedom (Statue of Liberty) in New York is given by?
  1. Wall Street is famous for?
Stock Market in New York
  1. Sunlight consists of how many colors?
  1. Theory of Relativity is presented by?
Albert Einstein
  1. The cash crop is the one?
Which is not cultivated for own use
  1. Artificially cultivated area give amount usher equal to
  1. If a person obtained something from underground the amount of zakat applicable?
  1. Zakat among goat applicable on?
40 goats

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