FIA Inspector Investigation Today's Paper (06-01-2019)

Inspector Investigation FIA

Test for FIA(Federal Investigation Agency) Inspector Investigation was taken by Federal Public Commission on 06-01-2019 in two batches. The paper of both batches is given below in the combined form. There were 100 Multiple Choice Questions. The result will be announced after 2 or 3 months because the Federal Public Service Commission takes too much time as Compare to PPSC or other testing services.
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fpsc past papers 2019

Inspector FIA Investigation 2019

1.      Which of the following is the Human rights Day? (10 December)
2.      KartarPur Corridor is located in which of the following Districts? (Narowal)
3.      Inauguration date of Ideas? (27-30 November)
4.      Who Inaugurated Ideas? (President Arif Alvi)
5.      Who is Minister for Petroleum? (Ghulam Sarwar)
6.      What is the antonym of Hallucination? (Reality)
7.      Number of Sahabis is Badar? (313)
8.      7 rounds of Kaba are Called? (Tawaf)
9.      First Women to embrace Islam? (Hazrat Khadija (RA))
10.  Which Rays are blocked by Ozone? (UV Rays)
11.  What is the antonym of Disgorge?
12.  What is the synonym of Impertinent? (Brazen)
13.  What is the meaning of “Call it a day idiom”? (Stop working)
14.  What is the synonym of Expedient?
15.  Red Blood cells are red in color because of? (Hemoglobin) 

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Solved Papers of FIA Inspector 2019

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