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These are Junior Clerk past papers of 2018 taken by PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) in Service and General Administration Department (S&GAD) Punjab. This past paper of Junior Clerk will help you in the preparation of the upcoming paper of Junior Clerk and it will also help you in the understanding of the syllabus of Junior Clerk. These past papers of the junior clerk are very helpful in the preparation of PPSC papers. So here is the solved past paper of Junior Clerk PPSC 2018. For 2015 Past Papers of Sub Inspector Cooperative Societies Click Here

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1.    An electronic path that sends signals from one part of the computer to another is a:
a)    Logic gate
b)    Modem
c)    Bus
d)    Serial port
2.    Which city is known as city of canals?
a)    Venice
b)    Rome
c)    Paris
d)    Havana

3.    Guantanamo Bay, an American Naval Base is in:
a)    Cuba
b)    Mexico
c)    Turkey
d)    Afghanistan

4.    Choose the answer which best explains the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence: There is a cavity in one of your front teeth.
a)    a filing
b)    a hole
c)    decay
d)    food

5.    When was the Unionist Party founded in Punjab?
a)    1923
b)    1924
c)    1934
d)    1937

6.    Which country is the 2018 FIFA Football World Champion?
a)    Brazil
b)    Germany
c)    Spain
d)    France

7.    Which Viceroy's tenure was the shortest in the Indo-Pak Sub-Continent?
a)    Lord Mountbatten
b)    Lord Lytton
c)    Lord Wavell
d)    Lord Minto

8.    Complete the idiom: "Don't judge a book by:
a)    Reading it
b)    it's cover
c)    It's size
d)    it's color

9.    Find out the correct Passive Voice sentence: "People say that democracy is a better form of Government."
a)    Democracy is a better form of Government people said.
b)    According to people democracy was a better form of Government
c)    Democracy is said to be a better form of Government.
d)    Democracy is a better form of Government

10.  "Gastric juice" is a secretion of the glands present in the:
a)    Gall Bladder
b)    Kidneys
c)    Stomach
d)    None of these

11.  The Chairman of Boundary Commission of the Punjab & Bengal was:
a)    Mountbatten
b)    Auchinleck
c)    Gracey
d)    None of these

12.  Under which amendment of the 1973 Constitution, the Objectives the resolution was made a substantive part of the Constitution?
a)    Sixth
b)    Eighth
c)    Ninth
d)    Tenth

13.  Group Captain Cecil Chaudhry was awarded Sitara-e-Jurat for his acts of velour in 1965 war. After retirement, he remained principal of which famous school?
a)    Lawrence College, Ghora Gali
b)    Saint Anthony's School, Lahore
c)    Cathedral School, Lahore
d)    Bum Hall School, Abbottabad

14.  Complete the number series 4,9,13,22,35,
a)    57
b)    70
c)    83
d)    75

15.  Surah Anfal in Quran-e-Karim is immediately preceded by:
a)    Surah Al-Araf
b)    Surah Tauba
c)    Surah Yunus
d)    Surah Nur

16.  The famous movie "Slumdog Millionaire" is based on the book "Q and A". Who is the author of this book?
a)    Sashi Tharoor
b)    Hanif Kureishi
c)    Vikas Swarup
d)    Bapsi Sidhwa

17.  30% of 100 is equal to 3% of :
a)    3000
b)    2000
c)    1000
d)    750

18.  Choose the correct word: "The prisoner was sent to the:
a)    Goal
b)    Gaol
c)    Gole
d)    Gait

19.  Fill in the blank: The debate adjourned _____ the following week.
a)    With
b)    For
c)    Into
d)    To

20.  What is the meaning of the idiom/proverb "To spill the beans?"
a)    To reveal secret information
b)    To misbehave
c)    To keep secrets
d)    To talk irrelevant

21.  Who is the current President of Cuba?
a)    Fidel Castro
b)    Hugo Chavez
c)    Raul Castro
d)    None of these

22.  It is awful to be afflicted _______ a sense of inferiority.
a)    For
b)    With
c)    In
d)    To

23.  Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan did his Ph.D. from Leuven University of:
a)    Germany
b)    Holland
c)    Belgium
d)    Austria

24.  Two Pakistani test Cricketers have got out on 199 runs. One of them was Younus Khan who was the other?
a)    Hanif Muhammad
b)    Maid Khan
c)    Javed Miandad
d)    Mudassar Nazar

25.  Which Prophet could talk to the birds?
a)    Hazrat Ismail (A.S)
b)    Hazrat Yaqub (A.S)
c)    Hazrat Sulaiman (A.S)
d)    Hazrat Yusuf (A.S)

26.  Yuan is the currency used in:
a)    China
b)    North Korea
c)    Bhutan
d)    Iran

27.  Nagorno Karabakh region is recognized as part of:
a)    Georgia
b)    Turkey
c)    Azerbaijan
d)    Iran

28.  "Vienna" is the Capital of:
a)    Denmark
b)    Australia
c)    Austria
d)    Canada

29.  Ms. Tansu Ciller was the first female Prime Minister of:
a)    Yugoslavia
b)    Albania
c)    Turkey
d)    Bosnia Herzegovina

30.  The first regular session of the All India Muslim League was held at:
a)    Dacca
b)    Aligarh
c)    Karachi
d)    Lahore

31.  Which of the following is a chemical reaction?
a)    Rusting of iron
b)    Tempering of iron
c)    Bending of iron
d)    Melting of iron

32.  Sidhnai Headworks has been constructed on the river:
a)    Chenab
b)    Ravi
c)    Jhelum
d)    Sutlej

33.  In what year did Kargil conflict take between India and Pakistan?
a)    1998
b)    1999
c)    2000
d)    2001

34.  The synonym of "Imbecile" 2:
a)    Cunning
b)    Miser
c)    Important
d)    Idiotic

35.  FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations has its Headquarters in:
a)    Rome, Italy
b)    New York, USA
c)    Geneva, Switzerland
d)    Vienna Austria

36.  National Police Academy is located at:
a)    Lahore
b)    Karachi
c)    Islamabad
d)    Peshawar

37.  The major language for the World Wide Web is:
a)    HTML
b)    JQuery
c)    JSP
d)    Java

38.  Who was the first Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?
a)    Zahid Hussain
b)    Mahbubur Rashid
c)    N M Uquali
d)    Shujaat Hasnie

39.  Chaudhry Rehmat Ali who coined the name "Pakistan" died in 1951 which political position did he hold in the government of Liaqat Ali Khan?
a)    Minister of Refugees Settlement
b)    Minister of Finance
c)    Minister of Communications
d)    He held no political position

40.  He was accused _____ theft:
a)    on
b)    In
c)    about
d)    of

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