Custom Inspector Solved Paper Btach1 2018 | FPSC Solved Paper

Custom Inspector Batch1 Solved Paper

This is the Customs inspector Solved Past Papers of Batch 1 which was taken on September 9, 2018. This paper was taken by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) all over Pakistan. There were 8 Batches in total. This paper is of the first batch.

Custom Inspector Batch1 Past Paper, FPSC Past Paper 2019

1)      Adam Sani is a title of which prophet?

“Hazrat Nooh(A.S)”

2)      Who was Molvi Tammezuddin:
“former speaker of National Assembly”

3)      How many countries participated in the Child Street World Cup.

4)      What is the SI unit of Charge?

5)      The country announced to host national flag on all mosques to "promote patriotism among Muslims” is:

6)      Which type of operating system is used by Medical Devices?
“Real Time”

7)      Which is the most abundant element in the Universe?

8)      Which is the most abundant element on earth's crust?

9)      Single spacing causes ___ Point line spacing in MS word document.

10)  Default Number of Lines to drop for drop cap is?

11)  How Many Breaths on average an adult takes in a day?
“15,000 to 20,000”

12)  Blood volume on average in a normal human is.
”5 liters”

13)  Files on Disk Located by:
“Root Folder”

14)  Which Color Line indicates the word is repeated in MS word.
“Red Line”

15)  ____is selected to shade words and paragraphs.
“formation, Border and Shading”

16)  Which button allows add, change or remove edit data source.
“Edit Button”

17)  Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto hanged in the murder case of:
” Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Qasuri”

18)  fateh-e-mubeen is also called:
“Sulah Hadabiya”

19)  Female New York Stock Exchange President is:
“Stacey Cunningham”

20)  In which country plane crashed and 110 passengers killed recently.

21)  In which country 225 flight were delayed.

22)  Which country police start an anti-Bagging campaign and 78 baggers were arrested.

23)  Street Child World Championship Winner is:

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