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Custom Inspector Batch3 Paper

Custom Inspector is a prominent post in the Revenue Division of Board of Revenue. There were 212 posts were announced at first. And again FPSC announces almost 20 posts of Custom inspector in August 2018. Tests on the post which were announced at first (212 Posts) are taken by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) from September 9, 2018, to September 12, 2018. This test was taken in 8 batches. This paper is of Batch 3 which was taken on September 10, 2018. We have already uploaded Batch1 and Batch 2 papers which were taken on September 09, 2018. And we have also Uploaded the papers of Batch 4 to Batch 8.

Batch3 Custom Inspector Paper, FPSC Paper, Solved Paper 2019

1)    What is the abbreviation of MAD?
Mutually Assured Destruction

2)    GPS Stands for _______?
Global Positioning System

3)    Who is the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations?
Aminah J. Mohammed

4)    In which constituency Female Voter Turnout remained 73% during General Election 2018?
N.A 221 Thar

5)    In night plant exhale ____ and intake _______?
Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen

6)    Which organ of the body clean blood ________?

7)    Urine is formed in ________?
Nephrons (Kidneys)

8)    Who is the President of ICC?
No one is the President of ICC right now as the post of president in ICC replaced with the chairman and current chairman is Shashank Manohar from India

9)    which Planet is easily visible from the earth is _________?

10) Nearest Planet to earth is _______?

11) How many planets are visible without a telescope?

12) 1 light year is equal to________?
9.5 x 1012

13) The salinity of seawater is determined by the amount of common salt (Sodium Chloride) amount?
1 Kg

14) Alt+ F4 is used in Microsoft Excel to __________?
Close the Excel

15) Total Voter turnout in General Election 2018 remained?

16) Total The Observer States of UNO are?

17) Observer States of Shanghai Cooperation Organization are?

18) Observer The states of SAARC are?

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