Custom Inspector Past Paper Batch 2, 2018 | FPSC Past Paper

Custom Inspector Batch2

This is the Batch 2 Past Paper of Custom inspector which was taken on September 9, 2018. This Papers was taken to fulfill the posts of Customs Inspector. Federal Public Service Commission was responsible for this test. There was a total of 8 batches for this test. We only receive 53 questions of Customs Inspector Btch2, if you remember any other questions please let us know by commenting below. Have a great day and best of luck for Custom Inspector paper.

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1)      Which Country has built the World Largest Air purifier to fight pollution?

2)      Pakistani Teenager conducted Coin Toss in FIFA World Cup match between Costa Rica and ______?

3)      Who was the guarantor in the Indus Water Treaty which was signed between Pakistan and India?
World Bank

4)      The lifespan of White Blood Cells is?
 3 Days

5)      Bolan Pass is situated in ______?
Toab Kakar Balochistan

6)      China Rank in World Happiness Index in the World is?

7)      Who was the First Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan?
Sardar Shah Wali Khan

8)      Who won the FIFA World Cup 2018?

9)      Who is the World's most powerful man in 2018?
Xi Jin Ping

10)  World Highest Score by England in One Day International Cricket is _____?

11)  Most Densest Element on the Earth is ________?

12)  X-Ray is invented by?
Wilhelm Roentgen

13)  President of Turkey belongs to which political party.
Justice and Development Party

14)  How many Pakistanis are the members of the British Parliament?
12 Members

15)  Unit of Pressure is _______?

16)  Which device is used for measuring high temperature?

17)  Ctrl + Z in Microsoft Word is used to ______?
Undo the action

18)  Ctrl + S is used in Microsoft Word is to _______?
Save the Document

19)  Sri Lankan Captain Dinesh Chandimal banned from cricket for charges of?
Ball Tempering

20)  How to open the file in Microsoft Word?

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