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Zilladar Past Papers 2016

Following is the fully solved Zilladar past papers for the post of Zilladar (BS-14). These Zilladar past papers were taken in 2016. Work of Zilladar or role of Zilladar is to resolve disputes among farmers on the water and land issues. Work of Zilladar is to work under the Director and Assistant Director. These things are included in the job description of Zilladar. The function of Zilladar is to collect land tax through Patwaris from Zamindars. And monitor water distribution issues among the formers. Zilladar bps is 14. Pay of Zilladar or salary of Zilladar is almost same as other 14 scale jobs. Zilladar upgradation took place in 10 to 15 years. After Zilladar upgrading you will be deputy collector. Start your preparation from these Zilladar past papers. These Zilladar past papers will be helpful for you in the upcoming test of Zilladar through PPSC.
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1.    Who wrote Path to Pakistan?
a)    Allama Iqbal
b)    Ch Rehmat All
c)    Ch Khalique Zaman
d)    KB Saeed

2.    When Fatima Jinnah Joined AIML?
a)    1930
b)    1937
c)    1932
d)    1950

3.    Who prepared Pirpur report?
a)    Quaid Azam
b)    Raja Syed Mehdi
c)    Allama Iqbal
d)    MA Johar

4.    When Quid e Azam Met M.K Gandhi 1st time?
a)    1910
b)    1912
c)    1913
d)    1916

5.    When were non-party elections held?
a)    1970
b)    1985
c)    1975
d)    1976

6.    When National Anthem Approved in:
a)    June 1951
b)    July 1952
c)    October 1953
d)    August 1954

7.    Who was secretary of state for India in cabinet mission?
a)    Lord Ripen
b)    Lord Curzon
c)    Lord Pathetic Lawrence
d)    Lord Mew

8.    When water accord between provinces?
a)    1982
b)    1991
c)    1988
d)    1998

9.    Where Rawal dam constructed on the river?
a)    Korang
b)    Kabul
c)    Indus
d)    Ravi

10.  Where is Green peace headquarter?
a)    London
b)    New York
c)    Geneva
d)    Amsterdam

11.  Doab between River Ravi and Chenab called?
a)    Bari Doab
b)    Sagar doab
c)    Rachna
d)    Neeli bar

12.  Bala Hisar fort built by:
a)    Hamanyun
b)    Babar
c)    Akbar
d)    Jahangir

13.  Who administrated the oath of Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan?
a)    Muhamad All Jinnah
b)    Khawaja Nazimuddin
c)    Ch Muhammad All
d)    Sikandar Mirza

14.  Where copper deposits in?
a)    Quetta
b)    Khuzdar
c)    Sibbi
d)    Chaghi

15.  Who supported Pakistan moment from Sindh province?
a)    Liaqat Ali Khan
b)    Qaim Ali Shah
c)    Abdullah Haroon
d)    Sir Hidayat Ullah

16.  Where is Banbhore site?
a)    Thatta
b)    Karachi
c)    Delhi
d)    Hyderabad

17.  Where is chandka medical college?
a)    Peshawar
b)    Lahore
c)    Larkana
d)    Karachi

18.  Where is artificial forest being maintained in?
a)    Multan
b)    DG Khan
c)    Lahore
d)    Changa Manga

19.  Which is Pakistan's 2nd largest foreign exchange earner crop?
a)    Wheat
b)    Cotton
c)    Rice
d)    Tobacco

20.  Ch Rehmat Ali coined word Pakistan in NOW OR NEVER pamphlet in?
a)    1930
b)    1933
c)    1931
d)    1936

21.  CR formula was prepared by?
a)    Raja Gopal Acharya
b)    Gandhi
c)    VP Menon
d)    Gokhley

22.  Who discovered Malaria parasite?
a)    Dr. Smith
b)    Dr. Johnson
c)    Dr. Kallis
d)    Ronald Ross

23.  The largest organ of the body is:
a)    Tongue
b)    Kidney
c)    Liver
d)    Spinal Cord

24.  Kidney disease is due to the overdose of:
a)    Vitamin B
b)    Vitamin C
c)    Vitamin B Complex
d)    Vitamin K

25.  Largest Muslim country in Africa by population is:
a)    Nigeria
b)    Pakistan
c)    Turkey
d)    Indonesia

26.  The noble prize for peace is awarded in:
a)    New York
b)    London
c)    Oslo
d)    Paris

27.  Highest literacy rate among SAARC:
a)    Nepal
b)    Sri Lanka
c)    India
d)    Pakistan

28.  Highest per capita income among SAARC:
a)    India
b)    Nepal
c)    Sri Lanka
d)    Bhutan

29.  Largest producer of oil in OPEC countries:
a)    UAE
b)    Egypt
c)    Iraq
d)    Saudi Arabia

30.  Bakhtaran news agency of:
a)    India
b)    Turkey
c)    Afghanistan
d)    UAE

31.  Ariana is Airline of:
a)    India
b)    Afghanistan
c)    Nepal
d)    Pakistan

32.  Cathy Pacific is a/an:
a)    Airline
b)    Train
c)    News Agency
d)    City Name

33.  ITAR-TASS is news agency of:
a)    USA
b)    UK
c)    France
d)    Russia

34.  PPI stands for:
a)    Pakistan Peace Initiatives
b)    Pakistan Petroleum Industry
c)    Pakistan Press International
d)    Pak peace international

35.  The share of Punjab in Pakistan’s total area is:
a)    12.7%
b)    25.8%
c)    34.3%
d)    45.6%

36.  Headquarters of the Asian development bank is in:
a)    Manila
b)    Delhi
c)    Karachi
d)    Colombo

37.  Security Council members are:
a)    6
b)    10
c)    22
d)    15

38.  Ibne Battuta came in India from:
a)    Paris
b)    Morocco
c)    Samarqand
d)    Tashkent

39.  SCOUT moment was established by:
a)    Peter Ross
b)    Robed Powell
c)    Nicholson
d)    Robert Gate

40.  Who presided over the Wavell plan?
a)    Lord Wavell
b)    Lord Rippon
c)    Lord Curzon

d)    Lord Mew

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