Zilladar Past papers 2015 | Role and duties of Zilladar

Zilladar Past Papers 201

Given Below is the fully solved Zilladar Past Papers 2015. These Zilladar past papers are original which was taken by PPSC in 2015. 
Role of Zilladar or Duties of Zilladar are to resolve the water disputes among the formers, Zilladar duties also include collecting land tax from farmers through Patwaris. 
Zilladar is a bps 14 job. Salary of Zilladar is approximately less than 30000. Zilladar upgraded to deputy collector. 
Zilladar Past Papers 2016, Role of Zilladar, Duties of Zilladar, Work of Zilladar, Salary of Zilladar

1.    Which planet is called "Evening Star"?
a)    Mars
b)    Mercury
c)    Venus
d)    None of these

2.    Parliament of Sweden is known as:
a)    People's Congress
b)    Parliament
c)    Riksdag
d)    National Congress

3.    World's longest street is:
a)    Yonge Street
b)    Fleet Street
c)    Wall Street
d)    Lombard Street

4.    Greenwich, a city of London is famous for:
a)    Calculating the time of all the countries
b)    Beautiful gardens
c)    Both of them
d)    None of these

5.    George Washington was succeeded by:
a)    Thomas Jefferson
b)    John Hamilton
c)    John Adams
d)    None of these

6.    In 1954 the USA launched its first Atomic Submarine. What was its name?
a)    Attila
b)    Washington
c)    Sea Lion
d)    Nautilus

7.    When did Pakistan's first expedition land on Antarctica?
a)    On January 15, 1991
b)    On March 1976
c)    On April 16, 1991
d)    On August 14, 1980

8.    "Kyodo" is the news agency of:
a)    China
b)    Japan
c)    USA
d)    Cambodia

9.    Cryptography is a branch of science which deals with:
a)    Crimes
b)    Secret writing
c)    Dictionary
d)    Old thing

10.  RAMA is a secret agency of:
a)    Israel
b)    Afghanistan
c)    Iran
d)    Iraq

11.  The old name of Libya is:
a)    Trablus
b)    Tripoli
c)    United Arab
d)    Undlas

12.  The new name of Persia is.
a)    Iran
b)    Baghdad
c)    Turkey
d)    Iraq

13.  The only person to win two unshared Nobel prizes?
a)    Marie
b)    Linus Pauling
c)    John Jackson
d)    None of these

14.  Highest military award in Britain is:
a)    Iron Cross
b)    Victoria Cross
c)    Victoria Medal
d)    Military Cross

15.  YOSEMITE waterfall is located in:
a)    USA
b)    Philippines
c)    Venezuela
d)    UK

16.  First Provincial elections after the establishment of Pakistan were held in?
a)    1950
b)    1951
c)    1952
d)    1953

17.  The origin of the idea of Pakistan is associated with the name of:
a)    Sir Sayed Ahmad Khan
b)    Allama Iqbal
c)    Quaid-e-Azam
d)    None of these

18.  Lady Finger peak is present in:
a)    China
b)    India
c)    Pakistan
d)    Morocco

19.  The "Roof of the World" is:
a)    The Alps
b)    Andes
c)    The Apennines
d)    The Pamir Plateau (Tibet)

20.  Le Harve is the seaport of:
a)    Portugal
b)    Italy
c)    France
d)    China

21.  Where is the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar is situated?
a)    Shahbaz Nagar
b)    Uch Sharif
c)    Sehwan Sharif
d)    None of these

22.  The largest Natural Lake in the subcontinent is:
a)    Keenghar Lake
b)    Manchar Lake
c)    Hali Lake
d)    None of these

23.  Name the longest river of Pakistan?
a)    Chenab
b)    Karola
c)    Indus
d)    Jehlum

24.  Mama lnayatullah Mashraqi was the founder of?
a)    Mujahid Tehreek
b)    Tehreek-e-Khatam-e-Nabawat
c)    Khaksar Tehreeq
d)    None of these

25.  What is Malakhra?
a)    A lake
b)    A river
c)    A game
d)    None of these

26.  Which religious scholar tried to eradicate different innovations from the religion?
a)    Shah Wall Ullah
b)    Haji Shariat Ullah
c)    Syed Ahmad Shaheed
d)    Shah Ismail

27.  First edition of Asar-us-Sanadid appeared in:
a)    1846
b)    1845
c)    1848
d)    1849

28.  Sir Syed Ahmad Khan became Chief Judge in:
a)    1846
b)    1845
c)    1848
d)    1849

29.  Headquarters of the World Economic Forum is situated in:
a)    Davos
b)    London
c)    Geneva
d)    New York

30.  'Ottawa convention 1997' is related to:
a)    Environment protection
b)    Preserving wildlife
c)    Banning landmines
d)    None of these

31.  The War of Roses (1455-1485) in European history is associated with the:
a)    The war between England and France
b)    The civil war in England
c)    Anglo-Spanish War
d)    None of these

32.  What are the total numbers of Ghazwat?
a)    17
b)    25
c)    27
d)    29

33.  Which was the first Ghazwa of Islam?
a)    Abwa
b)    Badr
c)    Ohad
d)    Mota

34.  Ghazwa Abwa is also known as:
a)    Ghazwa Widdan
b)    Ghazwa
c)    Ghazwa Ohad
d)    Ghazwa Badar

35.  What was the religion of the forefathers of the Holy Prophet (SAW)?
a)    Idolatry
b)    Deen-e-Ibraheem
c)    Hinduism
d)    Buddhism

36.  The Government of India Act 1935 was fully enforced on:
a)    August 1935
b)    April 1937
c)    September 1936
d)    October 1937

37.  Which party won the elections of October 1990?
a)    People's Party
b)    Islami Jamhoori Ittehad
c)    Pakistan National Alliance
d)    Muslim League

38.  The elections for en Assemblies were held in October 2002 when the elections for Senate were held?
a)    January 2003
b)    February 2003
c)    March 2003
d)    April 2003

39.  The government of Benazir Bhutto was dismissed for the second time on November 5, 1996, by?
a)    Ghulam !shag Khan
b)    Malik Miraj Khalid
c)    Farooq A. Leghari
d)    Nawaz Sharif

40.  The longest Surah in the Holy Quran is:
a)    Surah AI Imran
b)    Surah AI-Baqrah
c)    Surah AI-Falaq

d)    Surah An-Nisa

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