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Zilladar Past Papers

Zilladar is a prominent post in the Power and Irrigation Department. Here we are providing Zilladar past papers which are solved PPSC past papers. Zilladar bps or pay scale is BS-14. Salary of Zilladar is approximately the same as other BPS-14 jobs. Role of Zilladar or Work of Zilladar is to resolve issues and disputes among the formers. Zilladar work under Director and Assistant Director. Collecting Land Tax through Patwaris and Monitor Water distribution issues is the function of Zilladar. This was the job description of Zilladar.
Zilladar Past Papers, Zilladar Job Descriptions, Role of Zilladar, Function of ZIlladar
1.     'Pathway to Pakistan' is the autobiography of:
a)     M.A.H. Isphani
b)     Choudhry Khaliq uz Zaman
c)     A. Fazlul Hag
d)     Sir Fazl-i-Hussain

2.     Chaudhry Rehmat All first used the word Pakistan' in his pamphlet 'Now or Never' in:
a)     1933
b)     1935
c)     1937
d)     1938

3.     Identify the Secretary of State for India who led the Cabinet Mission in 1946:
a)     Sir Stafford Cripps
b)     A.V. Alexander
c)     Lord Pethick Lawrence
d)     Sir Anthony McDonald

4.     Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim League in:
a)     1937
b)     1939
c)     1938
d)     1940

5.     Congress launched "Quit India Movement" against the British Government in:
a)     1940
b)     1941
c)     1942
d)     1944

6.     Gandhi-Jinnah talks were held in 1944 to discuss the C.R. Formula, prepared by:
a)     Raj Gopal Acharya
b)     V.P. Menon
c)     Abu-al-Kalam Azad
d)     Lord Wavell

7.     Who presided over the Shimla Conference in 1945?
a)     Lord Minto
b)     Lord Wavell
c)     Lord Irwin
d)     Lord Mountbatten

8.     Quaid-e-Azam met M.K. Gandhi for the first time in 1916 at:
a)     Delhi
b)     Calcutta
c)     Bombay
d)     Lucknow

9.     The National Anthem of Pakistan was approved by the Government in:
a)     1947
b)     1950
c)     1952
d)     1954

10.  The land lying between the river Ravi and river Chenab is called:
a)     Rachna Doab
b)     Bari Doab
c)     Chaj Doab
d)     Sindh Sagar Doab

11.  The artificial forests are being maintained at:
a)     Changa Manga
b)     Chichawatni
c)     Kotla Adeeb Shahid
d)     All of these

12.  Which of the following forts was built by Mughal Emperor Zahir-Ud-Din Babar:
a)     Bala Hissar Fort
b)     Rohtas Fort
c)     Ranikot Fort
d)     Attock Fort

13.  Which of the following districts of Baluchistan contains huge deposits of Copper:
a)     Loralai
b)     Sibbi
c)     Khuzdar
d)     Chaghi

14.  The only National Elections held on non-party basis were in:
a)     1977
b)     1985
c)     1988
d)     1990

15.  "Chandka Medical College" is located at:
a)     Hyderabad
b)     Nawabshah
c)     Larkana
d)     None of these

16.  Nuclear Research Laboratory at Kahuta' was set up in:
a)     1974
b)     1976
c)     1978
d)     1980

17.  "Rawal Dam" was built in 1962 on the river:
a)     Soan
b)     Haro
c)     Korang
d)     Jhelum

18.  Who is considered to be the first poet of the Punjabi language:
a)     Bulleh Shah
b)     Baba Farid Ganj Shakar
c)     Khawaja Ghulam Farid
d)     Sultan Bahu

19.  Pakistan became a member of the international Labor Organization (ILO) in:
a)     1947
b)     1949
c)     1951
d)     1957

20.  The first Water Accord was signed among the provinces in:
a)     1988
b)     1991
c)     1994
d)     1997

21.  Which of the following signed on 8 April 1950:
a)     SEATO
b)     CENTO
c)     Liaquat Nehru Pact
d)     Colombo Plan

22.  "Mast Tawakli" was a prominent poet of:
a)     Balochi
b)     Phusto
c)     Sindhi
d)     Barohi
23.  Archaeological site "Bhambore" is located in the district of:
a)     Khairpur
b)     Dadu
c)     Larkana
d)     Thatta

24.  Decimal System was introduced in Pakistan on First January:
a)     1951
b)     1959
c)     1961
d)     1963

25.  Which was the first missile launched by Pakistan:
a)     Hatf
b)     Anza
c)     Ghauri
d)     Shaheen

26.  "Thomas Cup.'" is given for the game of:
a)     Lawn Tennis
b)     Golf
c)     Table Tennis
d)     Badminton

27.  The Noble Prize for Peace is given in the city of:
a)     Stockholm
b)     Oslo
c)     Brussels
d)     Copenhagen

28.  Identify the world's largest "Peninsula":
a)     Alaska
b)     Scandinavia
c)     Arabia
d)     Labrador

29.  What is the length of "Great Wall of China'?
a)     32000 km
b)     34000 km
c)     26000 km
d)     21000 km

30.  Which is the largest gland in the human body?
a)     Liver
b)     Lachrymal
c)     Sweat glands
d)     Pancreas

31.  Who is the founder of "Scout Movement"?
a)     Robert Baden Powell
b)     E 0. Lawrence
c)     Maccollins
d)     Nicola Tesla

32.  The UN Security Council consists of:
a)     5 members
b)     11 members
c)     15 members
d)     20 members

33.  The headquarters of the "Asian Development Bank" is at:
a)     Jakarta
b)     Tokyo
c)     Kuala Lumpur
d)     Manila

34.  `ITAR-TABS' is a news agency of:
a)     Israel
b)     Iran
c)     United States
d)     Russia

35.  What is "Cathy Pacific"?
a)     Island
b)     Newspaper
c)     News Agency
d)     Airline

36.  “Arianna” is an airline of
a)     Sri Lanka
b)     Iran
c)     Afghanistan
d)     Turkey

37.  After cotton, which is the second highest exchange earner crop of Pakistan?
a)     Rice
b)     Wheat
c)     Sugar Cane
d)     None of these

38.  IPP stands for
a)     Internal Programme of Planning
b)     International Press of Pakistan
c)     Independent Power Producer
d)     Internal Power Plan

39.  What is the "Pentagon"?)
a)     Name of the French Parliament
b)     Offices of American Defense Ministry
c)     The official residence of United Nations Secretary-General
d)     A kind of boat used in forming a bridge to let the army cross the river

40.  The World's oldest surviving monarchy is in
a)     England
b)     Japan
c)     Saudi Arabia

d)     Nepal

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