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Today FIA Sub Inspector Test

This is today’s FIA Sub Inspector past papers. This Sub Inspector past papers is original and is taken on 19-08-2018. This FIA Sub Inspector Past Papers is fully solved. These exam papers were according to the syllabus of FIA Sub Inspector. This FIA Sub Inspector Past Papers was used for the recruitment of Sub Inspector Federal Investigation Agency. Salary of FIA Sub Inspector is almost 35000. Duties of Sub Inspector are to carry out an investigation and submit the report accordingly.

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Choose the correct spelling for the missing word:
1.    He decided to dress in a gray suit in order to be_______ .
a)     Incunspicuous
b)     inconspicuous
c)     Inconspicus
d)     inconspicious

2.    Find the word that is misspelled:
a)     Label
b)     Vacancy
c)     Medal
d)     No Mistakes

3.    Nonchalant is most dissimilar to:
a)     Intelligent
b)     Popular
c)     Concerned
d)     Reckless

4.    The novel is most dissimilar to:
a)     Dangerous
b)     Unsettled
c)     Suitable
d)     Old.

Choose the correct spelling for the missing word:
5.    The customer service the representative gave his ______ that the refund would be made within two weeks.
a)     Asurrance
b)     Assurance
c)     Assurence
d)     Assureance

Choose the correct spelling for the missing word:
6.    The baby soft skin was _______ to the harsh winter wind.
a)     Sinsitive
b)     Sensitive
c)     Sensative
d)     Sinsative

Choose the correct word for the sentence:
7.    He quarreled with his boss _______ of the consequences.
a)     Heedless
b)     Devoid
c)     Weary
d)     Confident

8.    Analogies : refined : plebeian :: selective :
a)     Unjust
b)     Indiscriminate
c)     Cultivated
d)     Ordinary

9.    Find the word that is misspelled
a)     Visionary
b)     Virtuoso
c)     Vigor
d)     No Mistakes

10.  Choose the word that has the same or nearly the same meaning of the given word:
a)     Compensate
b)     Challenge
c)     Defeat
d)     Pay

11.  Thy Daily Dawn' was started in 1941 from _____?
a)     Agra
b)     Delhi
c)     Calcutta
d)     Dhaka

12.  _______ is the largest peninsula of the world?
a)      Alaska
b)      Arabia
c)      Labrador
d)      Scandinavia

13.  ______ is the river passing through Washington:
a)     Thomas
b)     Potomac
c)     Nile
d)     Somalia

14.  Ryder Cup is a famous trophy for which sport?
a)     Cricket
b)     Hockey
c)     Golf
d)     Base Ball

15.  Chose the correct verbs: She ______ for effective follow up of agenda?
a)     Called
b)     Call
c)     Will Called
d)     Be call

16.  The student was asked to simplify the question. Change the underlined word into a noun.
a)     Simplify
b)     Simplification
c)     Simplest
d)     Simplicity

17.  Chose the correct verb: Twelve terrorists _____ in air strike.
a)     Kill
b)     Kills
c)     Killed
d)     None of the above

18.  I like to travel to visit different places of the world. (Which word is a Verbal Noun)?
a)     Traveling
b)     Visit
c)     World
d)     Places

19.  Chose the correct verb: He _______ around the filthy room in distaste.
a)     Looked
b)     Looking
c)     Am Locks
d)     Are Looks

20.  Chose the correct verbs: Each country is responsible to keep _______ for peace in region.
a)     Work
b)     Works
c)     Worked
d)     Working

21.  The Indian States that were annexed by invoking the Doctrine of Lapse included:
a)     Jhansi, Nagpur, Travancore
b)     Jhansi, Nagpur, Satara
c)     Jhansi, Satara, Mysore
d)     Mysore, Satara, Bhavnagar

22.  Two Nation Theory for the first time was introduced by?
a)     Allama Iqbal
b)     Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
c)     Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
d)     Quid e Azam

23.  How many Muslim Leaders were included in the Shimla deputation?
a)     31
b)     33
c)     32
d)     35

24.  Who was the last Viceroy of India?
a)     Lord Mayo
b)     Lord Mountbatten
c)     Lord Hasting
d)     None of the Above

25.  Arrange the following in chronicle order:
1.    Formation of Interim Government
2.    Recall of Lord Linlithgow
3.    Cabinet Mission
4.    Crisp Mission
5.    Lord Wavell Proposal
6.    Mountbatten Plan
a)     2, 3, 1, 4, 6, 5
b)     2, 4, 5, 3, 1, 6
c)     4, 2, 6, 1, 5, 3
d)     1, 2, 4, 3, 6, 5

26.  Regulating Act 1773?
a)     To Change Governor to Governor General In Bangladesh
b)     To Take Over East India Company’s Territory
c)     Both A and B
d)     None of the above

27.  Al-Hidya is authored by?
a)     Burhan Aldin
b)     None of These

28.  Al-Dur Mansoor is authored by?
a)     Al-Suyuti
b)     None of these

29.  Ryder Cup is associated With which game?
a)     Cricket
b)     Golf
c)     Hockey
d)     None of these

30.  Tafseer ibn Naseer is the title of?
a)     Tafseer Ul Quran
b)     None of these

31.  Which of the following is the capital of the Czech Republic?
a)     Prague
b)     Paris
c)     None of These

32.  Nawaz and Modi Meet at which city?
a)     New Delhi 2014
b)     Shanghai
c)     Paris
d)     None of the above

33.  Yousif Raza Gillani PM Oath Date?
a)     25th March 2008
b)     5 Sep 2008
c)     17 November 2008
d)     None of the Above

34.  Which of the following Act provide for the safeguard of Minorities?
a)     Act of 1940
b)     Act of 1919
c)     Act of 1932
d)     Act of 1935
e)     None of the Above

35.  Dawn Newspaper was published from which city?
a)     Delhi
b)     Calcutta
c)     Dhaka
d)     None of the Above

36.  What is the abbreviation of the NRA?
a)     Nuclear Regulatory Authority
b)     National Regulatory Authority
c)     National Rifle Association
d)     None of the Above

37.  What is the Abbreviation of ADC?
a)     Agriculture Development Corporation
b)     Aide-de-Camp
c)     Additional Deputy Commissioner
d)     All of the Above

38.  In which kind of rocks are Coal and Petroleum found?
a)     Granite
b)     Igneous
c)     Metamorphic
d)     Sedimentary

39.  Which of the following is Igneous Rock?
a)     Shale
b)     Granite
c)     Marble
d)     Quantize
e)     None of These

40.  The 30 members of a club decided to play badminton singles tournament. If a member loses a game he is out of the tournament. There is no tie, then how many matches are to be played to decide a winner?
a)     13
b)     29
c)     61

d)     13

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