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Excise Inspector Past Papers

These are Excise Inspector Past Papers in Excise and taxation department. This Excise department recruitment 2018 will be announced in a few days. In this recruitment, the highest post will be Central Excise Inspector. This Excise Department Recruitment will be done by the PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission). Responsibilities of Excise & Taxation Departments are to monitor vehicle registration. This Excise Inspector recruitment will be done in 2018. Taxation office is available in every district. Excise Taxation is a provincial department. These are PPSC Excise and Taxation inspector past papers. Excise Inspector promotion is done in a few years after the joining. Government jobs in the excise department will be announced in a week or two. These Excise Inspector jobs are under Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control Department. For further information visit the Excise Website.
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1.    The World Humanitarian conference was held on 23-24 May 2016 in:
a)      Cairo Egypt
b)      New York, USA
c)      Istanbul. Turkey
d)     Paris, France
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2.    Which punishment was introduced by Hazrat Umar (R A)?
a)      Exile
b)      Death
c)      Imprisonment
d)     Cutting of hands
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3.    Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British in:
a)      Gujranwala
b)      Faisalabad
c)      Lahore
d)     Delhi

4.    Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, belongs to which country?
a)      Democratic People's Republic of Korea
b)      Republic of Korea (South Korea)
c)      Vietnam
d)     Singapore

5.    What is the national game of Pakistan?
a)      Hockey
b)      Cricket
c)      Kabaddi
d)     Squash
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6.    What was the name of the Federal Tax Ombudsman of Pakistan in 2016?
a)      Salman Faraqui
b)      Tariq Bajwa
c)      Shoaib Suddle
d)     Abdur Rauf Chaudhry
e)      Mushtaq Ahmed Sukhera (Current)

7.    A Barometer is a device used to measure:
a)      Humidity
b)      Atmospheric Pressure
c)      Room Temperature
d)     Salt in seawater
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8.    Name the Prime Minister of Turkey who resigned early in May 2016.
a)      Binali Yildirim
b)      Ahmet Davutoglu
c)      Recep Tayyip Erdogan
d)     Abdullah Gul

9.    If 30 percent of a number is 12.6, find the number?
a)      45
b)      38
c)      40
d)     42

10. If 10 cats catch 10 rats in 10 seconds. How many cats are required to catch 100 rats in 100 seconds?
a)      100
b)      10
c)      20
d)     50
Past Papers
11. Which night's "Ibadat", during the month of Ramadan, is considered better than "Ibadat" of thousand months
a)      Lailat-ul-Qadar
b)      Shab-e-Baraat
c)      Shab-e-Miraj
d)     None of these

12. The disease Diptheria affects which part of the human body?
a)      Lungs
b)      Intestines
c)      Throat
d)     Joints

13. Which Pakistani personality has served as the President of the UN General Assembly?
a)      A.S (Patras) Bokhari
b)      Sir Zafarullah Khan
c)      Agha Shahi
d)     Dr. Maleeha Lodhi
Past Papers
14. Who is the author of the Book "Kashmir-A Disputed Legacy"?
a)      Alistair Lamb
b)      Josef Korbel
c)      Lawrence Ziring
d)     Dr. Akbar S. Ahmad

15. Prince Dara Shikoh was the son of which Mughal Emperor?
a)      Akbar
b)      Jahangir
c)      Aurangzeb
d)     Shahjahan

16. Which of the following is used for disinfection of water?
a)      Oxygen
b)      Hydrogen
c)      Fluorine
d)     Chlorine
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17. What is the Antonym of Paucity?
a)      Presence
b)      Poverty
c)      Abundance
d)     Scarcity

18. There are 8 mango trees in a straight line. The distance between each tree is 3 meters what is the distance between the first tree and the eighth tree?
a)      24m
b)      30m
c)      27m
d)     21m

19. Before giving up singing Junaid Jamshed was padded of which music group?
a)      Strings
b)      Vital Signs
c)      Janon
d)     Fuzon

20. What is the Antonym of Opaque?
a)      Misty
b)      Shiny
c)      Covered
d)     Transparent
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21. When gas is turned into a liquid the process is known as:
a)      Sublimation
b)      Condensation
c)      Evaporation
d)     Deposition

22. Hijra (Migration) from Makkah to Madina started in which Nabvi year?
a)      12th
b)      13th
c)      14th
d)     15th

23. The All India Muslim League Resolution of "Divide and Quit' in 1943 was in response to:
a)      "Quit India" movement of the Congress
b)      Nehru Report
c)      Arya Samaj
d)     Moplah Revolt

24. Simplify the equation 5 + 2 x 6 / 3(2) = ?
a)      9
b)      12
c)      7
d)     5
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25. Where is the Mughal Emperor Zaheer-ud-Din Babar buried?
a)      Kabul
b)      Delhi
c)      Ajmer Sharif
d)     Ferghana

26. "Qissa Sohni Mahiwal" was written by?
a)      Waris Shah
b)      Mian Muhammad Baksh
c)      Hashim Shah
d)     Shah Hussain

27. When was the first Constituent Assembly dissolved by Governor General Ghulam Muhammad?
a)      1951
b)      1952
c)      1953
d)     1954

28. Complete the number series 4, 9,13, 22, 35?
a)      57
b)      70
c)      63
d)     75
Past Papers

29. Who was the author of the book "Daughter of the East"?
a)      Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah
b)      Begum Shaista Ikram Ullah
c)      Ayesha Jalal
d)     Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

30. Who was the captain of Pakistan's Cricket team which won the T-20 championship in 2009?
a)      Muhammad Hafeez
b)      Misbah•ul-Haq
c)      Shahid Afridi
d)     Younus Khan

31. Which Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army also concurrently served as Defence Minister in the Cabinet?
a)      Gen. Frank Meservy
b)      Gen. Ayub Khan
c)      Gen Yahya Khan
d)     Gen. Jahangir Karamat

32. Name the largest mammal in the world?
a)      Elephant
b)      Giraffe
c)      Octopus
d)     Blue Whale

33. In which province is the town Dalbandin located?
a)      Punjab
b)      Sindh
c)      Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
d)     Balochistan

34. Complete the Proverb "A friend in need is a friend:
a)      Not enemy
b)      of others
c)      Indeed
d)     of course

35. In which district is the archaeological site Harappa located?
a)      Sukker
b)      Sahiwal
c)      Thatta
d)     Chakwal

36. The 1857 War of Independence started from:
a)      Agra
b)      Lucknow
c)      Meeruth
d)     Delhi

37. Sharmeen Obaid Chino won an Oscar Award for the second time for her documentary movie titled:
a)      Saving Face
b)      Road to Forgiveness
c)      In the Line of Duty
d)     A Girl in the River

38. Complete the Idiom "Every cloud has a silver
a)      Halo
b)      Rain
c)      Lining
d)     Shadow
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39. In which year did Pakistan win its first Olympic Hockey Gold Medal?
a)      1957
b)      1960
c)      1964
d)     1968

40. Solve the equation 9 - 3 ÷ 1/3 + 1 =?
a)      1
b)      3
c)      9
d)     6

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