Excise Inspector Past Papers 2014 | PPSC Past Papers

Excise Inspector Past Papers 2014

These are the Excise Inspector Past Papers 2014.  These Past Papers were taken by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). These PPSC Past Papers were taken in 2014. Excise Inspector is a BPS-14 job. Job duties of Excise officer are to look after the excise and taxation matters. Excise tax is collected by Excise and Taxation Department. Taxation Office are available almost in every district of the Punjab. Excise Department is also responsible for state excise tax. Work of Excise inspector is to look after the vehicle registration matters. So start Preparation of the upcoming excise test from these excise inspector past papers. We also have Custom Inspector past papers which will be taken by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). These are Punjab Excise Inspector previous papers.

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1.    The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as?
a)    Khyber Pass
b)    Shahrah-e-Resham
c)    Durand Line
d)    Bolan Pass
Excise Inspector Past Papers
2.    In which year NWFP was named Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?
a)    2008
b)    2009
c)    2010
d)    2011
PPSC Past Papers
3.    The Muhammadan Educational Conference was founded in:
a)    1884
b)    1886
c)    1890
d)    1891
Excise Officer
4.    The pamphlet "Now or Never" was written by:
a)    Allama Iqbal
b)    Chaudhry Rehmat All
c)    Quaid-e-Azam
d)    Sir Syed
Excise Inspector Past Papers
5.    The national flower of Pakistan is:
a)    Tulip
b)    Rose
c)    Jasmine
d)    Sunflower
PPSC Past Papers
6.    Boundary Line between China and India is called:
a)    Red Line
b)    McMahon Line
c)    Package Line
d)    None of these
Excise Officer
7.    During British rule in India, in 1905, Bengal was partitioned by?
a)    Lord Minto
b)    Lord Simla
c)    Redcliffe
d)    Lord Curzon
Excise Inspector Past Papers
8.    India's Partition plan was announced on?
a)    June 3, 1947
b)    July 3, 1947
c)    July 18, 1947
d)    August 14, 1947
PPSC Past Papers
9.    Which Indian Muslim leader was buried in Jerusalem?
a)    Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar
b)    Nawab Vilqarul Mulk
c)    Sir Sawed Ahmad Khan
d)    Maulvi Fazlul Haq
Excise Officer
10.  Who was the last Governor General of Pakistan?
a)    Quaid-l-Azam
b)    Ghulam Muhammad
c)    Iskandar Mirza
d)    Ayub Khan
Excise Inspector Past Papers
11.  The Pakistan Resolution was translated in Urdu by:
a)    Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
b)    Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan
c)    Sir Zafrullah Khan
d)    Maulvi A.K. FazIulHaq
PPSC Past Papers
12.  In 1947, the ruler of Princely State of Jammu & Kashmir was:
a)    Gulab Singh
b)    Zorawar Singh
c)    Ranbir Singh
d)    Hari Singh
Excise Officer
13.  Radcliffe was by profession:
a)    a doctor
b)    an engineer
c)    a lawyer
d)    a dentist
Excise Inspector Past Papers
14.  "Jinnah of Pakistan": a famous Book was written by:
a)    ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi
b)    Stanley A. Wolpert
c)    K. B Sayeed
d)    K. K. Aziz
PPSC Past Papers
15.  Day of Deliverance" was observed on:
a)    23rd March 1940
b)    14th August 1947
c)    15th August 1940
d)    22nd December 1939
Excise Officer
16.  Sir Sikandar Hayat became Chief Minister of the Punjab in:
a)    1937
b)    1929
c)    1946
d)    1935
Excise Inspector Past Papers
17.  Financial year of Pakistan closes on?
a)    December 31
b)    March 31
c)    June 30
d)    September 30
PPSC Past Papers
18.  The normal temperature" of the human body is
a)    98.4 F
b)    96.4 F
c)    93.4 F
d)    100 F
Excise Officer
19.  World Population Day is celebrated on:
a)    11th July
b)    11th June
c)    11th May
d)    None of these
Excise Inspector Past Papers
20.  What is the common name for sodium chloride?
a)    Acid
b)    Qalmi shora
c)    Gandhak
d)    Salt
PPSC Past Papers
21.  In which European City are the Headquarters of the Red Cross?
a)    New York
b)    Brussels
c)    Hague
d)    Geneva
Excise Officer
22.  What is the boiling point of water?
a)    130°C
b)    80°C
c)    100°C
d)    120°C
Excise Inspector Past Papers
23.  Which continent is called a Dark Continent?
a)    Africa
b)    Europe
c)    Asia
d)    America
PPSC Past Papers
24.  What Is the Richter scale used to measure?
a)    Flood
b)    Volcano
c)    Earthquake
d)    Tsunami
Excise Officer
25.  "Kindergarten" refers to?
a)    a Nursery School
b)    a small garden
c)    a children playground
d)    a children ward in Hospital
Excise Inspector Past Papers
26.  How many chambers are in the human heart?
a)    2
b)    4
c)    6
d)    5
PPSC Past Papers
27.  Which country has the largest Muslim population in the world?
a)    Iran
b)    India
c)    Indonesia
d)    Sandi Arabia
Excise Officer
28.  What is the term used to denote the unauthorized and illegal accessing of computer programs, often with criminal Intent?
a)    Virus
b)    Plagiarism
c)    Hacking
d)    Blackberry
Excise Inspector Past Papers
29.  Which body of people is sometimes referred to as "the Fourth Estate"?
a)    Judiciary
b)    Executive
c)    The Press
d)    Senate
PPSC Past Papers
30.  In which European City are the Headquarters of NATO?
a)    New York
b)    Brussels
c)    Hague
d)    Geneva
Excise Officer
31.  What does ISO stand for?
a)    International Societies Organization
b)    Interactional Organization for Standardization
c)    International Systems Operator
d)    International Scientists Organization
Excise Inspector Past Papers
32.  The next winter Olympic Games are scheduled to take place in 2014 at:
a)    Sochi
b)    Vancouver
c)    Torino
d)    Salt Lake City, Utah
PPSC Past Papers
33.  "Google" is:
a)    A famous sports brand
b)    A transport agency
c)    An Internet search engine
d)    A European Trade Union
Excise Officer
34.  Ban-ki Moon Is the:
a)    President Security Council
b)    Prime Minister of Japan
c)    Secretary-General U.N.O.
d)    U. N. Disaster Management Representative
Excise Inspector Past Papers
35.  For how many years did Nelson Mandela remain In Prison?
a)    27 years
b)    37 years
c)    17 years
d)    10 years
PPSC Past Papers
36.  How many countries are presently members of the Non-Aligned Movement?
a)    100
b)    120
c)    125
d)    150
Excise Officer
37.  Secretary-General UNO Ban-ki Moon belongs:
a)    South Korea
b)    North Korea
c)    Japan
d)    China
Excise Inspector Past Papers
38.  Currently there are member states of the United Nations:
a)    190
b)    193
c)    196
d)    197
PPSC Past Papers
39.  Currently countries hold the status of Observer States in the United Nations:
a)    2
b)    3
c)    4
d)    5
Excise Officer
40.  There are _______ members of SAARC:
a)    5
b)    4
c)    6
d)    8
PPSC Past Papers

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