Petrol Officer Solved Past Papers 2015 part 1/2

Petrol Officer Solved Past Papers 2015

Patrol Officer is a very prominent and important post in Pakistan Highway and Motorway Police Department. Salary of Patrol Officer is given according to the Basic Pay Scale 14 (BPS-14). There are also other allowances included in the salary. For Detailed Syllabus Click Here
FPSC Past Papers 2019

1.    Which of the following is was the minister of power and water and defense?
a)    Maryam Orangzeb
b)    Ishaq Dar
c)    Khawaja Asif
d)    Ahsan Iqbal

2.    What is the abbreviation of OGRA?
a)    Oil and Gas restoration Authority
b)    Oil and Gas Reproduction Authority
c)    Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority
d)    Oil and Gas regeneration Authority

3.    Which of the following Pakistani has served as the President of United Nations General Assembly?
a)    Dr. Maleeha Lodhi
b)    Agha Shahi
c)    Sir Zafar Ullah Khan
d)    AS (Patras) Bokhari

4.    Which of the following was the first permanent representative of Pakistan in UN?
a)    Begum Feroz Khan Noon
b)    M.A.H Isphani
c)    Patras Bokhari
d)    Sir Zafarullah Khan

5.    Which of the following sectary general of UNO died in an air-crash?
a)    U. Thant
b)    Dag Hammarskjold
c)    Trygve Lie
d)    None of the above

6.    What is the synonym of Annihilate?
a)    Create
b)    Build
c)    Cultivate
d)    Efface

7.    What is the synonym of Inquisitive?
a)    Ignorant
b)    Ordinary
c)    Simple
d)    Curious

8.    What is the antonym of Validate?
a)    Authenticate
b)    Legalize
c)    Disapprove
d)    None of the above

9.    What is the antonym of Mettle?
a)    Cowardly
b)    Pluck
c)    Nerve
d)    Courage

10.  When did National Anthem of Pakistan was approved by the Government of Pakistan?
a)    1954
b)    1952
c)    1950
d)    1948

11.  Which of the following place is close to Satpara Lake?
a)    Swat
b)    Gilgit
c)    Skardu
d)    Hunza

12.  Geneva is a city of which of the following country?
a)    Germany
b)    America
c)    Switzerland
d)    Austria

13.  10-Downing Street is famous because it is the residence of?
a)    British Prime Minister
b)    French Prime Minister
c)    Queen of England
d)    American President

14.  Which of the following country had the first women prime minister of the world?
a)    Pakistan
b)    Sri Lanka
c)    Bangladesh
d)    New Zealand

15.  Which of the following country’s new name is Myanmar?
a)    Formosa
b)    Congo
c)    Ceylon
d)    Burma

16.  In which of the following year UNO was founded?
a)    1944
b)    1945
c)    1946
d)    1947

17.  If the mother’s age is 8 times greater than the son’s age, and fathers age is 9 times greater than that of son’s age. Some of the father’s age and mother’s age is 51. What is the age of the son?
a)    1 year
b)    2 years
c)    3 years
d)    5 years

18.  What is Epistemology?
a)    Study of Religions
b)    Study of Parasites
c)    Study of Organs
d)    Study of Knowledge

19.  What is Ornithology?
a)    Study of sea plants
b)    Study of Birds
c)    Study of Insects
d)    Study of sea Animals

20.  What happened in the disease Insomnia?
a)    Depression
b)    Color Blindness
c)    Inability to sleep
d)    None of the above

21.  What is the Medulla Oblongata?
a)    Part of reproductive system
b)    Part of respiratory system
c)    Part of the Digestive System
d)    Part of Brain

22.  In humans, deficiency of Iron can cause?
a)    Rickets
b)    Anemia
c)    Scurvy
d)    Goiter

23.  On which of the following river Mangla dam is built?
a)    Jhelum
b)    Ravi
c)    Indus
d)    Chenab

24.  In which of the following Surah of Quran Zulqarnain is mentioned?
a)    Al-Mujadala
b)    Al-Kahf
c)    Al-Anbiya
d)    None of the above

25.  Jannat ul Baqi is situated in which of the following city?
a)    Jeddah
b)    Madina
c)    Mecca
d)    Riyadh

26.  Area of Mudalifah is situated in between of?
a)    Arafat and Mina
b)    Madina and Mina
c)    Mecca and Madina
d)    Mecca and Mina

27.  Ibn-al-Haytham, the Muslim scientist, and philosopher was famous for his contribution to?
a)    Mathematics
b)    Poetry
c)    Medicine
d)    Optics

28.  What is the abbreviation of the URL?
a)    Uniform Resource Locator
b)    Universal Resource Locator
c)    Universal Room Locator
d)    Uniform Room Locator

29.  In which of the following medical field computer are used?
a)    Monitoring and Pharmacy
b)    Patient and Scanning
c)    Laboratories
d)    All of the above

30.  Who was the Foreign Minister of Pakistan in the Tashkent Declaration?
a)    Sir Zafarullah
b)    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
c)    Manzur Qadir
d)    Muhammad Ali Bogra

31.  After the end of War in 1965, Pakistan and India signed which of the following pact?
a)    Soviet Pact
b)    Moscow Pact
c)    Tashkent Pact
d)    Bilateral Pact

32.  Who wrote the book “Friends not Masters”?
a)    Ch Muhammad Ali
b)    Pervez Musharraf
c)    Sikander Mirza
d)    Ayub Khan

33.  The famous firm M/S Kenzo Tange Associates prepared the design of the Supreme Court building, firm belonged to which of the following country?
a)    Malaysia
b)    Pakistan
c)    Japan
d)    Korea

34.  I ______ this exam next year.
a)    Can take
b)    Shall take
c)    Would take
d)    Will take

35.  She was knocking ________ the door.
a)    On
b)    Over
c)    Of
d)    At

36.  Which of the following play is not written by the William Shakespeare?
a)    Arms and the Man
b)    Comedy of Errors
c)    King Lear
d)    As you like it

37.  Grapes according to the grammar is?
a)    Adverb
b)    Noun
c)    Adjective
d)    None of the above

38.  On which of the following area of Pakistan Kulbushan Jadhav was arrested?
a)    Awaran
b)    Quetta
c)    Chaman
d)    Maskhell

39.  The fiscal year of Pakistan starts from?
a)    1st September
b)    1st July
c)    1st March
d)    1st January

40.  What is the meaning of Audacious?
a)    Rigid
b)    Boastful
c)    Courageous

d)    Graceful

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