Petrol Officer Solved Past Papers 2014 part 1/2

Petrol Officer 2014

This test was taken for the post of Petroleum Officer for National Highway and Motorway Police Department. This is also considered as a Police Officer job. This test was taken by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) in 2014. Syllabus of this test was English 20%, General Intelligence test 80%. For Detailed Syllabus Click Here

petrol officer past papers

1.    _____ of fire, many buildings were destroyed than the earthquake itself had damaged.
a)    As a consequence
b)    Consequences
c)    Consequently
d)    Consequence
2.    If you don’t want to get wet, then you had better _______ this umbrella with you.
a)    Taken
b)    To taken
c)    For taking
d)    Take

3.    All right, Johnny, it’s time for you __________ to bed.
a)    Going to go
b)    Will be going
c)    Would go
d)    Went

4.    It’s probably both that there were many severe storms in this area _______ ships sank.
a)    And that many
b)    And many
c)    That many
d)    So many

5.    Johnny __________ hasn’t repaired his bicycle tire.
a)    Already
b)    Still
c)    Soon
d)    Yet

6.    A physician prepares his experiments carefully before trying to carry ________ in his laboratory.
a)    Out of them
b)    Them out
c)    Out it
d)    It out

7.    Here is today’s paper, it says the zoo has just obtained _________ animal no one has ever heard of before.
a)    Some
b)    Any
c)    The
d)    A

8.    _______ that land was known as Siam but its modern name is Thailand.
a)    Originally
b)    Originates
c)    Original
d)    Origin

9.    Does this package belong to ______ or is it yours?
a)    Ours
b)    Our
c)    Us
d)    We

10.  That book looks like an advanced __________ text to me.
a)    Economical
b)    Economist
c)    Economics
d)    Economic

11.  My friend would not tell me __________ for his new car
a)    How he paid
b)    How much did he pay
c)    How he paid much
d)    How much he paid

12.  The sign said that unauthorized persons have prohibited _________ that restricted area.
a)    Not to enter
b)    From entering
c)    To enter
d)    Entering

13.  The reason for the traffic accident was ________ one of the drivers had lost control of his car.
a)    How
b)    That
c)    When
d)    Why

14.  The Eiffel Tower is still _______ of the man-made structure in the world.
a)    The higher one
b)    One of the higher
c)    Highest one
d)    A very high one

15.  Problems common to most countries include the social, economic and ______.
a)    Of government
b)    Government
c)    Political
d)    Politics

16.  The corner market is __________ only until 8.30 pm.
a)    Open
b)    Opened
c)    Opens
d)    Opening

17.  Corporal John, you will obey this order _______ now!
a)    Right
b)    Only
c)    Just
d)    As

18.  My friend said she is very eager _______ a real Hollywood star.
a)    That she can meet
b)    In meeting
c)    For meeting
d)    To meet

19.  Saba purchased a hair band at 32 rupees instead of 40, how much she saved?
a)    20%
b)    18%
c)    16%
d)    14%

20.  If 10 men can clean the grass of the stadium in 40 days, how many days will it take by 20 workers to do the same job?
a)    20 days
b)    15 days
c)    10 days

d)    5 days

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