Most Repeated Computer MCQs from all Past Papers part#01

Best Computer Related Questions

These are most expected MCQs sure shot. These MCQs are selected from the Past papers of OTS, NTS, PPSC, and FPSC. That is why these are very important multiple choice questions. 

Computer Questions 2019
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1.    A set of rules for writing the program is called?
a)    Program Logic
b)    Program Stander
c)    Syntax
d)    None of these

2.    Which of the following is used to connect to a similar network segments?
a)    Bridge
b)    Router
c)    Node
d)    Gateway

3.    The output device which uses parallel transmission is?
a)    Keyboard
b)    Mouse
c)    Light Pen
d)    Printer

4.    Which of the following system allows one way of communication?
a)    Full Duplex System
b)    Half Duplex System
c)    Simplex System
d)    Reverse System

5.    Which of the following is another name for free software?
a)    Public Domain Software
b)    Shareware
c)    Copy Protected Software
d)    Encrypted Software

6.    What is the abbreviation of DTI?
a)    Decimal Per Inch
b)    Dot Per Inch
c)    Digit Per Inch
d)    Data per Inch

7.    A very small but high-speed memory in CPU is?
a)    Cache
b)    RAM
c)    ROM
d)    Register

8.    Which of the following is the major language of the World Wide Web (WWW)?
a)    PHP
b)    Java
c)    HTML
d)    ASP.NET

9.    What is the abbreviation of HTML?
a)    Hyper Text Markup Language
b)    Hi-Tech Markup Language
c)    Hyper Text Meaningful Language
d)    Hi-Tech Meaningful Language

10.  Which of the following device is used to send information?
a)    Spreadsheet
b)    Transmitter
c)    Simulator
d)    Modulator

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