Most Repeated Computer MCQs from all Past Papers part#03

Computer Related MCQs 

This is part 3 of Computer related questions. We have already uploaded 2 other parts of Important and repeated Computer Questions, Link is given below. These are very important Computer related questions. These questions have repeated multiple times in job tests.

Important Computer Questions 2019

1.    How many numbers of heads are available for a hard disk of four platters?
a)    16
b)    8
c)    6
d)    4

2.    Which of the following uses the 16-bit code?
a)    EBCDIC
b)    ASCII
c)    Unicode
d)    BCD

3.    Which of the following is another name of Boolean algebra?
a)    Digital algebra
b)    Switching algebra
c)    Code algebra
d)    Logical algebra

4.    Which of the following the command is not present on edit menu?
a)    Ctrl + Z
b)    Find
c)    Go to
d)    Font

5.    Which of the following the code was used by first generation languages?
a)    Decimal code
b)    Mnemonics code
c)    Binary code
d)    Pseudocode

6.    The statement “IS A > B” is placed in which of the following flowchart symbol?
a)    Diamond
b)    Parallelogram
c)    Rectangle
d)    Connector

7.    The statement which transfer control unconditionally?
a)    ON GOTO
b)    IF THEN
c)    FOR NEXT
d)    GOTO

8.    What will be the output of the statement print fix (-6.83)?
a)    -7
b)    -6
c)    6.83
d)    6

9.    The basic log function refers to the base of?
a)    e
b)    5
c)    .
d)    2

10.  The memory addressed by an 8-bit address will be?
a)    256 Bytes
b)    256 Bits
c)    8 bytes
d)    1 byte

11.  How many colors are displayed by the CGA monitor?
a)    256
b)    64
c)    16
d)    4
12.  What will be the radix of the number (+0.66E-4)?
a)    8
b)    2
c)    6
d)    4

13.  Which device store the information that helps the computer startup?
a)    Hard Disk
b)    ROM
c)    RAM
d)    Keyboard

14.  Which of the following program are permanent and stored in ROM?
a)    System Software
b)    Firmware
c)    Utility Program
d)    None of the above

15.  What is the abbreviation of UNIVAC?
a)    Unique Automatic Computer
b)    Unvalued Automatic Computer
c)    Universal Array Computer
d)    Universal Automatic Computer

16.  After how many time word automatically saves our document?
a)    20 minutes
b)    . minutes
c)    . minutes
d)    5 minutes

17.  Ctrl + Shift + A will cause?
a)    Office assistant to appear
b)    To Capitalize the selected text
c)    To highlight the selected text
d)    To delete the selected text

18.  How many colors VGA monitor displays?
a)    4
b)    64
c)    256
d)    16

19.  Device drivers are an example of which of the following?
a)    Shareware
b)    Freeware
c)    Application Software
d)    System Software

20.  How many keys are in a standard keyboard?
a)    .2 keys
b)    .1 keys
c)    .0 keys
d)    90 keys

21.  OSI system contains how many layers?
a)    4
b)    5
c)    6
d)    7

22.  Which of the following layer of OSI breaks the data into segments?
a)    Session
b)    Data Link
c)    Transport
d)    Presentation

23.  In which of the following layer media access layer resides?
a)    Transport
b)    Network
c)    Physical
d)    Data Link

24.  4-bit code is used by which of the following code?
a)    BCD
b)    EBCDIC
c)    ASCII

25.  In which of the following tools we can rotate text in MS word?
a)    Text Boxes
b)    Auto Shape
c)    Word Art
d)    None of the above

26.  In which of the following feature we can modify the margins in MS word?
a)    Layout
b)    Merge
c)    Thesaurus
d)    Marco

27.  Which of the following device can read a printed text?
a)    MICR
b)    OMR
c)    OCR
d)    None of the above

28.  The popular series Apple designed in 1976 was using the processor of?
a)    64-bits
b)    16-bits
c)    8-bits
d)    None of the above

29.  The first electronic computer ENIAC was designed by?
a)    J. Prosper Eckert and John W. Muchly
b)    Joseph M. Jacquard
c)    Van-Neumann
d)    None of the above

30.  Which of the following company introduced DOS?
a)    IBM
b)    Bell Lab
c)    Microsoft
d)    Xerox

31.  In the latest computers, the instructions are executed in which of the following pattern?
a)    Randomly
b)    Sequentially
c)    Parallel
d)    Both b & c

32.  By which of the following means webpages are linked together?
a)    Interlink
b)    Hyperlinks
c)    HTTP
d)    HTTPS

33.  If a CPU has 32-bit address bus then it can address memory of?
a)    8 GB
b)    8KB
c)    4GB
d)    4KB

34.  In Basic, the RETURN statement passes control back to?
a)    The statement before GOSUB
b)    Beginning of the program
c)    Next to GOSUB statement
d)    GOSUB statement

35.  How many elements are assigned automatically to a two dimensional array in BASIC?
a)    .1
b)    1.
c)    .0
d)    .

36.  How many shutdown options are available in Windows-7?
a)    4
b)    5
c)    6
d)    7

37.  In Control Panel number present items depend upon which of the following?
a)    Hardware items attached with system
b)    Items required by the system
c)    Items contained on windows CD
d)    Items installed during Setup

38.  The number of actions we can use with the two-button mouse is?
a)    3
b)    4
c)    5
d)    6

39. Identify from the following which is the DOS internal command?
a)    FORMAT      
b)    ERASE
c)    D. ELSTREE
d)    None of the above

40.  Identify from the following which is not an executable command?
a)    COPY
b)    REM
c)    REN
d)    CLS

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