Assistant Sub Inspector ASI Solved Past Papers 2017 Part 1/2

Assistant Sub-Inspector Past Papers

This test was taken for the post of Assistant Sub Inspector ASI by Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC in 2017. Below given is the original and fully solved past paper of ASI Punjab Police service quota. These are Original And solved questions from the ASI past paper Punjab Police. This test was taken for the in-service Constables and Head Constables to promote them to ASI.

Assistant Sub Inspector Past Papers 2019

1.    Who is the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross?
a)    Donald Ross
b)    Baden Powell
c)    J H Durant
d)    None of the above

2.    When Objective the resolution was made part of the constitution of 1973?
a)    Through Parliament Resolution
b)    Through amendments in the constitution in 1975
c)    Through presidential order in 1985
d)    At the time of its promulgation in 1973

3.    Which of the following the instrument is used to measure the blood pressure?
a)    Stethoscope
b)    Barometer
c)    Thermometer
d)    Sphygmomanometer

4.    Why the British the government announced the partition of Bengal in 1905?
a)    Due to financial constraints
b)    Administrative requirements
c)    Hindu’s demand
d)    Muslim’s demand

5.    Which of the following scientist arranged the periodic table?
a)    Otto Hahn
b)    John Dalton
c)    Dmitri Mendeleev
d)    Antoine Lavoisier

6.    The idea of Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) was given in 1994 by Mr. Goh Chok Tong, the Prime Minister of?
a)    Singapore
b)    Japan
c)    North Korea
d)    South Korea

7.    If 7% of a number is equal to 42 then what will be the number?
a)    600
b)    550
c)    450
d)    200

8.    Which of the following was the old name of the Lahore High Court?
a)    State Court of Punjab
b)    Chief Court of Punjab
c)    Supreme Court of Punjab
d)    None of the above

9.    Which of the following is the current Inspector General (IG) of Punjab Police?
a)    Tariq Saleem Dogar
b)    Captain (Ret.) Arif Nawaz Khan
c)    Habib-ur-Rehman
d)    Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhara

10.  The water molecule is composed of?
a)    One atom of Hydrogen and two atoms of Oxygen
b)    Two atoms of Hydrogen and one Atoms of Oxygen
c)    One atom of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen
d)    Two atoms of Hydrogen and two atoms of Oxygen

11.  Which of the following was the first prime minister of Pakistan?
a)    Ayyub Khan
b)    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
c)    Quaid-e-Azam
d)    Liaquat Ali Khan

12.  According to the police act 2001, which of the following is the head of district police?
a)    Coordinating Police Officer
b)    District Police Officer
c)    Senior Superintendent of Police
d)    Superintendent of Police

13.  For the wall of 8m length, 6m height and 22.5cm wide, how many bricks are required with the dimensions as 25cm length, 11.25cm width, and 6cm height?
a)    7100
b)    6400
c)    5800
d)    5000

14.  Identify which of the following UN agency received the noble prize for peace?
a)    UN Hugh Commissioner for Refuge
b)    ILO
c)    UNICEF
d)    All of the above

15.  What is the synonym of “Carnivore”?
a)    Immature
b)    Meat Eater
c)    Wild
d)    Dangerous

16.  What is the synonym of Bewilder?
a)    Confuse
b)    Frightened
c)    Enlighten
d)    Mystery

17.  In which of the following year Sindh was separated from Bombay?
a)    1941
b)    1938
c)    1937
d)    1935

18.  Fill in the blank, I am worried ________ exam.
a)    Of
b)    On
c)    About
d)    In

19.  He would enjoy this if he _______ present.
a)    Were
b)    Was
c)    Been
d)    Have

20.  He is blind _______ one eye.
a)    In
b)    For
c)    By
d)    With

21.  The report concludes sadly that _________ students have ______ knowledge of physics.
a)    Very few / some
b)    None / any
c)    Both / Whole
d)    Some / a lot of

22.  If Reptile is to Lizard then the flower is to?
a)    Alligator
b)    Daisy
c)    Stem
d)    Petal

23.  Gaddani Beach near Karachi is a?
a)    Huge oil deposit
b)    Fishing industry
c)    Ship breaking industry
d)    Picnic resort

24.  In which of the following city European Union headquarter based?
a)    Brussels
b)    Berlin
c)    London
d)    Paris

25.  Which of the following question will be asked first on the day of the judgment?
a)    Zakat
b)    Hajj
c)    Fasting
d)    Salaat

26.  Which of the following Muslim ruler introduced jail system?
a)    Waleed bin Abdul Malik
b)    Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz
c)    Hazrat Umer (R.A)
d)    Hazrat Abu Baker (R.A)

27.  “Tsunami” is a word of which of the following language?
a)    Japanese
b)    Urdu
c)    Hindi
d)    English

28.  In 1896, which of the following Muslim leader was selected as a President of Indian National Congress?
a)    Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk
b)    Salimullah Khan
c)    R.M Sayani
d)    Badr-ud-Din Tayabji

29.  Lieutenant of Muhammad bin Qasim, Nasir-Ud-Din, also served as governor of which of the following city?
a)    Multan
b)    Rajasthan
c)    Peshawar
d)    Lahore

30.  What is the value of (22)3?
a)    64
b)    30
c)    20
d)    18

31.  What is the meaning of Infaq?
a)    To offer prayer regularly
b)    To spend wealth in the way of Allah
c)    To fast
d)    To give aims

32.  Pakistan and India are trying to become a member of NSG. What is the abbreviation of NSG?
a)    Nuclear Supply Group
b)    Nuclear Sanction Group
c)    Nuclear Suppliers Group
d)    Nuclear States Group

33.  Identify that which of the following is a vector quantity?
a)    Velocity
b)    Mass
c)    Time
d)    Speed

34.  Which of the following is the most abundant element in the universe?
a)    Gold
b)    Silicon
c)    Nitrogen
d)    Hydrogen

35.  Holy Quran was revealed in how many years?
a)    5 years
b)    10 years
c)    17 years
d)    23 years

36.  Archeology is a branch of which of the following?
a)    Physics
b)    Paleoanthropology
c)    Anthropology
d)    Biological Anthropology

37.  There are 12 inches in one foot, how many inches are in 1 square foot?
a)    144 square inches
b)    74 square inches
c)    48 square inches
d)    24 square inches

38.  Which of the following is the number of Ramadan in Islamic calendar?
a)    12th
b)    11th
c)    10th
d)    9th

39.  When Pakistan and Afghanistan did sign the Transit Trade Agreement?
a)    1965
b)    1962
c)    1959
d)    1955

40.  What will come next in this alphabetic series A, B, D, and G?
a)    H
b)    M
c)    L
d)    K

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  1. Hydrogen is Most abundant In universe .
    Nitrogen Is Most Abundance In Atmosphere .