Assistant Sub Inspector ASI Solved Past Papers 2017 Part 2/2

Assistant Sub-Inspector ASI Past Papers

Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) is a grade 9 (BS-9) job in Punjab Police. This past paper of ASI was taken for departmental promotion in Punjab Police in 2017. PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission took the test in 2017. If you found any mistake please let us know through your comments.

Assistant Sub Inspector Past Papers 2019

1.    Salat is a word of which of the following language?
a)    Punjabi
b)    Urdu
c)    Arabic
d)    Persian

2.    Which of the following is the largest desert in the world?
a)      Dasht-e-Lut
b)      Gobi
c)      Sahara
d)      Thar

3.    The country completely surrounded by land is called?
a)      Landform
b)      Landlocked
c)      Lockland
d)      Landslide

4.    Japan is located in which of the following continent?
a)      Asia
b)      Europe
c)      Africa
d)      Australia

5.    The holy book Zaboor was revealed on which of the following prophet?
a)      Hazrat Ishaq (AS)
b)      Hazrat Daud (AS)
c)      Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
d)      Hazrat Moosa (AS)

6.    Who is Amicus Curiae?
a)      A friend of the court and disinterested advisor
b)      Eminent Jurist
c)      An arbitrator appointed by a court of law
d)      Most expensive lawyer

7.    Which of the following is the largest Muslim country of the world?
a)      Saudi Arabia
b)      Indonesia
c)      Pakistan
d)      Iran

8.    What is the name of the place where leather is tanned?
a)      Workshop
b)      Brewery
c)      Casino
d)      Tannery

9.    Which of the following is the national game of Pakistan?
a)      Cricket
b)      Hockey
c)      Squash
d)      Kabaddi

10.  Which of the following was the last governor-general of Pakistan?
a)      Iskander Mirza
b)      Ghulam Muhammad
c)      Khawaja Nazimuddin
d)      None of the above

11.  The country which abolishes the monarchy in recent time is?
a)      Burundi
b)      Afghanistan
c)      Nepal
d)      Laos

12.  The cells which protect our body from diseases are called?
a)      Red Blood Cells
b)      Platelets
c)      White Blood Cells
d)      None of the above

13.  Change the given sentence from active voice to passive voice, “A doctor wrote the book”.
a)      The book is being written by the doctor
b)      The book was being written by the doctor
c)      The book is written by the doctor
d)      The was written by the doctor

14.  Identify from the following, Pakistan is not a member of the Organization from below.
a)      NAM
b)      G-77
c)      G-7
d)      D-8

15.  Which of the following was the first governor of Sindh after independence?
a)      Khuro
b)      Ikramullah
c)      Hidayatullah
d)      Abdullah Haroon

16.  One kilometer is equal to how many miles?
a)      1.6
b)      0.62
c)      0.45
d)      0.9

17.  Physiotherapy is used to cure?
a)      Drug Addiction
b)      Cirrhosis of the liver
c)      Immobility of Joint
d)      Heart Disease

18.  In MS office, which of the following key is used to centralize the text?
a)      Ctrl + T
b)      Ctrl + E
c)      Ctrl + R
d)      Ctrl + C

19.  What is the synonym of Serene?
a)      Alluring
b)      Smooth
c)      Calm and Peaceful
d)      Happy

20.  What is the use of Ctrl + N in MS word?
a)      Close document
b)      Open new document
c)      Open document
d)      Save document

21.  Which of the following is the longest river in Pakistan?
a)      Chenab
b)      Jhelum
c)      Indus
d)      Ravi

22.  In memory, 8 bits are equal to?
a)      Nibble
b)      Megabyte
c)      Kilobyte
d)      Byte

23.  Which of the following player holds the world record of maximum score in test?
a)      Sunil Gavaskar
b)      Allan Border
c)      Sachin Tendulkar
d)      Brain Lara

24.  Identify from the following, which country’s official name is the Islamic Republic of?
a)      Mauritania
b)      Egypt
c)      Nigeria
d)      Uzbekistan

25.  The longest Surah of Quran is?
a)      Surah Rehman
b)      Surah Al-Baqarah
c)      Surah Yasin
d)      Surah Marium

26.  Campaign for the UK’s exit from the European Union is called Brexit. What is the meaning of Brexit?
a)      Abbreviation of British Exit
b)      Name of the politician who started the campaign
c)      A town name where this campaign started
d)      None of the above

27.  Where is the Dead Sea located?
a)      In Syria and Lebanon
b)      In Israel and Syria
c)      In Israel and Jorden
d)      In Israel and Turkey

28.  She went into hospital _______ kidney surgery.
a)      In
b)      Of
c)      For
d)      About

29.  When did Benazir Bhutto was elected as a Prime Minister of Pakistan?
a)      1989
b)      1988
c)      1987
d)      1986

30.  The Planet with a maximum number of moons is?
a)      Mars
b)      Saturn
c)      Earth
d)      Jupiter

31.  Which of the following is known as a father of Nuclear Physics?
a)      James Maxwell
b)      Ernest Rutherford
c)      Edwin Hubble
d)      Nikola Tesla

32.  Identify odd one from the following words.
a)      Lactometer
b)      Diamond
c)      Thermometer
d)      Barometer

33.  Where is headquarter of the Colombo Plan, which was launched in 1954?
a)      Colombo
b)      Jakarta
c)      Bangkok
d)      New Delhi

34.  In which of following Pakistan is located in the north?
a)      Torrid Zone
b)      Arctic Circle
c)      Tropic of the Capricorn
d)      Tropic of Cancer

For 5 questions, there was a paragraph is given and after reading the paragraph we had to answer these five questions.

For 5 question there was also a paragraph given just like previous 5 questions, but this paragraph was in Urdu. We had to read the paragraph and answer those questions.

5 Questions were from Urdu grammar which included Urdu idioms, Antonyms, and idiom translation from English to Urdu. 

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