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Excise and Taxation Officer

These are the Multiple Choice Questions from Excise Inspector past paper for the post of Excise and Taxation Inspector conducted by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). I hope these questions will help you in the preparation of the test. Excise Inspector is a prominent post in the Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department. We hope these Excise Inspector Past Papers will be helpful to you. So Good Luck for the test of Excise and Taxation Inspector.

Excise Inspector Past Papers, Taxation Inspector Past Papers
1.     The unit of electric current is?
a)        Ampere
b)       Volt                       
c)        Ohm                     
d)       none of these

2.     Which of the following is the strongest material available on earth:
a)        Gold                     
b)       Quartz 
c)        Diamond             
d)       Platinum
3.     Which equipment is used to measure electric current?
a)        Ammeter
b)       voltmeter                           
c)        Anemometer                   
d)       None of these

4.     Agha Khan Cup is associated with which of the following game?
a)        hockey                
b)       cricket                  
c)        football                
d)       badminton

5.     Which of the following is the Bangladeshi currency?
a)        Dollar                   
b)       Rupee                  
c)        Taka                      
d)       Rupiah

6.     The NAEP stands for?
a)        National Adult Education Program         
b)       National Atomic Energy Planning
c)        Nuclear and Atomic Energy Project         
d)       National Authority on Engineering Projects

7.     Who built the red fort of Delhi?
a)        Shahjahan                          
b)       Akbar                   
c)        Jahangir              
d)       Sher Shah Soori

8.     When did Wasco De Gama come to India for the first time?
a)        1442                      
b)       1498                      
c)        1492                      
d)       1490

9.     Which of the following is the inventor of telephone?
a)        Galileo 
b)       Alexander Graham Bell
c)        G. Marconi                         
d)       Edison

10. ATM in term of banking stands for?
a)        Any Time Money            
b)       Automated Tallying Machine                     
c)        Automatic Teller Machine
d)       Automated Transaction of Money

11. Which of the following disease does not occur because of mosquitoes?
a)        Goiter                  
b)       Dengue               
c)        Flairs                     
d)       Malaria

12. Albert Einstein was a famous scientist of which of the following field?
a)        Biology                
b)       Medicine                            
c)        Chemistry                          
d)       Physics

13. What is the abbreviation of AIDS?
a)        Acquired Immunity Deficient Symptoms              
b)       Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome             
c)        Acquired Immune Disease Symptoms                   
d)       None of these

14. Which of the following blood group is called universal donor?
a)        B            
b)       O                            
c)        AB                         
d)       A

15. Oscar award is related to which of the following fields?
a)        music                   
b)       science                
c)        films                     
d)       literature

16. Why solar eclipse occurs?
a)        The earth comes in between the sun and the moon       
b)       The moon comes in between the sun and the earth                      
c)        none of these

17. The first Indian who receive Noble prize for literature is?
a)        C. V. Raman       
b)       Sarojini Naidu                    
c)        Mother Teresa 
d)       Rabindranath Tagore

18. Which of the following is the Headquarter of United Nations?
a)        New York           
b)       Geneva               
c)        Rome                   
d)       Washington DC

19. Which place is called roof of the earth?
a)        Himalaya             
b)       Tibet    
c)        K-2                        
d)       Mount Everest

20. Who was the first sectary General of United Nations?
a)        John Huston                    
b)       Mac Melon                        
c)        Trygve Lie                          
d)       Ban Ki Mon

21. The youngest president of the United States was?
a)        Roosevelt         
b)       Clinton 
c)        Obama
d)       Washington

22. Ascorbic acid is also known as?
a)        Vitamin E            
b)       Vitamin B            
c)        Vitamin D           
d)       Vitamin C

23. What is the old name of Sri Lanka?
a)        Sri Land               
b)       Ceylon 
c)        Sri Lone               
d)       Formosa

24. Which day is observed as world environmental day?
a)        5 January           
b)       5 April  
c)        5 September                     
d)       5 June

25. Which of the following is the world’s biggest desert of the world?

a)        Sahara 
b)      the Gobi                     
c)        Thar      
d)       Cholistan

26. Which of the following is the world’s highest mountain?
a)        K-2                       
b)       Turch Mir            
c)        Everest
d)       Nanga Parbat

27. Who was the founder of the United States of America?
a)        Roosevelt           
b)       George Washington                     
c)        Wasco De Gama              
d)       Cameron

28. The Headquarter of the World Health Organization is in?
a)        Geneva              
b)       Vienna 
c)        Rome                   
d)       New York

29. Adolf Hitler was born in?
a)        Germany           
b)       France 
c)        USA                      
d)       Austria

30. Kalima Tayyaba is mentioned how many times in Quran Pak?
a)        4 times               
b)       5 times
c)        2 times
d)       1 time

31. How many times Allah commanded the about the Nimaz in Quran?
a)        700 times          
b)       600 times            
c)        500 times            
d)       400 times

32. How many total numbers of Mukata’t in Quran?

a)        31          
b)       30          
c)        29          
d)       28

33. Which surah is known as the beauty of Quran?
a)        Rehman              
b)       Yasin                     
c)        Al Asar 
d)       Fatiha

34. The number of Mosques mentioned in the holy Quran?
a)        2             
b)       4                             
c)        6                             
d)       8

35. The graveyard Janet Ul Moala is located in?
a)        Riaz City               
b)       Iraq                       
c)        Madina City                       
d)       Mecca City

36. Eid namaz is?
a)        Farz                      
b)       Sunnat 
c)        Wajib   
d)       Nafal

37. When did battle of Badar was fought?
a)        17 of Ramadan                
b)       15 of Ramadan 
c)        14 of Ramadan 
d)       11 of Ramadan

38. How many companions migrated with the prophet (S.A.W) to Madina city?
a)        45                         
b)       40                          
c)        50                          
d)       55

39. When did transfer of Qibla order?
a)        1st AH                  
b)       2nd AH  
c)        3rd AH   
d)       4th AH

40. First foster mother of Prophet (S.A.W) Hazrat Sobia, who was also the mother of?
a)        Hazrat Harris                      
b)       Hazrat Hamza   
c)        Hazrat Ali            
d)       Hazrat Usman

41. When social boycott of Bannu Hashim took place?
a)        5th Nabvi             
b)       6th Nabvi                             
c)        7th Nabvi             
d)       8th Nabvi

42. The distance from Mecca to the cave of Soar is?
a)        10 miles
b)       8 miles                 
c)        6 Miles                 
d)       5 miles

43. Hazrat Bilal Called first Azan prayer for which prayer?
a)        Fajar                    
b)       Zohar   
c)        Asar                      
d)       Isha

44. Imam Bukhari collected how many hadiths?
a)        3 lakh                  
b)       6 lakh   
c)        8 lakh                   
d)       10 lakh

45. Which of the following umm mul momineen died at the last?
a)        Hazrat Aisha                     
b)       Hazrat Khadija                  
c)        Hazrat Ummay Salma   
d)       Hazrat Soda

46. When did battle of Tabook was fought?
a)        5th AH                  
b)       7th AH                   
c)        9th AH                  
d)       11th AH

47. Second Azan for Friday prayer was added by?
a)        Hazrat Umer                    
b)       Hazrat Abu Bakar                            
c)        Hazrat Ali            
d)       Hazrat Usman

48. Where did Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was buried?
a)        Baghdad             
b)       Syria                     
c)        Mecca                  
d)       Madina

49. Asif Ali Zardari was president of Pakistan?
a)        11th                       
b)       12th
c)        13th                        
d)       14th

50. Yousaf Raza Gillani took oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan on?
a)        20th March 2008
b)       22 March 2008  
c)        25 March 2008  

d)       27 March 2008

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