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FIA Sub-Inspector Past Paper 2016

These are the past papers of sub-inspector FIA. These FIA past papers are original and fully solved past papers of FIA sub-inspector. These exam papers are according to the syllabus of FIA sub-inspector past exam papers. This test was used for SI recruitment. This test was held to fulfill the SI vacancies. You can use these past papers as a practice paper for the preparation of the test. We wish you the best of luck in the preparation of exam papers of sub-inspector.
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English Portion

1.    The western film took advantages of the landscape to show the wagons crossing the valley with the impressive _______ rising in the background.

a)    Plateaus 

b)    Slope                    

c)    Balance    

d)    greenery

2.    The website guaranteed that it would ______ my personal information so I decided to use my Credit card to buy new clothes.

a)    Encrypt               

b)    Hide                      

c)    Show                    

d)    apply

3.    The waiter told us that the pasta ______ is penne with a basil –mushroom sauce. I am going to order that.

a)    Food                     

b)    Du jour    

c)    dinner      

d)    Lunch

4.    The Waiter told us about the Specials _______. Both the salmon and turkey dishes sound good to me.

a)    Food                     

b)    Du jour    

c)    dinner      

d)    Lunch

5.    The storeowner’s _______ didn’t convince me that he knew nothing about what caused the fire.

a)    Testimony          

b)    words      

c)    Saying      

d)    mode

6.    The stained tablecloth ________from the fine and lovely flowers the hostess had put the table.

a)    Resemble

b)    Combine

c)    Detracted          

d)    distracted

7.    The speaker’s ________ remarks about our company made several workers angry.

a)    Derogatory        

b)    Positive    

c)    Good                    

d)    beautiful

8.    The sculptor will convert this ________ piece of clay into a beautiful bust.

a)    Beautiful 

b)    Amorphous                   

c)    Awesome

d)    Ugly

9.    The scientist’s ideas were so ________ that only a handful of people worldwide could comprehend them.

a)    Deny                    

b)    Accept     

c)    Allow                    

d)    Abstract

10.  The rubber chicken on the mental ________ from the otherwise sophisticated atmosphere of the living room.

a)    Detracted          

b)    Attract     

c)    Repel                    

d)    Accept

11.  The restaurant felt it had the right to _______ the man when he started to make derogatory remarks.

a)    Decline                

b)    Oust                     

c)    Accept                 

d)    Reject

12.  The reply that she liked chocolate didn’t seem _____to my question.

a)    Relevant 

b)    Similar                 

c)    Awkward

d)    Familiar

13.  What is the synonym of Eradicate?

a)    Similar                 

b)    Differentiate                  

c)    Eliminate

d)    Admit

14.  What is the synonym of Devilish?

a)    Satanic                

b)    Gorgeous

c)    Outstanding

d)    None of the above

15.  What is the synonym of infinitesimal?

a)    Huge                    

b)    Significant                       

c)    Big             

d)    Minuscule

Math Portion

16.  If 25/3 percent of “K” is equal to 150 than K will be equal to?

a)    1000                    

b)    1200                    

c)    1500                    

d)    1800

17.  5 percent of ‘25 percent of 1600’ will be equal to?

a)    20 

b)    30             

c)    40             

d)    50

18.  25 percent of 200 will be equal to?

a)    40 

b)    50             

c)    60             

d)    70

19.  If 30% of a number is equal to 12.6 the number will be equal to?

a)    32 

b)    40             

c)    42             

d)    52

20.  63% of 25/7 will be equal to?

a)    2    

b)    2.15                      

c)    2.5            

d)    2.25

21.  Calculate the value of 13937.869+199.54+15% of 201?

a)    100           

b)    1000                    

c)    110                       

d)    120

22.  The price of a chair is 400 less than that of a table. If the price for 6 chairs and 6 tables is 4800. Then what will be the price of each table and each chair?

a)    1000 and 600    

b)    600 and 200                  

c)    800 and 400                  

d)    1200 and 800

23.  If the breadth and length of a square are increased by 30% and 40% respectively. How much area of the resulting rectangular is increased or decreased?

a)    Increases by 82%        

b)    increases by 62%          

c)    decreases by 82%        

d)    decreases by 100%

24.  If the width of a rectangle is decreased by 20% and its length is increased by 20%. How much area of a new rectangle will be changed?

a)    Increases by 4%            

b)    Decreases by 4%         

c)    Decreases by 10%        

d)    No change

25.  According to a market survey, 60% of people opted for product A, and 20% of people opted product B, and remaining people are not sure. If the difference between people who opted product B and those who are uncertain is 720, then find the total people who took part in the survey?

a)    1000                    

b)    1200                    

c)    1800                    

d)    2000

26.  If the monthly income of Ali and Fahad are in the ratio 4:3, and their expenses are in the ratio 3:2. Both Ali and Fahad saves 600 at the end of the month, find their monthly income?

a)    2400 and 1800 respectively

b)    240 and 180 Respectively

c)    None of the above

27.  In a club there are 120 musicians, 5% of them can play all three instruments which are guitar, violin, and flute. 40 of them can only play the guitar, whereas 30 of them can play only two instruments. How many of them can play only flute or violin only?

a)    28 

b)    38             

c)    48             

d)    58

28.  If the number representing the surface area of a cube and volume of the cube are equal, then the length of the edge of that cube in term of unit of measurement will be?

a)    4    

b)    5                

c)    6                

d)    7

29.  Fill in the blank: 45*__=25% of 900.

a)    10 

b)    8                

c)    6                

d)    5

30.  Fill in the blank 218% of 1674=__*1800.

a)    2.0274                 

b)    2.0            

c)    3.001                   

d)    2.5

31.  If the salaries of three friends A, B, and C is in ratio 1:2:3, and the salary of B and C together is 60000. How much salary of C is more than that of A?

a)    100%                   

b)    200%       

c)    150%                   

d)    125%

32.  Basic pay of a worker is RS 2000 for 40 hours a week. If he works overtime than he will be paid 25% than the basic salary. If he gets 2500 for a certain week after working overtime. How many hours he worked for that week?

a)    48 Hours 

b)    50 Hours 

c)    45 Hour   

d)    60 Hour

33.  If a building is worth 133,100 is constructed on a land worth 72,900. If the price of land increases by 10% per year and the price of building decreases by 10%. Then after how many years both prices will be the same?

a)    2 year                  

b)    5 year      

c)    4year       

d)    3 Years

34.  A factory of ballpoints decided to reduce its ballpoint production by 10% that of the previous month for the next three months starting from February. In January they produced 3000 ballpoints. How many ballpoints they will produce in April?

a)    2187                    

b)    2000                    

c)    2700                    

d)    2430

35.  A family was consuming 10kg sugar per month. The price of sugar get increased by 32%. Family reduces their sugar consumption so that their sugar consumption is increased by 10% only. Their sugar consumption at present will be?

a)    8.33 kg                

b)    8 kg                      

c)    5 Kg                      

d)    9.4 kg

Islamic Study Portion

36.  How many Sahifas were revealed on Prophet Ibrahim (AS)?

a)    3    

b)    5    

c)    7    

d)    10

37.  What is the name of the wife of Ibrahim (AS) which was the daughter of Egypt’s king?

a)    Khadija                

b)    Sara (AS) 

c)    Kulsoom  

d)    Ayesha

38.  What was the name of the nation of the prophet Saleh (AS)?

a)    Aad           

b)    Yajooj      

c)    Samood   

d)    Majooj

39.  Who is Abu-ul-Bashar sani?

a)    Prophet Ismail (AS)      

b)    Prophet Ibrahim (AS)              

c)    Prophet Noah (AS)

40.  How many Sahifas were revealed on Prophet Idrees (AS)?

a)    30 

b)    20             

c)    15 

d)    10

41.  Who was the youngest son of Prophet Adam (AS)?

a)    Habeel                 

b)    Sheesh (AS)                   

c)    Kabeel      

d)    Noah (AS)

42.  Which Prophet had the knowledge about sewing, science, and weapons?

a)    Prophet Muhammad (SAW) 

b)    Prophet Ibrahim (AS)              

c)    Prophet Idrees (AS)

d)    None of the above

43.  How tall was Prophet Adam (AS)?

a)    50 feet                 

b)    60 feet     

c)    70 feet     

d)    90 Feet

44.  Adam is word of which language?

a)    Syrian                 

b)    Arabic      

c)    Farsi                     

d)    Urdu

45.  Why bait-e-Rizwan took place to take revenge?

a)    Ali(RA)                 

b)    Umar (RA)          

c)    Usman (RA)                   

d)    Zaid bin Haris (RA)

Pakistan Affairs

46.  What was the official language of the Gupta period?

a)    Urdu         

b)    Sanskrit  

c)    Farsi                     

d)    English

47.  Which Hindu ruler burned himself alive, after being defeated from Mahmud Ghaznawi?

a)    Jayapala  

b)    Raja Dhār            

c)    Chander Gupt    

d)    Ranjeet Singh    

48.  Which lord presented the August offer?

a)    Lord Canning     

b)    Lord Mount Batten      

c)    Lord Linlithgow

d)    Lord Wavell

49.  What is the political foundation of Pakistan?

a)    1973 Law

b)    1968 Law

c)    1956 Law

d)    Pakistan Resolution

50.  Which leader called Jinnah as a Stalin of Pakistan?

a)    Liaquat Ali Khan           

b)    Nehru      

c)    Muhammad Ali Johar              

d)    Gandhi

51.  What was the period of slave dynasty in Sub-continent?

a)    712 to 1000 AD            

b)    1206 to 1290                

c)    1857 to 1947

52.  What was the period of Khilji dynasty in Sub-continent?

a)    712 to 1000 AD            

b)    1206 to 1290                

c)    1290 to 1320

d)    None of the above

53.  What was the cause of failure of the war of Independence in subcontinent? 

a)    Britain Army      

b)    Muslim Army                 

c)    A telegraph

d)    None of the above

54.  How many Britain were killed in the war of independence?

a)    5000        

b)    4000                    

c)    3000                    

d)    2000

55.  Which was the starting location of the war of independence?

a)    Punjab                 

b)    Meerut   

c)    Hyderabad         

d)    UP

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