FIA Sub Inspector Past Papers 2016 part 2 | OTS Past Papers

Sub Inspector FIA Past Papers Part 2

These are the past papers of sub-inspector FIA. These past papers are original and fully solved past papers of FIA sub-inspector. These exam papers are according to the syllabus of FIA sub-inspector past exam papers. This test was used for SI recruitment. This test was held to fulfill the SI vacancies. You can use these past papers as a practice paper for the preparation of the test. We wish you the best of luck in the preparation of exam papers of sub-inspector.

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Everyday Science

56.  Who purposed the Big Bang theory?
a)    Newton               
b)    Einstein    
c)    George Lemaitre         
d)    Stephen Hawking

57.    Which companies developed CD in 1979?
a)    Dell           
b)    IBM           
c)    Intel                      
d)    Sony and Philips

58.    Who was the first man to land on the moon?
a)    Neil Armstrong            
b)    Newton   
c)    Einstein    
d)    George Lemaitre

59.    Who invented the ICs?
a)    Newton               
b)    Robert Noyce   
c)    Einstein    
d)    Stephen Hawking

60.    When Microsoft did introduced their PC?
a)    1970        
b)    1972                    
c)    1974                    
d)    1976

61.    Who was the inventor of digital Computer?
a)    William Oughtred         
b)    Howard Aiken  
c)    Stephen Hawking
d)    None of the above

62.    Who measures the velocity of light for the first time?
a)    Al-Biruni  
b)    Einstein    
c)    Newton   
d)    Ole Romer

63.    Who invented the thermometer?
a)    Fahrenheit         
b)    Celsius      
c)    George Lemaitre           
d)    Charles Babbage

64.    Who is the inventor of zero?
a)    Al-Baruni 
b)    Al-Khwarizmi                
c)    Archimedes        
d)    James Watson

65.    Who invented the smallpox vaccine?
a)    Fleming   
b)    Edward Jenner 
c)    Tim Burner Lee  
d)    Richard

66.    On contraction heart pumps how much blood to the arteries?
a)    40cm3                  
b)    60cm3        
c)    50cm3                  
d)    70cm3

67.    What is the use of Hygrometer?
a)    To measure voltage     
b)    to measure temperature        
c)    To Measure Humidity
d)    None of the above

68.    In the human body maximum absorption of food takes place in?
a)    Stomach  
b)    Large intestine   
c)    Small Intestine 
d)    Pancreas

69.    Penicillin is produced from:
a)    Algae        
b)    Mushroom
c)    Mold                   
d)    Yeast

70.    John Logic Baird invented:
a)    Radar       
b)    Gun powder      
c)    Radio                    
d)    Television

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

71.    APS School attack took place on?
a)    December 16, 2014    
b)    December 16, 2013                
c)    November 16, 2014
d)    None of the above

72.    Mamnoon Hussain elected as the 12th president of Pakistan on?
a)    June 5, 2013                  
b)    Sep 9, 2013                   
c)    December 1, 2013       
d)    None of the above

73.    The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) died on?
a)    June 8, 630 AD              
b)    July 8, 632 AD               
c)    June 8, 632 AD 
d)    August 8, 632 AD

74.    How many times Allah ho Akbar comes in Azan?
a)    2 times                 
b)    4 times     
c)    5 times     
d)    6 times

75.    When did Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi die?
a)    November 20, 1982    
b)    July 10, 2006            
c)    July 15, 2000     
d)    June 10, 2006

76.    When did Faiz Ahmed Faiz die?
a)    November 20, 1984   
b)    November 20, 1994                
c)    November 20, 1996
d)    None of the above

77.    What is the name of the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka?
a)    Down Street      
b)    Wall Street                     
c)    Temple Trees                
d)    park lane street

78.    Turkey invaded Cyprus in which year of the following year?
a)    1974                    
b)    1976                    
c)    1978                    
d)    1980

79.    Karakoram Highway is a road between Pakistan and China, it starts from which location of Pakistan?
a)    Lahore                 
b)    Gilgit                     
c)    Havelian
d)    Muree

80.    The total length of the Karakoram highway in Pakistan is?
a)    887km                 
b)    413km     
c)    600km     
d)    1300km

81.    What is Hamas? Or where is Hamas?
a)    Hamas is a town of Jordan
b)    Hamas is a town in Palestine
c)    None of the above

82.    What was the main purpose of the Wye Accord?
a)    Resolution of Palestine issue 
b)    Resolution of Middle East problems
c)    None of the above

83.    What is the name of SAARC magazine?
a)    Spectrum
b)    Time                     
c)    Wired       
d)    Elle

84.    What is the name of a South Asian leader who wrote letters to other head of the states to promote the idea of SAARC?
a)    Bhutto                 
b)    Dipendra  Bir                 
c)    Zia-ur-Rahman 
d)    Haseena Wajid

85.    Who served as a member of the International Court of justice from 1954 to 1961 in Hague from Pakistan?
a)    Muhammad Zafarullah Khan           
b)    Liaquat Ali Khan          
c)    Qazi Faiz
d)    None of the above

86.    When did the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property the organization was inaugurated?
a)    1967                    
b)    1966                    
c)    1964                    
d)    1960

87.    When did the Camp David accord was signed between Egypt and Israel?
a)    1972                    
b)    1974                    
c)    1976                    
d)    1978

88.    The former secretary general of UN, Kofi Anan belonged to which country?
a)    Sudan                  
b)    South Africa                   
c)    Ghana      
d)    Somalia

89.    The duration of Comprehension Nuclear –Test –Ban Treaty (CTBT) was?
a)    Unlimited Duration    
b)    10 Years  
c)    5 years                 
d)    1 year

90.    The Atomic Energy Commission of Pakistan was established in?
a)    1947                    
b)    1956                    
c)    1965                    
d)    1984

91.    What is the meaning of Baath which is an Arabic word?
a)    Resurrection     
b)    Clean                    
c)    Sweep      
d)    Clear

92.    What is the Ancient Greek name of Iraq?
a)    Ceylon                 
b)    Peking      
c)    Mesopotamia   
d)    Moravia

93.    If earth’s equator were not inclined to the earth’s orbit then?
a)    There would be no change of seasons                 
b)    There will be no change of day and night             
c)    No change
d)    None of the above

94.    When India did become a member of the United Nation?
a)    1945                    
b)    1946                    
c)    1947                    
d)    1948

95.    Who won the Hockey World cup in 2012?
a)    Germany
b)    Pakistan  
c)    Australia              
d)    Netherland

96.    Which day is observed as Human Rights day?
a)    10 January         
b)    10 May    
c)    10 August                       
d)    10th of December

97.    United Nation General Assembly adopted the resolution “Uniting for Peace” in?
a)    1950                    
b)    1947                    
c)    1956                    
d)    1974

98.    Which pop led the fourth crusade?
a)    Francis                 
b)    Innocent III                    
c)    Innocent XII                   
d)    Paul IV

99.  What was the agenda of the Tehran conference in 1943, in which Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin d Roosevelt met in Tehran?
a)    Creating an instrument to maintain international peace     
b)    To stop the war 
c)    to start the world war
d)    None of the above

100.   Surprisingly varied musician repertoire played?
a)    Jazz                       
b)    Hip hop   
c)    Jazz, Country western and hip hop
d)    None of the above

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