UDC and LDC Past Papers 2015 Part 2/2

UDC and LDC Past Papers

This is the original and solved Assistant sub-inspector, UDC and LDC past paper of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for the post of Sub-Inspector. This is the past paper of 2016. There are five portions of this test. We have given the MCQs of each portion separately.

UDC Past Papers 2019

Islamic Portion

1.    Which of the following was a Qureshi goddess?
a)    Uranus           
b)    Al-Uzza         
c)    Thalassa
d)    Thanatos

2.    What is the meaning of Ashaab As-Sabt?
a)    People of Saturday        
b)    People of Freon        
c)    People of Prophet  
d)    None of these

3.    The number of famous month in Islam?
a)    1                      
b)    2                      
c)    3                      
d)    4

4.    Which Surah of Quran-e-Pak starts without Bismillah?
a)    Surah Yaseen           
b)    Surah Fatah              
c)    Surah Tauba             
d)    Surah Namal

5.    The event of IFK is described in which of the following Surah of the Quran?
a)    Surah Noor              
b)    Surah Rehman         
c)    Surah Namal            
d)    Surah Fatah

6.    What was written on Holy Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) stamp?
a)    Allah Muhammad   
b)    Muhammad Rasool
c)    Allah Rasool Muhammad
d)    Muhammad Nabi

7.    Which Surah of the Quran does not start with Bismillah?
a)    Surah Nimal 
b)    Surah Tauba             
c)    Surah Rehman
d)    None of the above

8.    How many Masarf-e-Zukat are mentioned?
a)    1                      
b)    2                      
c)    8                      
d)    10

9.    The term Mauwamtain refers to which two surahs of the Quran?
a)    Fatah and Al-Nas    
b)    Al-Falaq and Al-Nas          
c)    Fatah and Al-Falaq 
d)    none of these

10.  In which Parah Surah Yaseen starts?
a)    Man-Kluq      
b)    Hameem       
c)    Mainn Yaqunnat    
d)    Wamlia

Math Portion

11.  If a shopkeeper sales an article for Rs. 480, he has 20%. What will be the price of the article if he wants to gain a profit of 20%?
a)    720                 
b)    600                 
c)    800                 
d)    820

12.  If the minute arm of the clock is 10cm long, then how much time it will take to cover the 10cm distance?
a)    5 minutes                  
b)    10 minutes              
c)    15 minutes               
d)    20 minutes

13.  If 4/x is divided by x and answer is 4, then what is the value of x?
a)    1                      
b)    3                      
c)    2                      
d)    4

14.  Predict the next number in the series, 0, 1, 4, 9, 16, __?
a)    18                    
b)    20                    
c)    22                    
d)    25

15.  If X number of people decided to raise 3 lakh by equal contribution. The deposit 100 rupees extra per person and collected 3.5 lakh rupees. What is the value of X?
a)    100                 
b)    300                 
c)    500                 
d)    1000

16.  A shopkeeper loses 10% by selling an article for 45 rupees if he sell the same article for 65 rupees then his profit will be?
a)    10%    
b)    30%                
c)    40 %               
d)    50%

17.  In a class, 18 boys are over 1.6m of height. If they contribute to tree fourth of the boys and total boys are two third of the class, then how many girls are in the class?
a)    12                    
b)    14                    
c)    16                    
d)    18

18.  What will be next number in the series, 0, 7, 26, and 63?
a)    99                    
b)    124                 
c)    134     
d)    150

19.  If two numbers are multiplied their product is 320 and their ratio is 1:5. What are these to numbers?
a)    7 and 35        
b)    6 and 30                    
c)    8 and 40        
d)    9 and 45

20.  John has 85 currency notes, some of them are of 100 and other are of 50. Total amount john have is 5000. Then the total amount of 50 notes together is?
a)    2000   
b)    3000               
c)    3500               
d)    4000

21.  Answer it: 5.8x2.5+0.6x6.75+139.25=?
a)    50.55 
b)    52.25 
c)    55.52             
d)    57.80

22.  In a club there are 120 musicians, 5% of them can play all three instruments which are guitar, violin, and flute. 40 of them can only play the guitar, whereas 30 of them can play only two instruments. How many of them can play only flute or violin only?
a)    28        
b)    38        
c)    48                   
d)    58

23.  In a single throw of two dices, what is the probability of getting a sum of 6?
a)    5/36   
b)    7/36               
c)    8/36               
d)    9/36

24.  If a person has a total of 480 rupees in the denomination of 1, 5, and 10 rupees notes than a total number of notes will be?
a)    50                    
b)    90                    
c)    100                 
d)    120

25.  If the salaries of three friends A, B, and C is in ratio 1:2:3, and the salary of B and C together is 60000. How much salary of C is more than that of A?
a)    100%              
b)    200%  
c)    150%              
d)    125%

26.  The average salary of an unskilled person in a firm is 420 and that of a skilled person is 520. The average salary of both groups is 500. Then what is the percentage of skilled persons in that firm?
a)    50%    
b)    60%                
c)    70%    
d)    80%

27.  A man jumped from a stationary boat at a speed of 5-meter per second, and boat moves at a speed of 0.5 meters per second. How many times the weight of the boat to man?
a)    Equal weights          
b)    2 times           
c)    10 times       
d)    5 times

28.  One mole of gas burnet with access to oxygen and produce 290 KJ of energy. If two mole of hydrogen gas burnet then heat will be produced?
a)    300Kj             
b)    580KJ 
c)    600KJ             
d)    none of these

29.  If the half-life of an element is 5 years. After 20 years of the fraction left of that element will be?
a)    1/16   
b)    1/8                  
c)    1/4                  
d)    1/2

30.  If 30% of a number is equal to 12.6 the number will be equal to?
a)    32        
b)    40                    
c)    42                    
d)    52

Everyday Science

31.  What is the volume of the brain of the average human being?
a)    1000 cm3      
b)    1200cm3       
c)    1450 cm3      
d)    1500 cm3

32.  How many bones are present in spinal column?
a)    33                    
b)    35                    
c)    37                    
d)    39

33.  Which types of teeth are used for grinding in the human being?
a)    Incisors          
b)    Canines                     
c)    Premolars                 
d)    Molars

34.  Which of the following glands is present next to the brain?
a)    Pineal
b)    Thyroid          
c)    Pancreas                   
d)    Adrenal

35.  Which of the following bone protect the human brain?
a)    Spinal cord               
b)    Skull               
c)    Ulna                
d)    Sternum

36.  Which of the following gland is the largest in the human body?
a)    Pineal 
b)    Molars           
c)    Liver               
d)    Thyroid

37.  Human grows with the different speed at different ages. When it grows fastest?
a)    Between 0 to 5 years         
b)    5 to 10 years            
c)    10 to 16 years         
d)    none

38.  Source of energy for the human brain?
a)    Glucose         
b)    Protein           
c)    Sucrose          
d)    none of these

39.  What is the location of the thyroid gland in the human body?
a)    Back of the neck    
b)    in chest          
c)    in Spinal cord                       
d)    in Belly

40.  Unit of energy required by the human body is?
a)    Joule
b)    Watt                    
c)    Calorie   
d)    volt

41.  Qaim Ali Shah elected as a Chief Minister of Sindh for the first time on?
a)    January 1, 2002      
b)    April 6, 2008                       
c)    June 28, 2013          
d)    none

42.  Nawaz Sharif took oath as a Prime Minister of Pakistan for the third time?
a)    June 5, 2013
b)    July 28, 2017           
c)    June 5, 2015                       
d)    none

43.  Supreme Court of Pakistan disabled Nawaz Sharif on?
a)    June 5, 2013
b)    July 28, 2017                       
c)    April 21, 2018         
d)    none

44.  Pakistan National Assembly passed the amendment to merge FATA with KPK on?
a)    June 1, 2014
b)    May 31, 2018          
c)    December 22, 2017                       
d)    None

45.  Who built Shahi Masjid in Lahore?
a)    Akbar 
b)    Shah jahan               
c)    Aurangzeb               
d)    Babur

46.  Pakistan become nuclear state on?
a)    May 28, 1990          
b)    May 28, 1998          
c)    June 28, 1998                      
d)    August 14, 1998

47.  Aurangzeb Alamgir died on?
a)    712     
b)    1206               
c)    1707               
d)    1856

48.  Bahadur Shah Zafar ascended the throne of Delhi in?
a)    1707   
b)    1756               
c)    1857               
d)    1837

49.  What is the full name of Humayun?
a)    Zaheer ud Humayun          
b)    Nasir-Ud-Din Muhammad Humayun               
c)    none of these

50.  Origin of Mughals was?
a)    Iran
b)    Central Asia             
c)    Turkey
d)    Saudi Arabia

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