FIA Assistant Sub-Inspector, UDC and LDC Past Papers 2015 Part 1/2

UDC and LDC Past Papers 2015

This is the original and solved Assistant sub-inspector, UDC and LDC past paper of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for the post of Sub-Inspector. This is the past paper of 2016. There are five portions of this test. We have given the MCQs of each portion separately.

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Current Affairs and General Knowledge

1.    When first martial law was imposed in Pakistan?
a)    October 7, 1947                 
b)    November 27, 1958                      
c)    October 7, 1958     
d)    None

2.    APS School attack took place on?
a)    December 16, 2014          
b)    December 16, 2013                       
c)    November 16, 2014

3.    Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during first martial law in Pakistan?
a)    Nawaz Sharif
b)    b. Benazir Bhutto    
c)    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto  
d)    Feroz Khan Noon

4.    When did Pak-China border dispute was settled?
a)    1963   
b)    1965               
c)    1971               
d)    1973

5.    The war of 1965 between Pakistan and India were continued for how many days?
a)    10 days          
b)    12 days          
c)    15 days          
d)    17 days

6.    Who is the author of the book “Ilam-ul-Iqtisad”?
a)    Quaid-e-Azam         
b)    Allama Iqbal            
c)    Sheikh Sadie 
d)    Imam Ghazali

7.    What is the length of Grand Trunk (GT) road from Peshawar to Karachi?
a)    1000km                     
b)    1200km                     
c)    1550km                     
d)    1819km

8.    Who is the author of “Shanama-i-Islam”?
a)    Allama Iqbal 
b)    Imam Ghazali                       
c)    Hafeez Jullundur   
d)    Sheikh Sadie

9.    In Pakistan the alphabet “K” represents?
a)    Kashmir                     
b)    Khyber           
c)    Khuzdar         
d)    None of these

10.  Which of the following is a forbidden city?
a)    Jammu                       
b)    Amsterdam              
c)    Lhasa              
d)    none of these

11.  Which of the following city is called gateway of India?
a)    Delhi         
b)    Mumbai              
c)    Chennai               
d)    Chandigarh

12.  Which of the following city is called the “City of Cosmonauts”?
a)    Kazan 
b)    Washington DC       
c)    Moscow                    
d)    London

13.  Who was the founder of Hamas?
a)    Sheikh Ahmed Yasin         
b)    Yasir Arafat               
c)    Khaled Mashal
d)    none

14.  The stock exchange Nippon is located in which of the following cities?
a)    Karachi                      
b)    Tokyo             
c)    Shanghai       
d)    New York

15.  The world’s largest foreign exchange reserves (almost 2 trillion) are in?
a)    Pakistan                     
b)    India              
c)    China                         
d)    America

16.  The city Khar is the main city of which of the following FATA agencies?
a)    Mohmand Agency  
b)    Orakzai Agency       
c)    Kurram Agency       
d)    Bajaur Agency

17.  Total Number of members in the South-East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO) are?
a)    5                      
b)    6                      
c)    7                      
d)    8

18.  The main factor attributed to the global financial crises in 2008 in the United States?
a)    Collapse of Housing Prices                     
b)    Collapse of Vehicle prices 
c)    collapse of arm prices                   
d)    none of these

19.  Press freedom day is observed every year on?
a)    1 January                  
b)    3 February                
c)    3 March                    
d)    5 May

20.  The United nation spends the largest amount of its budget on?
a)    Prevention of child marriage      
b)    Peace Keeping        
c)    Disease Prevention
d)    None

21.  What is the abbreviation of the CPU?
a)    Control Processing Unit                
b)    Central Program Unit                    
c)    Central Processing Unit              
d)    Control Program Unit

22.  The world oil supply pass through Hormuz is almost?
a)    20% of the world supply         
b)    40% of the World Supply                    
c)    60% of the world Supply         
d)    none

23.  Which of the following films won eight Oscar awards on February 2009?
a)    The Dark Knight                  
b)    Die Hard        
c)    Slumdog Millionaire                     
d)    none

24.  The headquarters of IMF is located in?
a)    London                      
b)    Shanghai                   
c)    Tokyo             
d)    Washington DC

25.  The biggest bird in the world is?
a)    Hen     
b)    Eagle               
c)    Ostrich          
d)    Crow

26.  The famous Waterloo city is located in?
a)    Hungry                      
b)    China              
c)    Belgium                    
d)    UK

27.  The Indian Anti-terror squad chief killed during Mumbai attacks in 2008 was?
a)    Arvind Kejriwal       
b)    Hemant Karkare     
c)    Jindal              
d)    none

28.  Where is the headquarters of the Human Right Organization “Human Rights Watch”?
a)    New York                 
b)    London                      
c)    Paris               
d)    Tokyo

29.  Which of the following Arab country gifted Pakistan 320MW gas power plant?
a)    Saudi Arabia 
b)    UAE                
c)    Oman 
d)    Qatar

30.  At present largest trading partner of Pakistan is?
a)    Saudi Arabia 
b)    Russia 
c)    America                    
d)    England

English Portion

31.  He was in _____ when I met him in the restaurant. He was very cheerful.
a)    High spirit                
b)    Happy mode            
c)    Demoralized            
d)    depress mode

32.  Harassed by repeated acts of injustice, he decided to put his foot down: not to ______?
a)    Stand              
b)    Sit                    
c)    Yield               
d)    stay away

33.  Land reforms _____ refers to the redistribution of land from the rich to the poor.
a)    Usually                      
b)    Normally       
c)    Basically                     
d)    none of these

34.  He ______ the gathering in impressive English.
a)    Called             
b)    Noticed          
c)    Addressed   
d)    none of these

35.  _____ as a past of periodic change in membership, there have also been several changes to our Editorial Board.
a)    At last             
b)    Finally
c)    at the end                 
d)    Change

36.  Adaptation has become an ______ part of any climate change strategies.
a)    Independent           
b)    Important                 
c)    Furious          
d)    None of these

37.  Minerals resources are _____ and difficult to find.
a)    Abundant                  
b)    Scarce
c)    Hidden                       
d)    none of these

38.  As a result, there is a need for ______ more innovative scheme to attract large-scale investment into infrastructure.
a)    Introducing              
b)    New                
c)    Helping                      
d)    None of these

39.  ______ and poor governance have been a major problem in many countries.
a)    Terrorism                  
b)    Corruption               
c)    Internal War            
d)    None of these

40.  Let’s find out why Pluto is no longer _______ a planet.
a)    Considered              
b)    Remain                      
c)    Is                      
d)    none of these

41.  The movie star’s latest ____ was captured by several photographers. Prancing around half-naked in a fountain seemed tame for her.
a)    Escapade      
b)    Escape
c)    Run                 
d)    Shoot

42.  The mourning throng was preparing for____?
a)    Invitation      
b)    Monody        
c)    Agitation       
d)    none of these

43.  The most recent ___ from the dig indicated that society was involved in farming?
a)    Discoveries   
b)    announcements      
c)    Artifacts       
d)    none of these

44.  The more time I spend with joy, I see that she is a ____ person. She has many ideas and insightful opinions on a wide variety of topics.
a)    Happy                        
b)    Multi-Faceted        
c)    Angry 
d)    none of these

45.  The stained tablecloth ________from the fine and lovely flowers the hostess had put the table.
a)    Resemble      
b)    Combine        
c)    Detracted     
d)    distracted

46.  The women love to show her ________ by wearing diamonds and furs.
a)    Affluence     
b)    Anger 
c)    Happiness                 
d)    None of these

47.  The woman couldn’t meet her sales _____ so she was fired.
a)    Criteria                       
b)    Quota
c)    Offers 
d)    None of these

48.  What is the synonym of Eradicate?
a)    Similar                      
b)    Differentiate                       
c)    Eliminate    
d)    Admit

49.  What is the synonym of infinitesimal?
a)    Huge               
b)    Significant                 
c)    Big                   
d)    Minuscule

50.  The will did not require ______ of witnesses since it was holographic.
a)    Attestation  
b)    Presence                   
c)    Willingness               
d)    none of these

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