Custom Inspector Past Papers | FPSC Past Papers

Custom Inspector Past Papers

These are the Questions from Custom Inspector exam past papers. This paper was taken by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). This Custom Officer exam past papers is original and solved. This paper is according to the syllabus of the Customs Inspector Intelligence Officer. So start preparation from these past papers.
Past Papers of Customs Officer 2019

1.    Which wing of the FBR is responsible for collecting income tax, sales tax, and federal excise duty?
a)    Inland revenue Wing                       
b)    Audit Wing                    
c)    Legal Wing
d)    None of the above             
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2.    Which of the following is the world’s largest Muslim Country?
a)    Pakistan             
b)    Indonesia                      
c)    Iran                     
d)    Egypt

3.    In which of the following tropic zone Pakistan is located?
a)    West                   
b)    East                     
c)    North                 
d)    South

4.    Insert the upcoming number to the series 21, 22, 24, 28,
a)    30
b)    32            
c)    34            
d)    36
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5.    If bird is to nest than horse is to?
a)    Stable     
b)    ride                      
c)    gallop                  
d)    mare

6.    If zoo is to animals than aquarium is to?
a)    Bird                     
b)    Fish         
c)    alligator              
d)    horse

7.    There are ___ large taxpayer units for Inland Revenue collection:
a)    2               
b)    5               
d)    6

8.    Fiscal laws mean a general reference to the laws relating to:
a)    Budget matters            
b)    Finance matters         
c)    Tax matters       
d)    None of
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9.    Which of the following country was conquered by Abdur Rehman 1?
a)    Iran         
b)    India                    
c)    Spain                  
d)    Iraq

10.  Rohtas the fort is situated near the Jhelum city, who constructed it?
a)    Sher Shah Suri             
b)    Babur                  
c)    Akbar      
d)    Jahangir

11.  Umar Khayyam was famous for?
a)    Politician
b)    Poet                    
c)    Jurist                   
d)    Artist

12.  Who was Thomas Woodrow Wilson?
a)    Russian President
b)    Italian President          
c)    President of USA        
d)    none
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13.  Famous fourteen points of Wilson was formulated on?
a)    January 8, 1918                      
b)    January 2, 1919                      
c)    January 8, 1920          
d)    none

14.  The Headquarter of International Atomic Agency (IAEA) is in?
a)    New York                       
b)    Vienna               
c)    London   
d)    Paris

15.  Which type of material is Silicon?
a)    Semiconductor           
b)    Conductor                     
c)    Non-conductor
d)    Polymer
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16.  Indonesia is located on the bank of?
a)    Arabian Ocean             
b)    Red Sea              
c)    Indian Ocean               
d)    none

17.  The well-known personality D.F. Mulla belongs to which of the following field?
a)    Sociology                       
b)    History               
c)    Literature                      
d)    Law

18.  What was the cause of fame of Jabir bin Hayyan?
a)    Chemistry         
b)    Zoology              
c)    Physics   
d)    Biology

19.  What was the name of first satellite sent to space?
a)    Luna II                
b)    Sputnik              
c)    Apollo     
d)    Pioneer

20.  Pakistan signed the first defense past with which of the following country?
a)    Iran                    
b)    Saudi Arabia                
c)    Turkey  
d)    Iraq

21.  Tashkent pact was signed on?
a)    June 10, 1966 
b)    April 10, 1966
c)    March 10, 1966         
d)    January 10, 1966

22.  The last governor-general of Pakistan was?
a)    Ghulam Muhammad Khan 
b)    Liaquat Ali Khan         
c)    Skinner Mirza
d)    none
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23.  The first commander in chief of Pakistan Army was?
a)    Frank Messervy                    
b)    General Hayat Khan  
c)    General Douglas
d)    General Azam

24.  The name of Lyallpur was changed to Faisalabad on?
a)    August 1, 1978                       
b)    September 1, 1977  
c)    March 1, 1980
d)    January 1, 1978

25.  The King George VI was crowned on May 6, 1937, in which city of Pakistan?
a)    Multan             
b)    Lahore              
c)    Peshawar                     
d)    Rawalpindi

26.  Harappa is situated near which of the following city?
a)    Kasur                 
b)    Lahore  
c)    Sahiwal            
d)    Multan

27.  In which of the following city Masjid Wazir Khan is situated?
a)    Lahore              
b)    Karachi             
c)    Multan  
d)    Sialkot

28.  The highest civil award of Pakistan is?
a)    Nishan e Jurat            
b)    Sitara Khidmat
c)    Nishan e Haider          
d)    Nishan e Pakistan

29.  Where is the Arctic Ocean situated?
a)    Around the North Pole  
b)    South Pole                   
c)    Western Pole              
d)    Eastern Pole

30.  The Mediterranean Sea is connected with the Red sea by?
a)    Strait of Gibraltar      
b)    Bay of Bengal              
c)    Suez Canal                   
d)    none

31.  The Atlantic Ocean is connected with the Mediterranean Sea by?
a)    Bay of Bengal              
b)    Strait of Gibraltar     
c)    Suez Canal                   
d)    none

32.  The narrow strip which connects two large pieces of lands is called?
a)    Bight      
b)    Island    
c)    Bay                     
d)    Isthmus
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33.  A piece of land surrounded by water from all sides is known as?
a)    Island                
b)    Sea                     
c)    Isthmus             
d)    Bay

34.  A land which is surrounded by ocean from three sides is known as?
a)    Bight                  
b)    Peninsula        
c)    Strait                 
d)    Gulf

35.  A bay which is very vast and extended is known as?
a)    Bight                 
b)    Strait                 
c)    Gulf                    
d)    Peninsula

36.  The part of the ocean which is further connected with the large and vast part of the land is called?
a)    Strait                   
b)    Sea                      
c)    Bay                      
d)    Gulf
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37.  A narrow strip of water which connects two oceans or seas is called?
a)    Gulf                     
b)    Bight                   
c)    Bay                      
d)    Strait

38.  As per law, each registered person must file a return by the _________ of each month regarding the sales made in last month.
a)    10th                      
b)    15th                      
c)    20th                                  
d)    25th

39.  There are ___ director generals in FBR?
a)    6               
c)    9               
d)    10
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40.  The “term pot holes” is related to?
a)    Chemistry          
b)    Physics               
c)    Geography                    
d)    Sociology


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