Customs Inspector Fully Solved Past Papers part 2/2

Customs Officer FPSC 2018

These are the Questions from Customs Inspector Intelligence Officer past papers. This paper is according to the syllabus of the Customs Inspector Intelligence Officer. So start preparation from these past papers.
Customs Inspector Past Papers 2020

1.    Which tax is not shared between central and provincial governments?
a)    Excise tax           
b)    Sales tax             
c)    Custom duty                 
d)    Property tax

2.    The budget estimate prepared by the ministry of finance is finally approved by:
a)    State Bank         
b)    President                       
c)    Senate                
d)    National Assembly

3.    We measure national income by which of the following method?
a)    Expenditure Method  
b)    Income Method           
c)    Product Method          
d)    All

4.    The most important source of income for government is:
a)    Foreign loans                
b)    Taxes      
c)    printing of new money          
d)    Sale of government property

5.    When was the system of Diarchy introduced?
a)    1857                   
b)    1861                   
c)    1909                   
d)    1919

6.    The Indian Government act 1919 is also known as?
a)    Chelmsford reforms  
b)    Indian Reforms act                 
c)    Morley Reforms          
d)    None of the above

7.    As per law each, the registered person must file a return by the _________ of each month regarding the sales made in last month.
a)    10th                      
b)    15th                      
c)    20th                                  
d)    25th

8.     There are ___ director generals in FBR?
a)    6               
c)    9               
d)    10

9.    Lord Macaulay was appointed as a head of which of the following committee?
a)    Legal Affairs                  
b)    Tax Reforms                  
c)    Educational committee         
d)    None

10.  For how many years the British government ruled India?
a)    120 years          
b)    100 Years                      
c)    90 Years             
d)    70 years

11.  Queen Victoria remained queen from 1837 to?
a)    1840                   
b)    1880                   
c)    1900                   
d)    1901

12.  Who was the first Viceroy of India?
a)    Lord Canning    
b)    Lord Minto                    
c)    Lord Curzon      
d)    Lord Macaulay

13.  Which of the following Mughal Emperor allowed East India Company for trade?
a)    Akbar                  
b)    Jahangir             
c)    Humayun           
d)    Babur

14.  In Pakistan, taxes are levied by:
a)    Prime minister of Pakistan   
b)    President of Pakistan             
c)    Federal Cabinet of Ministers
d)    National Assembly

15.  Whom of the following propounded principles of taxation:
a)    Keynes                            
b)    Marshall             
c)    Adam Smith                 
d)    Al Ghazali

16.  Dili is a capital city of which of the following country?
a)    Turkey                
b)    India                    
c)    East Timor                    
d)    Kuwait

17.  When did Afghanistan got independence?
a)    1910                   
b)    1921                   
c)    1923                   
d)    1927

18.  Palk Strait is situated in which of the following ocean?
a)    Indian Ocean               
b)    Pacific Ocean                
c)    Atlantic Ocean 
d)    None

19.  Which of the following city is located near the river Soan?
a)    Peshawar                      
b)    Lahore    
c)    Karachi   
d)    Rawalpindi

20.  Who went to England with Sir Ahmed Khan?
a)    Son                      
b)    Father     
c)    Cousin    
d)    Brother

21.  There are how many schedules included in the Sales Tax Act, 1990?
a)    9 schedules                  
b)    6 schedules                   
c)    7 schedules                   
d)    8 schedules

22.  Pakistan public debt is:
a)    Larger than GNP
b)    Equal to GNP                
c)    Smaller than GNP      
d)    Smaller than our exports

23.  PEMRA stands for?
a)    Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority       
b)    Pakistan Enhanced Media Regulatory Authority           
c)    None of the above

24.  Who is the author of the novel “The last Symbol”?
a)    El James
b)    Harper Lee                    
c)    Dan Brown                   
d)    None

25.  .Who is the author of the novel “Go Set a Watchman”?
a)    El James
b)    Dan Brown                    
c)    Harper Lee                   
d)    Max Lee

26.  What is the abbreviation of ISS?
a)    International Space Study    
b)    International Space Station           
c)    None of the above

27.  Who is Robble Williams?
a)    Lawyer   
b)    Engineer            
c)    Doctor    
d)    Pop Singer

28.  Who is Lona Del Rey?
a)    Politician
b)    Lawyer   
c)    Singer     
d)    Historian

29.  What is the abbreviation of CTD?
a)    Counter-Terrorism Department               
b)    Central Traffic Duty                
c)    Central Training Department                                   
d)    None of these

30.  The Headquarter of FBR is located in which of the following city?
a)    Lahore                
b)    Karachi               
c)    Rawalpindi                    
d)    Islamabad

31.  Federal Excise duty is governed under which of the following Act?
a)    Custom Act 1969
b)    Income Tax Ordinance 2001                       
c)    Federal Excise act 2005
d)    None of the above

32.  Who imposed Value Added Tax (VAT)?
a)    FBR                     
b)    Provincial Board of Revenue           
c)    Excise Department
d)    None of the above

33.  Who imposed motor vehicle token tax?
a)    FBR                      
b)    Provincial Board of Revenue           
c)    Provincial Excise Department
d)    None of the above

34.  Customs Duty is a type of tax?
a)    Direct Tax          
b)    Indirect Tax                   
c)    Both a and b     
d)    None of the above

35.  According to which of the following law custom duties are governed?
a)    1990                   
b)    Custom Act 1969       
c)    Income Tax Ordinance 2001
d)    None of the above

36.  Taxes on commodities are?
a)    Direct taxes       
b)    Indirect taxes  
c)    Progressive taxes
d)    Proportional tax

37.  Government prepared its budget:
a)    Weekly   
b)    Monthly             
c)    Annually            
d)    Quarterly

38.  Which one of the following is a direct tax?
a)    Excise tax           
b)    Sale tax               
c)    Income tax                     
d)    Custom duty

39.  Sunlight is a source of which of the following vitamin?
a)    D              
b)    A              
c)    B               
d)    C

40.  Which of the following device is used to send data, information or messages to other devices?
a)    Input Device     
b)    Receiving Device
c)    Sending Device          
d)    Multiplex device

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