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Custom Officer Past Papers 2015

This is the original and fully solved Custom Officer Past Papers. This test was taken to fulfill the post of Customs Inspector. This Custom Officer Past paper is according to the syllabus of the Customs Inspector Intelligence Officer. So start preparation from these FPSC past papers.
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1.    First princely state which was acceded to Pakistan?
a)              Swat        
b)              Kalat      
c)              Bahawalpur        
d)              Hunza
2.    Quid-e-Azam remained president of Muslim League for:
a)     22 years        
b)    28 years            
c)     15 years        
d)    31 years

3.    National animal of Pakistan is:
a)              Horse        
b)              Pigeon              
c)              Deer        
d)              Markhor

4.    Total agencies of FATA (Federally Administrated Tribal Areas) are:
a)              Five          
b)              Four                  
c)              Seven        
d)              Eight

5.    Which of the following scientist died on _______ 1994?
a)              Dr. Abdul Salam      
b)              Dr. Munir Ahmad Khan      
c)              Dr. Saleem Uz Zaman Siddique
d)              None of these

6.    First Chairman of the senate of Pakistan is?
a)     Habib Allah Khan  
b)    Waseem Sajjad      
c)     Ghulam Ishaq        
d)    None of these

7.    After the creation of Pakistan, the first newspaper was:
a)     Mashraq        
b)    Imroze              
c)     Watan        
d)    None of these

8.    Karakoram road starts from:
a)     Islamabad        
b)    Lahore                
c)     Havelian        
d)    Peshawar

9.    Which of the following country voted against Pakistan’s membership in United Nations?
a)     Iran          
b)    India       
c)     Egypt        
d)    Afghanistan

10.  Motorway M-II Section will be lead to:
a)     Karachi Port        
b)    Bin Qasim Port            
c)     Gwadar Port    
d)    Pasni Port

11.  Durand line was demarcated on?
a)     1892        
b)    1890      
c)     1893        
d)    None of these

12.  On July 9, 1948 Government of Pakistan issued for the very first time:
a)     Coins   
b)    Currency notes       
c)     Postal Stamp        
d)    All of these

13.  Aeronautical Complex at Kamra was built with the financial and technical assistant of
a)     USA
b)    Canada          
c)     France  
d)    None of these

14.  What is the total duration of National Anthem?
a)     60 Sec.        
b)    80 Sec.        
c)     100 Sec.        
d)    120 Sec.

15.  Which of the following is a cash crop?
a)     Wheat        
b)    Maize      
c)     Rice            
d)    Cotton

16.  The largest desert in Pakistan is?
a)     Thar      
b)    Thal    
c)     Cholistan        
d)    Rohi

17.  Which of the following minerals deposits are found in Potohar pleasure?
a)     Rock Salt      
b)    Gypsum      
c)     Oil            
d)    None of these

18.  What is the total area covered by forests in Pakistan?
a)     2%        
b)    2%      
c)     3%        
d)    9.7%

19.  The oldest barrage on Indus river is?
a)     Kotri        
b)    Sukkur    
c)     Ghulam Muhammad      
d)    Taunsa

20.  How many times, Pakistan has won the hockey world cup?
a)     Five times        
b)    Three times        
c)     Four times        
d)    None of these

21.  From which of the following country, Pakistan purchased Gwadar Port in Sep 09,1958?
a)     Bahrain      
b)    Oman    
c)     UAE    
d)    None of these

22.  There are how many alphabets of Urdu:
a)     27          
b)    37         
c)     39

23.  First SOS village in Pakistan was established in:
a)     Karachi  
b)    Lahore
c)     Islamabad        
d)    Rawalpindi

24.  The Headquarter of Pakistan Navy is situated in:
a)     Karachi        
b)    Rawalpindi    
c)     Islamabad      
d)    Peshawar

25.  After 1947, the first Radio station was established in:
a)     Lahore  
b)    Karachi        
c)     Hyderabad
d)    Peshawar

26.  The founder of the Deoband institute is:
a)     Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani    
b)    Mehmood-ul-Hassan
c)     Maulana Qasim Sanghvi       
d)    None of these

27.  Who convinced Quid-e-Azam to join Muslim League?
a)     Nawab Waqar ul Malk                  
b)    Maulana Shaukat Ali
c)     Maulana M.A. Johar                              
d)    Hakeem Ajmal

28.  From which of the following cities, Maulana M. A Johar started his English newspaper Comrade in 1911:
a)     Delhi        
b)    Bombay         
c)     Calcutta        
d)    None of these

29.  Who assisted Quid-e-Azam to make 14 points?
a)     Sir Agha Khan    
b)    Liaqat Ali Khan     
c)     Maulana M.A Joha
d)    Maulana Hasrat Mohani

30.  The Headquarter of FAO is:
a)     Rome        
b)    Paris        
c)     London          
d)    None of these

31.  PASSCO is the abbreviation of :
a)     Pakistan Agri. Seed & Storage Council
b)    Pakistan Agri. Services & Storage Corporation               
c)     None of these

32.  Karakoram range includes which of the following glaciers:
a)     Siachen      
b)    Hispa                
c)     Biafo        
d)    All of these

33.  The largest Copper deposits in Balochistan are found in the district:
a)     Quetta         
b)    Khuzdar        
c)     Sui        
d)    Chaghi

34.  Babusar pass connects:
a)     Abbottabad to Gilgat        
b)    Chitral to Gilgit        
c)     None of the above

35.  Khanpur mosque tragedy took place in:
a)     1911      
b)    1920                
c)     1913        
d)    None of these

36.  The longest glacier of Pakistan is:
a)     Hispa
b)    Baltoro  
c)     Siachen        
d)    None of these

37.  In which pleasure/range Soan & Haro Rivers are located?
a)     Balochistan Pleatue  
b)    Sindh Pleatue
c)     Potohar Pleatue    
d)    None of these

38.  Warsak dam is built on the river:
a)     Ravi        
b)    Kabul                    
c)     Jhelum        
d)    Chenab

39.  Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan developed an institute in which English books ware translated into Urdu. It was:
a)     Ali Garh Institute    
b)    Scientific Society          
c)     Ghazipur Institute
d)    None of the above
40.  Shandur pass connects:
a)     Gilgit to Chitral    
b)    Banu to Chitral
c)   None of these

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