Sub Inspector FIA 2018 Paper 

This is the Part 2 of 2018 FIA Sub Inspector Paper. This paper is fully solved and original. We hope these questions will be helpful for upcoming job tests. These are very important questions. Please let us know through your comments for any error or mistake.
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1.    Chalna is sea port of:
a)    Pakistan
b)    Bangladesh                    
c)    Oslo                      
d)    Egypt

2.    Which of the following are fed to the cattle:
a)    Sugarcane top
b)    Sugarcane leaves          
c)    Sugarcane bagasse
d)    Sugarcane jaguar

3.    Green House Effect means:
a)    Pollution in Houses      
b)    Trapping of Solar energy       
c)    Trapping of solar energy due to atmospheric carbon dioxide
d)    None of the above

4.    Which of the following is not an alloy?
a)    Brass        
b)    Bronze                 
c)    Steel                     
d)    Zinc

5.    Epidemiology means:
a)    Study epidemic disease        
b)    Study deficiency           
c)    Study medicine
d)    None of the above

6.    Which of the following gases is used in fire extinguisher:
a)    Carbon monoxide        
b)    Carbon dioxide 
c)    Nitrogen
d)    None of the above

7.    Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by:
a)    X-Rays      
b)    Electrons
c)    Photons
d)    None of the above

8.    The common refrigerant used in domestic refrigerators is:
a)    Neon        
b)    Freon       
c)    Alcohol    
d)    None

9.    To drink stream water, it is advisable to:
a)    Take sip to check          
b)    Drink directly                 
c)    Boil the water before drinking
d)    None of the above

10.  Magnetic field does not interact with:
a)    Stationary charges      
b)    Moving charges
c)    None of the above

11.  In which constitution Pakistan was declared republic?
a)    1956        
b)    1962                    
c)    1973
d)    None of the above

12.  In which year Quaid-e-Azam resigned from Congress?
a)    1922        
b)    1920                    
c)    1919                    
d)    1918

13.  In which year Bandung conference was held:
a)    1954        
b)    1955                    
c)    1957                    
d)    1959

14.  From 1857 to 1947 how many viceroys came in India?
a)    20             
b)    15 
c)    25 
d)    30

15.  Who abrogated first constitution:
a)    Sikandar Mirza  
b)    Ayub Khan                     
c)    Tamiz ud din
d)    None of the above

16.  Who is chairman of Islamic Ideology Council of Pakistan?
a)    S. M. Zaman       
b)    Dr. Khalid Masood      
c)    Iqbal Ahmad Khan
d)    None of the above

17.  IPP stands for:
a)    Internet Program Planning                
b)    International Press of Pakistan         
c)    Independent Power Producer
d)    None of the above

18.  Who is the Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan:
a)    J. Khalil Ur Rehman                  
b)    J. Nasir Aslam    
c)    J. Mian Mehboob         
d)    J. Ijaz Yousaf

19.  Identify the highest Non-Operational award of Pakistan Armed forces:
a)    Sitara-i-Jurat      
b)    Tamagha-i-Basalat      
c)    Sitara-i-Basalat
d)    None of the above

20.  The study of Science of population is called:
a)    Geography                     
b)    Demography                 
c)    Plutoancy
d)    None of the above

21.  What is Pentagone:
a)    Name of French Parliament              
b)    Offices of American Defense Ministry    
c)    All kinds of boats used in forming
d)    None of the above

22.  Pin point the main objective of W.T.O:
a)    Fix a quota for each member country        
b)    To eliminate quota system and promote free competition in trade
c)    None of the above

23.  According to the report of World Health Organization which infectious disease is causing maximum number of causalities:
a)    Hepatitis C                      
b)    Influenza 
c)    Aids                      
d)    Sugar

24.  The world’s oldest monarchy is in:
a)    England
b)    Japan      
c)    Saudi Arabia      
d)    Nepal

25.  Pakistan had joined Baghdad Pact/CENTO in 1955 along with:
a)    France, UK, Australia   
b)    Thailand and Philippines
c)    Iran, Iraq, Turkey
d)    None of the above

26.  OPEC’s largest oil producing country is:
a)    Kuwait     
b)    Iran                       
c)    Saudi Arabia      
d)    U.A.E

27.  A second class majistrate can give the sentence of imprisonment for the term not extending:
a)    One month                     
b)    Three month                  
c)    One Year
d)    None of the above

28.  In which of the following constitutional cases Keelson’s Theory of Doctrine of necessity was first applied:
a)    The state VS Dasso       
b)    State VS Asmat Gilani              
c)    Maulvi Tamiz-ud-Din Vs Federation of Pakistan
d)    None of the above

29.  The main causes of earthquakes is:
a)    Sudden cooling and contraction of earth crust   
b)    Coming into activity of some dormant volcano   
c)    Internal heat                  
d)    All of these

30.  After USA which country is biggest arm seller in the world:
a)    Britain      
b)    Russia      
c)    France     
d)    Germany

31.  Indonesia agreed to hold referendum in another state after East Timor, that was:
a)    Jara                       
b)    Aceh        
c)    West Timor                    
d)    Surabaya

32.  Digital Computer was invented by:
a)    M.R. Bissel                      
b)    John Harrison   
c)    Howard Alkem
d)    None of the above

33.  Pin point the world’s oldest democratic country:
a)    U.S.A        
b)    U.K.                      
c)    Greece
d)    None of the above

34.  The highest literacy rate among the SAARC countries is in:
a)    Pakistan  
b)    India                     
c)    Sri Lanka 
d)    Maldives

35.  London is situated on the bank of river:
a)    Thames   
b)    Amazon   
c)    Rhine                    
d)    Darling

36.  The capital of Brazil is:
a)    Sofia         
b)    Harwana 
c)    Brasilia    
d)    Moromi

37.  The headquarter of  international court of justice is in:
a)    Rome       
b)    The Hague          
c)    New York
d)    London

38.  Currency of Turkey is
a)    Pound      
b)    Dollar       
c)    Peso                     
d)    Lira

39.  Suez Canal joins:
a)    London to New York   
b)    Tokyo to Osaka 
c)    The Mediterranean to Red Sea
d)    None of the above

40.  Blood typing is the method for:
a)    Typing the paper          
b)    Determining the blood group                     
c)    Determining the RH factor

d)    None of the above

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