FIA Sub Inspector 2018 Solved Paper

This is the FIA Sub Inspector Past Paper. This FIA Past Paper was taken in 2016. This paper is original and fully solved. Given below are original questions from FIA Sub Inspector Past Paper 2016. If you found any error please comment below in comment section.
fia past paper 2019

1.    China is a state-based on?
a)    Bipartite system
b)    Multi-party system      
c)    Single Party system
d)    None of the above

2.    Luba is a name of?
a)    Religion   
b)    City                       
c)    A language         
d)    Watches
3.    Mrs. Madeleine Albright was the foreign minister of:
a)    Canada    
b)    U.K            
c)    The U.S.A                    
d)    Israel

4.    What is Cathy Pacific?
a)    Island       
b)    Newspaper         
c)    NEWS Agency    
d)    Airline

5.    Paul Martin Jr. was the Prime Minister of:
a)    Canada    
b)    Cope Verde        
c)    Chad                     
d)    Cambodia

6.    Abdullah Abdullah was the foreign minister of:
a)    Egypt        
b)    Bahrain    
c)    Bangladesh         
d)    Afghanistan

7.    Amara Essy is the chairman of:
a)    Arab League       
b)    African Union   
c)    The Commonwealth
d)    None of the above

8.    Hans Blix belongs to:
a)    USA          
b)    Egypt
c)    Sweden   
d)    Russia

9.    Who is the President of I.C.C:
a)    Malcum Grey     
b)    Malcum Spied   
c)    Ehsan Mani        
d)    John Stephensen

10.  Jahangir Khan is the president of:
a)    Asian Squash Federation        
b)    Pakistan squash federation   
c)    World squash federation
d)    None of the above

11.  Bristol is an important sea port of:
a)    U.K            
b)    South Africa                   
c)    Norway   
d)    France

12.  If a block of gold weighing 10 gm in air is immersed in water with a string tied to a spring balance, what could be the probable weight indicated by the spring balance?
a)    Less than 10 gm
b)    Equal to 10 gm  
c)    More than 10 gm.
d)    None of the above

13.  The picture tube of a black and white T.V. set has only one electron gun that produces the picture on its screen. The number of electrons guns a color picture tube has is:
a)    Five           
b)    Six             
c)    Four                     
d)    Three

14.  Potassium Nitrate is used in:
a)    Fertilizer              
b)    Salt           
c)    Medicine            
d)    Glass

15.  Penicillin is produced from:
a)    Algae        
b)    Mushroom         
c)    Mould    
d)    Yeast

16.  Ginger is a stem and not a root because:
a)    It lacks chlorophyll
b)    It grows horizontal     
c)    It stores Food                
d)    It has nodes and internodes

17.  When a bullet is fired vertically, it gains in:
a)    Speed       
b)    Kinetic Energy   
c)    Potential Energy          
d)    Acceleration

18.  Backing soda is:     
a)    Sodium bicarbonate   
b)    Sodium carbonate       
c)    Sodium chloride
d)    None of the above

19.  The longest cells in human body are:
a)    Nerve cells                    
b)    Muscle cells                    
c)    Kidney cells
d)    None of the above

20.  Which among the following fruits is a berry?
a)    Orange    
b)    Banana    
c)    Pine apple           
d)    Mango

21.  Who was the first governor of N.W.F.P:
a)    Gen Azam Khan
b)    M. Khurshid                 
c)    Mushtaq Ahmed Gormani
d)    None of the above

22.  Who was the first Muslim Commander n Chief of Pakistan Navy
a)    Ad. James Wilfard        
b)    Ad. Muhammad saddiq         
c)    Ad. A.R. Rehman
d)    None of the above

23.  Quaid-e-Azam was declared ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity by:
a)    Ghandi     
b)    Gokhale   
c)    Sarogni Naidu   
d)    Begum Shahnawaz

24.  Who established British Indian Association:
a)    Syed Amir Ali    
b)    Ch. Rahmat Ali   
c)    Saleem Ullah Khan
d)    None of the above

25.  Who lead Shimla Deputation in 1906:
a)    Nawab Saleem Ullah   
b)    Waqar-ul-Malik
c)    Maulana Zafar Ali 
d)    Sir Agha Khan

26.  Moro Islamic Liberation Front is struggling for independence in:
a)    Mindanao          
b)    Chechnya
c)    East Java
d)    None of the above

27.  Ariana is an airline of:
a)    Sri Lanka 
b)    Iran                       
c)    Afghanistan                   
d)    Turkey

28.  The Secretary General of Commonwealth of Nations belongs to:
a)    New Zealand     
b)    Australia  
c)    Nigeria     
d)    U.K

29.  What is meant by summary trial:
a)    Common trial    
b)    open trial
c)    Short trial before magistrate
d)    None of the above

30.  The world population has now reached:
a)    7.5 billion           
b)    8.5 billion
c)    5 billion   
d)    10 billion

31.  According to the result of 1998 census the literacy rate of Punjab is:
a)    37.35%    
b)    47.4%      
c)    53.2%     
d)    59.7%

32.  After cotton which is the highest foreign exchange earner crop of Pakistan:
a)    Rice          
b)    Wheat      
c)    Sugarcane          
d)    Maize

33.  Pakistan’s highest mountain K-2 is located in the:
a)    Himalayan Range         
b)    Hindu Kush range         
c)    Karakoram Range
d)    None of the above

34.  Identify Pakistan’s first surface to ``surface missile:
a)    Hatf-I       
b)    Shaheen-I           
c)    Ghuari-I   
d)    Anza-I

35.  After Agriculture which is the main source of employment in Pakistan:
a)    Trade       
b)    Manufacturing and Mining   
c)    Finance and social services
d)    None of the above

36.  Of which continent Greece and Bulgaria form a part:
a)    Australia  
b)    Europe    
c)    Asia           
d)    America

37.  Land of Thousand lakes is:
a)    Pakistan  
b)    Bangladesh                     
c)    Finland    
d)    Norway

38.  USA consists of how many states:
a)    50             
b)    51             
c)    52             
d)    53

39.  Kwacha is the currency of:
a)    Mali          
b)    Malawi    
c)    Congo      
d)    Canada

40.  Which language is spoken by a large number of world:
a)    English     
b)    Arabic      
c)    Chinese   

d)    Urdu

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