Solved Past Papers of Sub-Inspector Punjab Police

Sub Inspector Punjab Police 2017

These are the Questions from original past papers. This test was taken for the post of Sub-Inspector Punjab Police on 27th of Aug 2017 by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). Syllabus of this test was General Knowledge including Pakistan Studies, Current Affairs, Islamic Studies (Ethics for non-Muslim Candidates), Geography, Basic Mathematics, English, Everyday Science and Computer Studies.

Punjab Police Papers 2019

1.    When Quaid-e-Azam addressed the first constitutional assembly of Pakistan first time?
2.    Who is the founder of Microsoft?
3.    Youm-e-Takbir is celebrated on?
4.    To cover a wider area what is used?
5.    In which country Russian Ambassador was killed?

6.    Barrack Obama was President of America?
7.    Viceroy of India from 1943-1947?
8.    Faraizi Movement was started at which place?
9.    To be or not to be is the opening phrase of a soliloquy spoken by?

10.  Which coating is applied on Iron?

11.  The Government of Pakistan has ratified ILO core Conventions related to?
12.  Synonym of Devilish?
13.  Synonyms of infinitesimal?
14.  What is isthmus?
15.  The JPG format is used for which file?
16.  To bold text in Microsoft office which command is used?
17.  What is hypothermia?
18.  Haali Wrote Hayat-e-Javed on?
19.  The bicameral federal legislature in Pakistan was adopted in which constitution?
20.  When Quaid resigned from the Imperial Legislative Council?
21.  Current President of India?
22.  Islamia College for Women Cooper Road Lahore was established in?
23.  Owner of Wikipedia?
24.  Which article of 1973 constitution declares Urdu as a national language?
25.  Antonym of Pacific?
26.  who sold Hotmail to Microsoft?
27.  Schengen Agreement?
28.  State secretary of the USA "Rex W. Tillerson" was CEO of which company?
29.  How many Muslim countries are in ASEAN?
30.  Antonym of Inert?
31.  When Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim league?
32.  When the first round table conference was held?
33.  Right of Separate electorate act?
34.  Synonym of Cheeky?
35.  If 10 people meet each other and each shakes hands only once with each of the others, how many handshakes will there be?
36.  Which pass connect Gilgit with Chitral?
37.  Widespread disease in cattle now a day?
38.  The disease which is spread over a large area is called?
39.  Syed Ahmad Shaheed Barelvi died at?
40.  Group of ____ is called School?
41.  Magna Carta was signed in?
42.  Author of "A short history of Saracens?
43.  Spellings of superintendent?
44.  Philately is the study of?
45.  Ibn e battuta was from?
46.  When was Baluchistan declared as a province?
47.  Cholesterol is absent in?
48.  What is barzakh?
49.  Silvia Berlusconi was?
50.  Curriculum Vitae is of which language?
51.  Synonym of Obdurate?
52.  0.7/10?
53.  Hamas was founded by?
54.  Who was Otto von Bismarck?
55.  Capital of Bosnia Herzegovina?
56.  Computer contains?
57.  What is Microsoft Excel?
58.  When Pakistan included in the Nuclear States?
59.  The taxable animal is?
60.  One person writes 10 pages in 5 minutes and another 5 in ten minutes. How many pages will they write in 30 minutes?
61.  We will have more plastic in the sea than fishes by?

62.  If R is Husband of Q and S is the mother of Q.  What is the relation between R and S?
63.  Sine die means?
64.  A person turns left and walks 3m towards west, then turns right walk again 3m then again 3m walk towards east. What is his direction with respect to the starting point?
65.  Roger Federer is famous for?
66.  Saleem said, "I don't eat mangoes"?
67.  Statue of Liberty of USA was a gift by?
68.  Storting is the parliament of?
69.  Treatment of Kidney stones by shockwaves?
70.  Adis Ababa headquarters of which union?
71.  Capital of Zimbabwe is?

72.  Synonym of Eradicate?

73.  Who can impose emergency according to 1973 constitution?
74.  Who elects the president in Pakistan?
75.  Pedagogy is Science of?

76.  Pakistan China Border Issue was resolved in the reign of?

77.  According to Indus water treaty, Pakistan got?

78.  Prayer for Drought is called?

79.  The first question in the grave will be about?

80.  Which organization prevents child marriage in huge numbers in Pakistan?

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