Most Repeated MCQs Part 2

Most Repeated MCQs Part 2

This is part two of Important and MCQs (Repeated Multiple Choice Questions). In this part, we have also uploaded 50 Important and Repeated questions. These questions have repeated many times in job tests of FPSC, PPSC, NTS, OTS, PTS. UTS, etc. That is why we have uploaded these questions. Some of them definitely come into your next job test. Stay connected for more informative material related to job papers.
important questions of 2019

1.    Rahmat Ali died at the age of 58 in 1951 and was buried in?
            Cambridge University

2.    The ancient name of Peshawar was?

3.    India framed its constitution in?
4.    Kara Korum Highway (Silk route) B/w Pak & China was completed on?
            18th June 1978

5.    Jamrood Fort (Peshawar) was built by General Hari Singh Nalwa in?

6.    Pakistan’s last railway station is?                                            
Landi Kotal

7.    Cholistan desert is in?
           Bahawalpur district

8.    Harpa is in?

9.    Bhambhore is in?

10.  Firdousi, the Persian poet (Shah Nama) was the member of?
           Sultan Mehmood’s court

11.  Tomb of Baba Farid is in?

12.  Tomb of Sachal is in?

13.  Nishtar Hospital is the largest hospital in Pakistan and was built in?

14.  Nanga Parbat is situated in?

15.  The total arable land of Pakistan is?

16.  Pakistan is situated at the?
            West End of the Indo Gangetic

17.  Wakhan separates Pakistan from?

18.  The Hindu-kush range is also known as?
           Little pamirs

19.  Sub-Himalaya is also known as?

20.  The Sindh Sagar Doab is also known as?
              Thal Desert

21.  Takt-I-Suleman is the highest peak of?
            Sulaiman Mountains

22.  The length of the Indus River is?
            2900 km

23.  Six barrages are constructed on which river?
             River Indus

24.  Hispar Glacier is located in?

25.  The famous Umar Kot fort was built in?

26.  Katch and Gawadar are the districts of Division?
            Makran Division

27.  Punjgore is the district of?
             Makran division

28.  Meaning of Quetta is?

29.  Gomal River is in?

30.  The total length of the coastline of Pakistan is?.

31.  Cease Fire line came into existence in?

32.  Pakistan can be divided into how many natural regions?
            Six regions

33.  Height of K2 is?
8611   meters

34. The coldest place in Pakistan is?

34.  Most of the Hosiery Industry is located in?

35.  The Heavy Mechanical complex was established with the help of?
            China at Taxila

36.  The first Census in the subcontinent took place in the year?

37.  Wheat is the major Kharif Crop of?

38.  Kotli is the city of?
           Azad Kashmir

39.  The SOS village built in?

40.  Pakistan celebrated Quaid’s year in?

41.  Pakistani Cricketer Saeed Anwar declared to join?
           Afghan jihad

42.  Maulana Shibly wrote books on?
            Islamic History

      43.  The first translation of the Holy Quran for subcontinent was in?

44.  Qutab Minar is in?

45.  The Cholistan Desert is in?

46.  Pakistan can be divided per climate into?
             4 regions

47.  Hashim Shah wrote?.
          Sassi punno

48.  The British Communal Award was announced in?

49.  The land between the two rivers is called?

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