FIA 2019 Solved Paper

This is the 2019 past paper of FIA part 1. This paper is fully uploaded on this site in two parts. Second part’s link is given at the end of this post. Stay connected for the latest material about the job tests. Give us your feedback through your comments. 
Sub Inspector Solved Papers 2019

1.    We see the flash of lightning before we hear the sound of the thunder because:
a)    The light rays cannot be obstructed by atmosphere      
b)    The light rays travel much faster than sound waves              
c)    None of the above

2.    Bounded Labour is:
a)    Forced Labour
b)    Labor without wages           
c)    Labour for payment
d)    None of the above

3.    Geographically Kashmir is divided into three major parts:
a)    Jammu, Kashmir, Ladhakh    
b)    Jammu, Azad Kashmir, Held Kashmir         
c)    Jammu, Kargil, Kashmir                      
d)    Azad Kashmir, Held Kashmir

4.    The total of all income payments which land, labor, and capital receive in a year is:
a)    G.N.P       
b)    G.D.P                   
c)    Net National Product              
d)    National Income

5.    Inflation refers to:
a)    Higher than the real cost of commodities 
b)    Free flow of money in the world   
c)    Devaluation of money
d)    None of the above

6.    Monetary and Fiscal Policies have as their goals:
a)    High level of employment      
b)    Stable price level          
c)    Adequate rate of growth       
d)    all of these

7.    Barter system means:
a)    Exchange of goods
b)    Buying goods                 
c)    Producing Goods
d)    None of the above

8.    What function is performed by the liver in the human body?
a)    Produces blood             
b)    Acts as a storehouse for digested sugar
c)    Secretes juices
d)    None of the above

9.    Physiotherapy is curative method for:
a)    Heart Disease    
b)    Immobility joints         
c)    Brain damage                
d)    Drug addiction

10.  Dialysis is meant for:
a)    Liver         
b)    Lungs       
c)    Kidneys   
d)    Gall Bladder

11.  How many chromosomes are in human body?
a)    26 
b)    36             
c)    46             
d)    56

12.  What is found in Centrosome and Ribosome:
a)    Nucleoplasm                  
b)    Cytoplasm                      
c)    Centrosome       
d)    Nucleus

13.  Who discovered Bacteria first:
a)    Kock         
b)    Bantering
c)    Bushed  
d)    Swinton

14.  Anti-Cancer vitamin is:
a)    A   
b)    C    
c)    D   
d)    E

15.  One year child is mostly affected by the disease:
a)    Cholera                
b)    Whopping Cough         
c)    Scarlet
d)    None of the above

16.  An increase in hoarding results in:
a)    Decrease in price          
b)    Increase in price          
c)    Constant Price   
d)    Low Price

17.  Slump means:
a)    Fall in Price of stock     
b)    Shortage of supply       
c)    Uncertain Prices
d)    None of the above

18.  Addiction means:
a)    Insufficiency of hormones     
b)    Allergic Reaction           
c)    Disease bronchial tubes          
d)    Craving for certain drug or food

19.  A computer consists of mainly of electronic:
a)    Circuits                
b)    Devices    
c)    Parts                     
d)    Chips

20.  In a democratic country following is considered as the fourth estate:
a)    Judiciary  
b)    Press                    
c)    Army
d)    None of the above

21.  The people of Bosnia Herzegovina voted in favor of independence from:
a)    Croatia                 
b)    Yugoslavia         
c)    Albania    
d)    Bulgaria

22.  Soda water serves as:
a)    A primary remedy for upset stomach      
b)    Relieves headache        
c)    Serve as antiseptic
d)    None of the above

23.  Special glasses are recommended to see solar eclipse:
a)    They absorb light completely          
b)    The block a portion      
c)    They have special color 
d)    The refract light

24.  Optic Fiber system is:
a)    Telecommunication System
b)    Eye Operation   
c)    Air raid system
d)    None of the above

25.  Calorie is a:
a)    Unit of diet         
b)    Unit of food intake       
c)    Unit of the quantity of heat
d)    None of the above

26.  A coalition government means:
a)    Interim government    
b)    Temporary government         
c)    Government of rival parties  
d)    The government formed by two parties

27.  Reuters is world known:
a)    Sport Club          
b)    Welfare organization              
c)    News agency                
d)    Transport system

28.  Modern computers as compared to earlier computers are:
a)    Faster and large            
b)    Large and strong          
c)    Slow                     
d)    Faster and smaller

29.  Sleeping partner means:
a)    One who invested no money but take part in its business       
b)    One who invests money but takes no active part in its management                   
c)    One who takes no profit
d)    None of the above

30.  Mixed economy refers to:
a)    The coexistence of public as well as private sector    
b)    The coexistence of different economy classes
c)    Both a and b
d)    None of the above

31.  Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee belonged to:
a)    Congress 
b)    Bhartia Janta Party     
c)    Shiv Sena          
d)    Communist party

32.  What is a major source of electricity in Pakistan:
a)    Hydle Electricity            
b)    Thermal Electricity     
c)    I.P.P                      
d)    Nuclear

33.  In summer there is a difference in P.S.T and GMT:
a)    2 hours                
b)    3 Hours   
c)    4 hours    
d)    5hours

34.  “Now or Never” is written by:
a)    Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar                    
b)    Allama Iqbal                   
c)    Ch. Rehmat Ali
d)    None of the above

35.  When Simon commission report was published what was the response of Congress and Muslim league:
a)    Both rejected               
b)    Both accepted   
c)    only Congress rejected
d)    None of the above

36.  The first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru backed out of his the promise of a plebiscite in Kashmir in 1948 on the pretext of:
a)    Pakistan was sending infiltrators in the valley to fight the Indian army         
b)    Pakistan had joined the SEATO and CENTO pacts                       
c)    Pakistan had raised Kashmir issue on international forums
d)    None of the above

37.  Constitution of Azad Kashmir was promulgated in which year:
a)    1971                    
b)    1974                    
c)    1976                    
d)    1973

38.  General Sectariat of European parliament is in:
a)    Janeva                 
b)    London    
c)    Vienna     
d)    Paris

39.  First international organization was:
a)    Arab League       
b)    ICRC                      
c)    League of nations                    
d)    U.N.O

40.  The longest monarch in the world:
a)    King of Nepal     
b)    King of Thailand           
c)    King of Japan                 

d)    King of Saudi Arabia

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