FIA Sub Inspector Solved Past Paper #3 part 2/2

FIA Sub Inspector 2019 part 2

This is part two of 2019 FIA Sub Inspector 2019. Link of FIA past paper for sub inspector 2019 part 1 is given at the end of this post. These questions are from the original paper of FIA Sub Inspector Paper. We hope this material will be helpful for you for your upcoming job test.

fia paper 2019

1.    What does Angstrom measure?
a)      Intensity of light
b)      Length of light waves            
c)      Volume of liquid
d)      None of the above

2.      Who invented Piano:
a)       James Small        
b)       Cristofer 
c)       Hardy       
d)       Richard Hoe

3.      Who discovered oxygen first:
a)       Flaming   
b)       Tesla                     
c)       Dahi                      
d)       Priestly

4.      Sextet is an apparatus to determine:
a)       The sexuality in lower animals                      
b)       The angular distance between two points         
c)       The blood pressure of animals
d)       None of the above

5.      Which of the following blood group is a universal donor:
a)       AB 
b)       A                
c)       B                
d)       O

6.      Which of the following blood group is a universal accepter:
a)       O   
b)       AB             
c)       B                
d)       A

7.      Instrument to measure the density of water is:
a)       Photometer       
b)       Hydrometer      
c)       Voltmeter
d)       None of the above

8.      Atomic pile is:
a)       A furnace in which heat is obtained by nuclear energy         
b)       A nuclear reactor where the nuclear fission is made                 
c)       A pile of atoms
d)       None of the above

9.      Which of the plant has rings around its surface:
a)       Earth                    
b)       Saturn     
c)       Jupiter     
d)       Venus

10.    Sui gas has what percent of Methane:
a)       20%                      
b)       40%                      
c)       80%                      
d)       90%

11.    Which of the following Central Asian State is enriched with the world’s largest mineral resources?
a)       Uzbekistan         
b)       Kazakhstan         
c)       Azerbaijan          
d)       Turkmenistan

12.    Pedagogy is a science of:
a)       Teaching 
b)       Bodily Diseases  
c)       Stamp Collecting           
d)       Languages

13.    The science which studies the hereditary resemblance and the difference among organizations of different generations is called:
a)       Genealogy         
b)       Geology   
c)       Genetics  
d)       Ethnology

14.    The total tax collection for year 2017-18 has been projected at
a)       480 billion          
b)       4.013Trillion     
c)       09 Trillion                    
d)       780Billion

15.    Agriculture contributes to the GDP of Pakistan:
a)       27%          
b)       37%                      
c)       47%                      
d)       57%

16.    Edible oil is Pakistan’s major import, what steps are appropriate to reduce its import:
a)       To encourage farmers to grow canola seed         
b)       To urge people to reduce it's use      
c)       To publicize its bad effects                 
d)       To encourage farmers to grow sunflower

17.    The Church of Saint Sophia is among the Seven Wonders of the World. It is situated in:
a)       Istanbul              
b)       Cairo                    
c)       Rome                   
d)       Tokyo

18.    On which of the following grounds, the US government has filed the lawsuits against five US tobacco companies:
a)       To earn a very high rate of profit                    
b)       To hide actual profit to minimize taxes  
c)       To hide data about health risk
d)       None of the above

19.    The main cause of earthquakes is:
a)       Sudden cooling and contraction of the earth crust   
b)       coming into the activity of some dormant volcano   
c)       Internal heat                  
d)       All of these

20.    Which place of Baluchistan is famous for pistachio nuts:
a)       Sibi            
b)       Kharan     
c)       Qila Saifullah                
d)       Sui

21.    No density lasts more than three generations is the theory of:
a)       Imam Ghazali                
b)       Herodotus                      
c)       Ibn Khaldun                   
d)       Polybius

22.    After the USA which country is the biggest arms seller in the world:
a)       Britain                  
b)       Russia      
c)       France     
d)       Germany

23.    The largest number of fatalities by earthquakes is recorded in:
a)       Gellan (Iran) 21 june 1990    
b)       Kobe (Japan) 17 Jan. 1995    
c)       Takhar (Afghanistan) feb. 1998                   
d)       Izmit (Turkey) 17 Aug. 1999

24.    The first ever direct presidential elections in the history of Afghanistan was won by:
a)       Younus Qanooni           
b)       Hamid Karzai                 
c)       Rasheed Dostum          
d)       Abdul Fahim

25.    The great leap forward was:
a)       US policy towards Africa        
b)       Chinese economic program             
c)       Russian Diplomatic move
d)       None of the above

26.    A condominium is:
a)       A state of chaos            
b)       A state of enjoying dominium status                      
c)       A state with federal form                   
d)       A particular territory over which joint dominium is exercised

27.    Which of the following statements is not true in Pakistan:
a)       The ratio of education of males is 35%                  
b)       The ratio of females is 18%   
c)       The expenditure on education as a proportion as a GNP is 1.2%
d)       None of the above

28.    The NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) was established in the year of:
a)       1961                    
b)       1962                    
c)       1963                    
d)       1964

29.    Indonesia agreed to hold a referendum in another state after East Timor, that was:
a)       Jara                       
b)       Aceh                     
c)       West Timor                    
d)       Surabaya

30.    According to the world Bank report how many Pakistanis are living below the poverty level:
a)       25%                      
b)       30%                      
c)       35%                      
d)       40%

31.    According to the UN report 33 million people in the world are suffering from:
a)       Tuberculosis       
b)       Malaria    
c)       HIV/AIDS
d)       Hepatitis B

32.    Nagorno Karabakh is a disputed territory between:
a)       Armenia and Azerbaijan                   
b)       Russia and Uzbekistan
c)       Ukraine and Kazakhstan
d)       None of the above

33.    On which of the following areas, United Nation spends lion’s share of his budget:
a)       Environmental protection program            
b)       Food and Agriculture              
c)       Education and Science            
d)       Peace Keeping activities

34.    Delta is an airline of:
a)       France                 
b)       Germany 
c)       The U.S.A                    
d)       Thailand

35.    The headquarters of universal postal union is in:
a)       Geneva                
b)       London    
c)       Vienna     
d)       Berne

36.    Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh came to Lahore for the preaching of Islam in 1093 A.D:
a)       Kabul        
b)       Samar Kand       
c)       Ghazni     
d)       Bukhara

37.    Pinpoint the world’s oldest democratic country:
a)       The U.S.A                    
b)       Great Britain                  
c)       Greece    
d)       France

38.    Which of the following describe the term Realpolitik:
a)       Policy of Mutual corporation
b)       The naked struggle for power and ruthless pursuit of self-interest    
c)       Policy of compromise on all fronts
d)       None of the above

39.    The highest literacy rate among the SAARC countries is in:
a)       Pakistan  
b)       India                     
c)       Sri Lanka 
d)       Maldives

40.    Dover Strait separates:
a)       Cuba from Florida        
b)       Spain from Africa         
c)       England from France
d)       None of the above

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