Sub Inspector FIA Past Papers 2018

These are the past papers of sub inspector FIA. These past papers are original and fully solved past papers of FIA sub inspector. These exam papers are according to the syllabus of FIA sub inspector past exam papers. This test was used for the SI recruitment. This test was held to fulfill the SI vacancy. You can use these past papers as a practice paper for the preparation of the test. We wish you the best of luck in the preparation of exam papers of sub inspector.
2019 past papers of FIA

1.    Constitution of which the country is called convention ridden?
a)    America
b)    Britain
c)    Australia
d)    France

2.    Constitution of which the country is the briefest constitution of the world?
a)    Britain  
b)    Switzerland    
c)    Australia        
d)    America

3.    Who was the first lady Prime Minister of Israel?
a)    Golda Meir    
b)    Margaret Theatre   
c)    Ingot Benjamin
d)    None of the above

4.    Ang Sang Sochi was the liberation leader of which country?
a)    China    
b)    Korea   
c)    Burma 
d)    Singapore

5.    In which of the following countries, direct democracy is applied?
a)    America
b)    Switzerland    
c)    Britain  
d)    Afghanistan
6.    Which of these is a female President?
a)    Magvatti        
b)    Kumara Tunge         
c)    Sonia Gandhi           
d)    Khalida Zia

7.    Which is the right arm of the Red Sea?
a)    Arabian Sea   
b)    Mediterranean Sea 
c)    North Sea       
d)    South Sea

8.    Which American State is called Bread Basket?
a)    Texas    
b)    California      
c)    New York      
d)    Kansas

9.    What is Kremlin?
a)    Headquarter of Interpol    
b)    Headquarter of Russain Federation   
c)    Parliament of Canada
d)    None of the above

10.  On what date the first session of National Assembly was held?
a)    11 August 1947
b)    14 August      
c)    27 August 1947       
d)    3 August 1947

11.  In which year Zakat ordinance was promulgated?
a)    1978     
b)    1979     
c)    1980               
d)    1981

12.  Who was the first Muslim President of Congress?
a)    Abul Kalam Azad    
b)    Badar-ur-Din Tayyab ji  
c)    Hakim Ajmal Khan
d)    None of the above

13.  Who said divide and quit?
a)    Gandhi 
b)    Fazal-e-Haq    
c)    Quaid-a-Azam
d)    None of the above

14.  To whom Quaid-e-Azam said, show boy of Congress?
a)    Patel     
b)    Nehru   
c)    Gandhi 
d)    Abul Kalam Azad

15.  What is the length of Coastal Line of Pakistan?
a)    900 miles       
b)    650 miles       
c)    300 miles       
d)    200 miles

16.  In which of the following countries special equity court exist?
a)    America
b)    England        
c)    Pakistan
d)    India

17.  “The Politics” is considered as the first book on the art of government. Identify the author:
a)    Socrates
b)    Pluto              
c)    Aristotle
d)    Adam Smith

18.  Thomas cup is given for the game of:
a)    Lawn tennis   
b)    Golf               
c)    Table tennis   
d)    Badminton

19.  The Noble Prize for Peace is given in the city of?
a)    Stockholm     
b)    Oslo      
c)    Brussels
d)    Copenhagen

20.  Identify the world largest Peninsula?
a)    Alaska  
b)    Scandinavia   
c)    Arabia 
d)    Labrador

21.  What is the length of the Great Wall of China?
a)    21196 km      
b)    26000 km       
c)    32000 km       
d)    34000 km

22.  Which is the largest gland in the human body?
a)    Pancreas         
b)    Liver              
c)    Sweat Gland
d)    None of the above

23.  Who was the founder of the Scout Movement?
a)    Robert Bade Powell          
b)    E. O. Lawrence        
c)    Nicola Tesla
d)    None of the above

24.  International dateline is located on?
a)    180 Latitude   
b)    180 Longitude        
c)    90 Longitude
d)    None of the above

25.  The first Pakistani who became the judge of the International Court of Justice?
a)    Duva Petal
b)    M.R. Kiani     
c)    Zafarullah Khan
d)    None of the above

26.  The UN Security Council is consists of?
a)    5 members     
b)    11 member     
c)    15 member    
d)    20 members

27.  The Suez Canal Connects:
a)    Indian and Pacific Ocean   
b)    Atlantic and China Ocean 
c)    Black and Red sea   
d)    Red and Mediterranean Ocean

28.  The headquarters of the Asian Development Bank is at?
a)    Jakarta 
b)    Tokyo   
c)    Kaula Lumpur
d)    Manila

29.  Which Strait separates India from Sri Lanka:
a)    The Palk Strait       
b)    Malacca Strait
c)    Strait Hummus
d)    None of the above

30.  Which one is true about dry farming?
a)    Farming without irrigation
b)    Preparation of mulch        
c)    Both a & b
d)    None of the above

31.  The Best Source of Vitamin A is:
a)    Lime bean                
b)    Carrot  
c)    Tomato
d)    Orange

32.  Lambert’s law is related to:
a)    Interference              
b)    Illumination  
c)    Reflection       
d)    Refraction

33.  The best colors for a sun umbrella will be?
a)    Black    
b)    Printed with all seven colors       
c)    White on top and black inside
d)    Black on top and white on inside

34.  Diode is used for?
a)    Amplification 
b)    Modulation    
c)    Rectification  
d)    Oscillation

35.  Which layer of atmosphere reflects radio waves:
a)    Stratosphere  
b)    Troposphere  
c)    Mesosphere    
d)    Ionosphere

36.  Oxygen was discovered by:
a)    Rutherford               
b)    William Ramsay      
c)    Lavoisier       
d)    Neil Bohr

37.  The temperature in the chromospheres of the sun is:
a)    8 million               
b)    6 million               
c)    15 million 
d)    None of the above

38.  The instrument used to measure the potential difference between two points in an electric circuit is known as:
a)    Viscometer     
b)    Voltmeter      
c)    Ampere Meter
d)    Micrometer

39.  The instrument which measures the intensity of light:
a)    Photo Meter  
b)    Voltmeter       
c)    Ampere Meter
d)    Micrometer

40.  Electric Fan was invented by:
a)    Henry Burden
b)    Wheeler
c)    Jacob Schick  
d)    G Otis

41.  The Digital Computer operates on:
a)    Binary System        
b)    Octal System           
c)    Hexadecimal            
d)    Decimal

42.  The Constitution of Pakistan can be amended:
a)    With simple Majority in two houses              
b)    With two-thirds majority in National Assembly       
c)    With two-thirds majority in two houses
d)    None of the above

43.  Identify software in computer technology:
a)    Physical equipment 
b)    Collection of programs    
c)    Graphical representation
d)    None of the above

44.  The number of chromosomes present in a man, which determine the sex of an organism is:
a)    23         
b)    28         
c)    46         
d)    58

45.  Disarmament conveys the meaning of:
a)    Reduction of armament   
b)    Abandonment of armament        
c)    Reduction armed forces
d)    None of the above

46.  An ordinance promulgated by the President stands repealed at the expiration of:
a)    Three months
b)    Four months            
c)    Six months     
d)    Nine months

47.  No person can be appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of Pakistan unless he has been a judge of a High Court for a period of:
a)    Five years      
b)    Seven years    
c)    Nine years      
d)    Fifteen years

48.  What is function Internet:
a)    To receive E-mail    
b)    To advertise commercial products       
c)    To connect one computer to another    
d)    All of the above

49.  Who was Wimbledon champion of tennis for the year of 2004:
a)    Roger Federer
b)    Pete Sampras           
c)    Andre Agassi           
d)    Ted Martin

50.  What do you understand by the term Kerb in the foreign currency dealings?
a)    The exchange rate of currency in the open market        
b)    The exchange rate of currencies determine by State Bank of Pakistan
c)    None of the above

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