NTDC Past Papers

NTDC Past Papers

This is the past paper of NTDC (National Transmission and Dispatch Company). This is the Original and Solved past paper of NTDC. Dear all Test had two Portions. General knowledge + current affairs (17 questions) compulsory to attempt 50% correctly. Subjective (83 questions) including: (Basic electrical + 3 phase transformer (max portion) an 3 phase supply distribution (their eq calculation)Basic electronics (device, equations), basic communication.

Old Papers of NTDC
Question No. 01
 Who was the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh?

Question No. 02
Longest river in the world is?

Question No. 03
What is the location of the dead sea?
Between Israel and Jordan.

Question No. 04
The highest mountain of the world is?

Question No. 05
Hazrat Usman died in?

Question No. 06
Second the largest country in the world with respect of area?

Question No. 07
River Jordan flow out into?

Question No. 08
The Akber, emperor of Mughal empire is known as?

Question No. 09
Name three mega hydel projects in Pakistan.

Question No. 10
Name any four most feasible energy sources.

Question No. 11
Name any four prominent leaders of Muslims at present.

Question No. 12
What is the meaning of IPP, name three major IPPs of Pakistan.

Question No. 13
What is the meaning of NEPRA?

Question No. 14
In which language anthem of Pakistan is written?

Question No. 15
Name two nuclear power plants of Pakistan.

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