NTDC Fully Solved past Paper 2016 part 2/2

Solved Past Paper of NTDC 2016

This is part 2 of NTDC past paper 2016. This test was taken for the post of Junior Engineer Electrical in NTDC (National Transmission and Dispatch Company. This test was taken on 16-10-2016. Basic Pay Scale of Junior Engineer is BPS-17. National Transmission and Dispatch Company Monitor the Power Supply to all the Grid Stations of Pakistan. There were 17 Questions from General Knowledge and Current Affairs Portion and 83 Questions were post related.
old Paspers of NTDC

Technical  Portion

Question No.  51
                                In a position control system, a device which provides rate-feedback is?

Question No.  52
                                Not applicable to the non-linear system?

Question No.  53
                                A control system with excessive noise, is likely to suffer from?

Question No. 54
                                Basically a controller is?

Question No.  55
                                Pole shoes of DC machine fastened to pole core by?

Question No.  56
                                Brushes on commutator are shifted from GNP to?

Question No. 57
                                admittance is reciprocal of?

Question No.  58
                                Power in AC is consumed by?

Question No.  59
                                Negative maximum of cosine waveform is?

Question No.  60
                                RF chokes are air cored to?

Question No. 61
                                Form factor for 220V and 50HZ, AC is?

Question No.  62
                                In the common base, the amplifier output voltage is taken from?

Question No.  63

Question No.  64
                                V = 50v AC, f = 10kHZ, I = 7.96mA then Inductance = L = ?

Question No.  65
                        Instantaneous of sinusoidal AC current at 45 degrees is called?

Question No.  66
                                Current and voltage are out of phase the power is?

Question No.  67
                                The form factor is the ratio of?

Question No.  68
                                Mutual inductance?

Question No.  69
                                which is the universal gate?

Question No.  70
                                127 decimal to binary?

Question No.  71
                                Digital electronics base on how many numbers of basic operations?

Question No.  72
                                Programmer most likely prepare?

Question No.  73
                                Thyristor is?

Question No.  74
In three phase half wave diode rectification, the average output voltage to per phase maximum AC voltage is?

Question No.  75
                                Data communication in telegraph line?

Question No.  76
                                Knowledge of transfer function gives?

Question No.  77
                                Video Transmission in TV broadcast is?

Question No.  78
                                Scalar product of parallel, the vector is an addition of?

Question No.  79
                                Structured data that can be used for assessing the system is called?

Question No.  80
                                horizontal and vertical component of the earth magnetic field is equal, angle of dip                                    is?
Question No.  81
                                If the more zen regulator current is dropped below knee current then?

Question No.  82
                                An electrode b/w cathode and anode is called?

Question No.  83
                                Optical power depends on ------- associated with optical fiber receiver?

Question No.  84
                                A transformer transform?

Question No.  85
                                Knowledge of transfer function gives?

Question No.  86
                                Which will enter to superheater of boiler?

Question No.  87
                                The process of AC to Dc conversion is called

Question No.  88
                                The _____ field last as long as the current flowing in the wire?

Question No.  89
At a breakaway point, several branches of root loci coalesce because of the system
the characteristic equation has?

Question No.  90
A semiconductor device is connected to the battery, upon changing the polarity of battery the current reduced to zero, the device is?

Question No.  91
                                Which wave does not require any physical medium for its propagation?

Question No.  92
                                Principle of fiber optics transmission is?

Question No.  93
                                form same peak value, of which signal the RMS value is smaller?

Question No.  94
                                Filter used for extracting the original signal from sampled the signal is bandpass?

Question No.  95
                                A matrix has “m” rows and “n” columns then the order of the matrix is?

Question No.  96
                                If a and b vectors are anti-parallel, then their resultant is?

Question No.  97
                                Which one is a closed loop system?

Question No.  98
                                Which is not true about VHDL?

Question No.  99
                                In critically damped the system, the damping factor of the system is?

Question No.  100

                                In critically damped the system, the damping factor of the system is:

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