NTDC Fully Solved past Paper 2016 part 1/2

NTDC Past Paper 2016 Part 1

Given below is the original and solved past paper of NTDC 2016. In this post, we have uploaded 1-50 original questions of NTDC past paper 2016. We are continually uploading latest past papers of different organizations like FPSC, PPSC, and NTS, etc. To subscribe to our site through Email to get the latest papers in your Email Inbox directly.
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General Knowledge Portion

Question No. 01
 FIFA world cup 2018 will be held in?

Question No. 02
 PTI and PML (N) agreed on

Question No. 03
 Nawaz Shareef was elected for prime minister for ____ times.

Question No. 04
 Iran-Pak gas pipeline is called.

Question No. 05
                                Operation Zarb-e-Azab is for

Question No. 06
 The current president of India is?

Question No. 07
 Current chief minister of Punjab?

Question No. 08
 Allai hydropower project is in?

Question No.  09
                                Ishaq Dar is?

Question No. 10
 Amjad Sabri who shot dead in Karachi is?

Question No.  11
 APS the attack is on?

Question No.  12
 Malalah Yousaf Zai shared 2014 Nobel peace prize with?

Question No.  13
 Pakistan won 3rd Asian Kabaddi 2016 by defeating?

Question No.  14
 2015 Cricket world cup champion is?

Question No.  15
                                Bangladesh banned which religious scholar recently?

Question No. 16
                                “State of the world’s children 2016” is published by?

Question No.  17
                                Abdus Sattar Edhi is died due to disease?

Technical  Portion

Question No. 18
                                In DC motor which loss decreases with increase in load?

Question No.  19
                                Transformer Oil should be free from?

Question No. 20
                                The constant current transformer should not have?

Question No. 21
                                Green functions are useful for solving?

Question No. 22
                                In piston maximum temperature is at?

Question No. 23
                                The copper wire which has the highest tensile strength?

Question No. 24
                                Outdoor substation lightening arrestor is placed near?

Question No. 25
                                Isolator tests?

Question No. 26
                                P = 3000KW, d = 30km transmission line voltage will be?

Question No. 27
                                Condensers take steam coming out of?

Question No.  28
                                Coal which has the lowest calorific value?

Question No.  29
                                Graphic representation between discharge and time is called?

Question No.  30
                                Coal from storage to the boiler is taken through?

Question No.  31
                                The main drawback of the feedback system is?

Question No.  32
                                phase margin specifies?

Question No.  33
                                Non-linearity caused by servomotor is due to?

Question No.  34
                                In force-voltage analogy, Inertia is analogous to?

Question No.  35
When control unit commands ALU to perform an operation, machine cycle is involved in which step?

Question No.  36
                                Padders in receivers are used for?

Question No.  37
                                PCM quantization noise depends on?

Question No. 38
                                Graphical difference between nFET and pFET is?

Question No.  39
Probability of defective bulbs = 0.12, Total bulbs = 8000 then a number of defective

Question No. 40
                                In poison distribution probability of success is very close to?
Question No. 41
The technique used to enable multiple broadband signals to be transmitted over single mode fiber?

Question No. 42
                                single flip-flop is constructed using?

Question No.  43
                                ___Cells make the concentration layer of the lens?

Question No.  44
                                Which a communication system is digital?

Question No.  45
                                PWM is generated by?

Question No.  46
                                In communication receivers, the fidelity is provided by?

Question No.  47
                                Balanced modulator produces?

Question No.  48
                                Receiver with poor IF selectivity will have poor?

Question No.  49
                                AGC voltage is applied to the stages which are?

Question No.  50

                                Closed loop system?

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